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Blogs list - Hearing Loss Causes and Types

How to Prevent Hearing Loss & Damage

While exposure to a sound of 120 db or more can cause instant damage, noise-related hearing loss often comes from a lifetime of exposure to loud noises. However, preventing hearing loss is possible by following a few easy-to-remember guidelines.

Can Hearing Aids Cause Hearing Loss

One of the major concerns many people have when buying hearing aids is if they start wearing hearing aids, their hearing loss will get worse. You might hear stories of people who wear hearing aids and, after a few weeks of doing so, they seem to have a harder time hearing without their hearing aids

Tinnitus, Hearing Loss, and Hearing Aids: An Overview

Tinnitus is a sensorineural condition within your hearing pathway that triggers a sound that you hear, but has no external source. When your ear or auditory nerves are damaged, your brain sometimes compensates for the lack of sounds from the outside world by making its auditory system more active

Hearing Loss and the Big Game

This weekend, when the New England Patriots face off against the Atlanta Falcons in the Super Bowl, people in the NRG Stadium, at their local sports bars, at parties with friends and at home in front of their TVs will be cheering in excitement. There’s the sonic boom of the jets as they fly over […]

Old Man Winter and the Hearing Aid

By now, most of the country is deep into winter. In some parts of the United States, that means sub-zero temperatures; in other areas, rain and high winds. Here are some important tips for protecting your hearing and maintaining your hearing aids this time of year. Protect Your Hearing From snowmobi