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Mobile Phones Compatible with Hearing Aids

Many phones these days are compatible with hearing aids, but not all. Knowing which phones are most suitable for your hearing aid is a good idea before purchasing.

The way a hearing aid works is that it uses a microphone to capture sound waves, and then converts them into electrical signals. The signals are then amplified and then converted back to audible sounds to the user. These microphones don’t always work well with things like headsets and telephone handsets.

To make sure that these devices are capable of working with hearing aids, a hearing aid compatibility standard was set by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

For handsets that use a microphone, receiving a rating of M3 means it has met the ANSI standards, while M4 means they have surpassed it. The higher rating a handset has the higher signal quality it will have along with a lower Radio Frequency emission.

When purchasing a phone you can usually see what rating is has received so you’ll know if it’ll work with your hearing aid.

If your hearing aid has a telecoil installed you’ll want to look for the telecoil standard. A rating of T3 means that phone has met the standard while T4 means it has surpassed it, just like the microphone ratings.

Note: the MDHearingAid AIR has a telecoil and is
compatible with most modern cell phones

Below is a list of compatible phones from three major mobile companies: Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile. If you have a different provider, check their website for a list of compatible phones.

Verizon Hearing Aid Compatible Phones:

Basic Handsets

Casio G’Z One Ravine M4/T4
LG Cosmos 3 M4/T4
LG Exallt M4/T4
LG Revere 2 M4/T4
Pantech Hotshot M4/T4
Pantech Jest 2 M3/T3
Samsung Brightside M4
Samsung Convoy 3 M4/T4
Samsung Gusto 2 M4/T4
Samsung Intensity III M4

Advanced PDA, Blackberry® and Smartphones

Device Rating
Apple iPhone 5C M3/T4
Apple iPhone 5S M3/T4
Blackberry Bold 9930 M3/T3
Blackberry Z30 M3/T4
Casio G’zOne Commando M4/T4
DROID RAZR M by Motorola M4/T4
DROID RAZR MAXX by Motorola M4/T3
DROID 4 by Motorola M4/T4
DROID MAXX by Motorola M3/T4
DRIOD ULTRA by Motorola M3/T4
DRIOD MINI by Motorola M3/T3
Enact by LG M4/T4
HTC One M3/T4
HTC One Max M3/T4
Intuition by LG M3/T3
Lucid 2 by LG M4/T3
Nokia Lumina M3/T4
Pantech Marauder M3/T3
Pantech Perception M4/T3
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 M4/T3
Samsung Galaxy S 4 M3
Samsung Galaxy S III Mini M4/T4
Samsung Galaxy Mini M3/T3
Spectrum 2 by LG M3/T3
Windows Phone 8X by HTC M4/T4


T-Mobile Hearing Aid Compatible Phones:


Alcatel OneTouch Evolve M3,T3
Alcatel OneTouch Fierce M3,T3
BlackBerry Curve 9315 M3,T4
LG Optimus F3 M3,T3
LG Optimus F6 M3,T3
Nokia Lumia 521 M3,T3
Samsung Galaxy Exhibit M3,T4
Samsung Galaxy Light M3,T3
Samsung Gravity Q M3,T3
T-Mobile 768 M3,T3
T-Mobile Aspect M3,T3
T-Mobile Concord M3,T3
T-Mobile Sparq II M3,T4


BlackBerry Q10 M3,T4
BlackBerry Z10 M3,T4
Google Nexus 5 M3
HTC One M3,T4
iPhone 4 M3,T3
iPhone 5 (GSM) M3,T4
iPhone 5c M3,T4
iPhone 5s M3,T4
LG G2 M3,T3
LG L9 M3,T4
Nexus 4 by Google M3
Nokia Lumia 925 M3,T3
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 M3,T3
Samsung Galaxy S 4 M3
Samsung Galaxy S III LTE M3
Sony Xperia Z M3
T-Mobile Prism II M3,T3


AT&T Hearing Aid Compatible Phones:

Device Rating
Alcatel 510A* M3,T3
Alcatel 871A* M3,T4
Apple® iPhone® 4 M3,T3
Apple® iPhone® 4s M3,T3
Apple® iPhone® 5* M3,T4
Apple® iPhone® 5c* M3,T4
Apple® iPhone® 5s* M3,T4
AT&T (ZTE) Z222 M3,T3
AT&T (ZTE) AvailTM 2* M3
AT&T (ZTE) Z998 M3,T3
BlackBerry® Bold™ 9900* M3,T3
BlackBerry® Q10* M3,T4
BlackBerry® Z10* M3,T4
HTC First™* M3,T4
HTC One®* M3
HTC One®* mini M3,T4
HTC One™ VX (PM36100)* M3,T3
HTC Windows® Phone 8X* M3,T3
LG A340 M3,T4
LG Optimus G™* M3,T3
LG Optimus G Pro™* M3,T4
LG G2 M3,T3
LG Xpression™ (C395) M3,T4
Motorola Moto XTM M3,T3
NEC TerrainTM (NE-201A1A)* M3,T3
Nokia Lumia 920* M3,T3
Nokia Lumia 925* M3,T3
Nokia Lumia 1020* M3,T4
Nokia Lumia 1520 M3,T3
Pantech Breeze III™ (P2030) M4,T4
Pantech Breeze IV™ M4,T4
Pantech Renue™ (P6030) M3,T4
Pantech Swift™ (P6020) M3,T3
Samsung A157 M3,T3
Samsung ATIV S™ Neo M3,T4
Samsung Galaxy Appeal M3
Samsung Galaxy Express™ (i437)* M3,T3
Samsung Galaxy MegaTM M3
Samsung Galaxy Note® II* M3
Samsung The Galaxy® Note 3* M3,T3
Samsung Galaxy S® III (i747)* M3
Samsung Galaxy S® III mini* M3,T3
Samsung Galaxy S® 4* M3
Samsung Galaxy S® 4* Active M3,T3
Samsung Galaxy S® 4* Zoom™ M3,T3
Samsung Rugby® III M3,T3
Samsung Galaxy Rugby Pro™ M3

Hopefully with these lists you are able to pick out a phone that is suitable for your hearing aid. Again, if you are on a different provider, be sure to check their available phones.

Many stores will also let you test out a phone to be sure that it works with your hearing aid, so consider stopping in to your local store and speaking with a representative there. Also make sure that your hearing aid is M3 or M4 compatible to make sure that it works. We hope this helps!