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Protect and Care for Your Hearing Aids the Smart Way

Protect Your Investment

It’s important to clean your hearing aids’ domes, tips and tubing regularly, but what else should you be doing to protect your investment in better hearing? Did you know that condensation and moisture are your hearing aids’ biggest enemies? Excess moisture is the most common cause of hearing aid failure as it can damage delicate electronic components and lead to expensive repairs. Now, there is an easy way to remove that moisture while eliminating harmful germs and bacteria—the UV-Clean & Dry BoxSmall enough to sit on your nightstand or dresser, the UV-Clean & Dry Box fits easily into your busy lifestyle and is ideal for home or travel.

Use Regularly

The UV-Clean & Dry Box may help extend hearing aid life and reduce the need for costly repairs. The UV-Clean & Dry Box works in two different ways. Dry heat gently removes condensation and moisture from areas a tissue or soft cloth can’t reach while UV-C light destroys harmful viruses, bacteria and other germs that can contribute to infections, skin irritations, or other issues. UV-C light actually destroys the germ’s DNA, leaving unwanted bacteria and viruses unable to reproduce and multiply, sanitizing your hearing aids without harsh chemicals or expensive cleaning agents.

How It Works

Simply wipe down your hearing aid to remove excess moisture, oils, wax and debris. Remove the batteries (if applicable), leaving the battery compartment open during the cleaning cycle. Plug the UV-Clean & Dry Box, select your preferred cleaning cycle and go. At the end of the cleaning cycle, allow hearing aids to cool for at least 5 minutes, reinsert batteries (if applicable) and you’re ready for the day! Unplug the UV-Clean & Dry Box when not in use.

The UV-Clean & Dry Box is not a substitute for daily cleaning and regular tube maintenance. Click here to order your UV-Clean & Dry Box and other MDHearingAid accessories, including replacement tubes, domes, and tips.

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