AIR 13PLUS Tubing with ComfortTips

Our exclusive 13PLUS Tubing allows ComfortTIP use with a larger diameter tubing so users who require higher volume or more gain can now enjoy the ComfortTIP experience.

Since ComfortTIPs are side specific, please select the side (Right or Left) and TIP (Open or Closed) you currently use.

Pairs include: one Right ComfortTIP, one LEFT ComfortTIP, 2 Earhooks, and 2 13PLUS Tubes.

13PLUS Tubing must be trimmed prior to use. See User Manual for instructions.

Choose an Option

Left Open

$ 16.95

Right Open

$ 16.95

Pair Open

$ 30.50

Left Closed

$ 16.95

Right Closed

$ 16.95

Pair Closed

$ 30.50

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