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At MDHearingAid, our goal is to help one million Americans hear better by 2020
— Henk Scheenstra
MDHearingAid CEO

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At MDHearingAid, we design each of our products with two simple goals in mind.

First, we believe cost should not stand in your way of better hearing. No matter your budget and lifestyle, we have a quality, doctor-designed hearing aid that will work for you.

Second, all of our hearing aids are high-quality medical devices. That’s why each model is registered with the FDA and is rigorously tested and inspected several times. Our audiologists make sure that our hearing aids are programmed to the highest standards.

All of us at MDHearingAid are passionate about better hearing. Our team of hearing instrument specialists are there every step of the way to encourage, troubleshoot and advise. We have helped more than 300,000 Americans improve their hearing. To see for yourself, visit our reviews page and read what others have to say about us and our products. You'll find people just like you who wanted to hear better at a price they can afford.

With MDHearingAid, you can hear more and save more.

Wife Of Husband Who Wears MD Hearing Aids

I LOVE them!! My husband has another pair that cost a lot of $ for retired folks that he hated. These are totally wonderful, and they make the spouses happy too! He wears them without having problems with buzzing or ringing. They are comfortable and I am so thankful we found these. I've shared our success with them with many people. ~ Frossie D