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Dr. Cherukuri points out that PSAPs typically amplify all sounds euqually.  Hearing aids address hearing loss by distinguishing between sounds and amplifying specific sounds important to hearing voices and music. Some hearing aids, such as the MDHearingAid models, cost less than many high-pr... Read More »

Hearing Loss Magazine — Sept/Oct 2013 “HLAA supports opening more doors for consumers to seek treatment for their hearing loss.  ... therefore providing new avenues to products and services benefits everyone. In the interest of consumers,  new approaches and innovative progr... Read More »

MDHearingAid® has raised the performance bar in the market for affordable hearing aids sold over the internet by introducing a model integrating telecoils to make it easier to use the hearing aids with a phone. Source: Read More »

MDHearingAid featured in Wall Street Journal. Story by Melinda Beck. "...a wave of new devices that are smaller, hipper and sold over-the-counter are trying to win over more consumers..." Source: Wall Street Journal, "Testing, Testing...Can You Hear Better Now?" Read More »

Source: NewsUSA, "When Alzheimer's Isn't Alzheimer's" Health, Seniors Section: When Alzheimer’s Isn’t Alzheimer’s Data from many studies suggest that the incidence of Alzheimer’s disease is on the rise. However, many of the symptoms associated with early Alzheimer’s ... Read More »

Lifestyle Expert Gigi Lubin on San Diego Living (Fox 5) talks about the affordable hearing aids from MDHearingAid®. Read More »

Lisa Haffner and Gigi Lubin adiscuss the new affordable MDHearingAid PRO Your Health A to Z on Phoenix's Channel 3. "Hearing Loss can affect all age groups at any time, and not just the elderly. But most hearing aids aren't covered by insurance or medicare, and can be very expensive. Today we dis... Read More »

MDHearingAid featured on Chicago Tribune. "When it comes time to crank the volume on everyday banter, there are hearing aids that won't break the bank." Source: Chicago Tribune, "Now Hear This" Now Hear This When it comes time to crank the volume on everyday banter, there are hearing aids that wo... Read More »

MDHearingAid featured in Chicago Sun-Times. "Although 36 million people in the United States need hearing aids, experts say 77 percent go without them because of the expense." Source: Chicago Sun-Times, "Cell phone inspires ear specialist to design affordable hearing aid" Read More »

MDHearingAid featured in Oakland Press, Senior Living News. "If you must constantly repeat your side of a conversation, turn up the the volume on the radio or TV at the request of others in the room, or hear yourself being shouted at, you may have a loved one in need of a hearing aid." Source: Oa... Read More »

MDHearingAid featured on "Dr. Sreek Cherukuri is making 'hearing' an affordable possibility for senior citizens. Those who have been left out of conversations, overlooked in the workplace and left alone at family gatherings can now have the opportunity to join in community." Source:... Read More »

MDHearingAid featured on "The sound of laughter- of giggling, jingle bells, the sound of music and the pattering of rain against a city sidewalk- Even when I couldn't see, I could be very much in the spirit of the season. I could share in conversation, listen to the latest holiday C... Read More »

MDHearingAid featured on India Tribune. "Hearing Impairment is a very common ailment. In milder cases the impairment goes unnoticed. But continuous neglect of hearing impairment leads to serious hearing loss." Source: India Tribune, "Indian doctor develops high-quality and low-cost hearing a... Read More »

Source: Northwest Indiana Times, "Sound for all" Published March 17, 2010 12:00 am By Louisa Murzyn - Times Correspondent Sound for all Local doctor creates simple, affordable hearing aid; has sold 1,000 so far. An Indiana doctor's new affordable, one-size-fits-most hearing aid could me... Read More »

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