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MDShield Protection Plan

With the MDShieldTM Protection Plan, you are 100% protected from ALL types of accidental damage to your hearing aids. If you wear your hearing aids into the shower, if your puppy chews your hearing aid, if you step on your hearing aid and break it, you are covered. This Product Protection Plan also covers your hearing aids over and above the standard Manufacturer's Warranty by covering ANY defect or malfunction for a period of one full year from the date of hearing aid purchase. While product loss isn't covered, rest assured that day-to-day mishaps are. 

When you buy a pair of hearing aids the first year protection plan is already automatically included for free.

Choose an Option

1 PRO MDShield Protection Plan

$ 49.99

2 PRO MDShield Protection Plan

$ 99.99

1 AIR MDShield Protection Plan

$ 59.99

2 AIR MDShield Protection Plan

$ 119.99

1 LUX MDShield Protection Plan

$ 79.99

2 LUX MDShield Protection Plan

$ 159.99

1 CONTROL MDShield Protection Plan

$ 99.99

2 CONTROL MDShield Protection Plan

$ 199.99

1 LifeEar CORE MDShield Protection Plan

$ 79.99

2 LifeEar CORE MDShield Protection Plan

$ 159.99

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