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AIR Thin Tubing and Domes (1 SIZE)

For optimal performance of your MDHearingAid AIR, you should change your Tubing and Ear Domes every 3 months. Over time, these items may become stiff and discolored, affecting both fit and sound quality.

Select Tubing (Right or Left), Ear Dome style (Open or Closed) and Ear Dome size from the choices below. If you are ordering Tubing for both ears, please add Tubing kits to your shopping cart separately and your discount will be reflected during checkout.

Each kit includes 3 Ear Domes of the same size, and 1 Tube.

We are now shipping our AIR aids with the new Comfort Tip domes. We ship out with the Thin Tubing and Small Open Comfort tip, those can be purchased clicking here.

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