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What Real Customers Say About MD Hearing Aid AIR

Since I’ve got these MD Hearing Aid AIRs, my life has changed dramatically. Now I can go outside. I can hear the birds chirping. I can hear the wind in my ears. I can hear the leaves rustle. I’m hearing sounds that I haven’t heard in years. In fact, so long that I’ve forgotten what […]

Can You Hear Me Say I Love You?

She asks, “Have you been to see your audiologist lately?” He responds, “What?” She asks again, only louder, “HAVE YOU BEEN TO SEE YOUR AUDIOLOGIST LATELY?!” He responds sheepishly, “Oh.  No, I haven’t.” She sighs, “Ah, so that’s why you didn’t hear me say I love you…” “What?” Hearing loss is more common in today’s […]

Can Better Hearing Lead to Longer Life?

How could better hearing lead to a longer, fuller life in general? According to Dr. George Valiant, a psychiatrist and leading researcher at Harvard University Medical School, the most significant factor in a man’s longevity of health and happiness is the warmth of his relationships. This was determined following a 75 year-long study (the longest […]

Making Better Hearing Affordable: MD Hearing Aid

…From your iPods to laptops and tablets, headphones really, like these, they become a staple. You see them everywhere. Many people, old people, young people, they’re all using them, but could a certain type of headphone device actually be putting your health at risk. Joining us this morning is Dr. Sreek Cherukuri. He is an […]

MDHearingAid Will Work for You

“MDHearingAid knows that everyone’s hearing loss is unique and different. Once you have nerve damage, no hearing aid, including a $5,000 custom hearing aid, can restore normal hearing. The only way to know if the MDHearingAid AIR will work for you is an in home trial. It has been designed to accommodate approximately 85% of […]

Keep Your Hearing Aids Happy In Cold Weather

The winter months can bring with it specific problems for people who wear hearing aids. When it comes time to go out and shovel, your sweat can cause damage to your hearing aid, along with any other kind of moisture. Not only that, but extreme temperature fluctuations can harm both the battery and the hearing […]

MD Hearing One Size Fits Most

“One size fits most hearing aid means the way the MD Hearing Aid AIR was designed is to accommodate most people’s ear shape anatomy and ear canal anatomy. It comes with six interchangeable domes of various sizes and styles that can fit most adults, as well as the product itself is very slim and discreet […]

Hearing Aid Technology: Background Noise Removal Gets One Step Closer

Two well-known Professors of Speech and Hearing Science at Ohio State University have created a processing algorithm that will allow people with hearing loss to distinguish speech clearly from background noise. Instrumental to the new technology is an algorithm developed by DeLiang Wang, professor of computer science and engineering, The hope for this discovery is […]

Can You Hear Those 2014 Resolutions?

Most of us will resolve to lose weight, eat better, use our time more wisely and save more money in the 2014 New Year. Although these are all great goals to work toward, if the frustrations that led us to unhealthy choices and time wasted are still the underlying issue, the place to start is […]

Types of Hearing Aids: Styles And How They Fit

A hearing aid has three basic parts; a microphone, an amplifier and a speaker. When someone speaks to a hearing aid wearer, their voice is amplified from the mic to the speaker in or near the ear. This amplified sound is useful for those individuals with hearing loss caused by damage or aging. Once patients […]