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Amazing product 9

Posted by Michael S. on February 18, 2017

I was somewhat skeptical of buying these hearing aids but when my original hearing aids failed after four and a half years and I was told new ones would be over $2,000 apiece, I decided to try MD Hearing aids for 1/10th the cost. Although it did take awhile to get adjusted to all the variables, I stuck with them and now am trying to get used to all the new sounds in my life. The ultimate test came when watching TV with my wife and, instead of me turning up the volume to hear, my wife actually asked me to turn up the volume. Also, the batteries last for weeks instead of 6 to 7 days. Saving money in all areas. Thank you for designing a great product.

my wife still mumbles, but I can hear!

Posted by Greg M. on February 16, 2017

My 45 day trial is about up. I’m keeping my MD Air. It’s everything you claimed. The good news is my hearing loss was not as bad as my mumbling wife would have me believe. Your product restores the hearing range in my right ear that has been degraded by too much pistol shooting without hearing protection. It even seems to help the tinnitus.That brings me to the Marketing Genius that ran your ad in the “American Rifleman”. There’s a demographic for you. You probably saved me thousands of dollars with a hearing clinic for the same result. Unfortunately my wife still mumbles.

Md air 10

Posted by William M. on February 15, 2017

I have been using the MD powerair . They are very powerful and make a big difference . I can part of a conversation now. I hear the birds chirp. You have to give them a few weeks to get adjusted to them. I am happy with them. Would recommend.

Serendipity!! 10

Posted by R V. on February 8, 2017

I’ve been wearing hearing aids for about five years. Life was better with them than without them but they were annoying as hell. I had about $5000 invested in them and lost one. A person in my book club had just got some of yours and was happy with them. I downloaded your manuals, read them and called and talked to 2 of your techs before I bought these. A brand new PAIR from you cost less than half what ONE replacement would have been from my ear doctor AND I FREAKING LOVE THEM. They are so much BETTER than the expensive ones I had. The day these came I found the lost one. I’m extremely grateful that I lost it. Serendipity!

Fantastic 10

Posted by Dale C. on February 7, 2017

What a fantastic product! I have had it in my ear since I installed the battery. My friends and family love it also since they no longer have to repeat everything they say

Life looks better

Posted by Carlene H. on February 4, 2017

Thank you so much, I did receive them. It may end up being funny as one seems to fit in the right ear just great but have to use another one for the left ear. Sure glad you guys thought of everything. I think my life is starting to look better. People at work don’t even know I am wearing them unless I say something and for the women who are worried about hiding them, I have very short, but spiked hair so they can stop worrying. Besides, what is more important, a little thing nude in color behind your ear that is only seen if someone is actually looking or being able to hear when you are talked about. LOL

And for the record I turned 78 in December of 2016

My God bless you guys greatly.

Great value for the price! 9

Posted by Carlina D. on January 31, 2017

I have now had my hearing aid for over a year. I only needed one for my right ear, as I have normal hearing in my left. My hearing loss is caused by nerve damage so the hearing is very distorted and is compounded by tinnitus. That said, an audiologist did recommend that an expensive hearing aid (around $2500) could help me. Since I didn’t have $2500 to spend, I decided to give the MDHearingAid Air a try. I found immediate improvement in clarity for my overall hearing and needed very little orientation time. I noticed that my good ear seemed to work more efficiently with the hearing aid in the bad ear and that I am now able to discern what direction sounds are coming from. Distortion has improved and I can understand what other people are saying much better. Although the bulk of my hearing still appears to be done (I think) by the normal ear, it works much better so, perhaps, my brain is better able to process the sounds. I have never used the aid at a setting above 2. If I leave it off for a few days, I begin to lose the ability to distinguish and differentiate the speech of others as well but, with the hearing aid in, I can readily understand the speech of those around me. The different settings for different environments works well, and it doesn’t appear to go through batteries too quickly, either. So, I’m a fan.

The AIRs really help

Posted by Jessie J. on January 27, 2017

Well I have tried mine and I have to say it has been terrific. I don’t really need to wear it all the time, but when I do see that I’m struggling a bit to hear, say watching TV I put it in and it makes a huge difference. It was quite surprising. I’m very pleased and you can’t beat the price!!

Love the quote: “Like reading glasses for your ears!”

Great Company

Posted by David S. on January 23, 2017

Many thanks for your prompt response. You are a great company! I have the open and thin tubing comforTIPS. They are a wonderful improvement over the domes, none of which fit as well (either too large or too small).

BTW, my AIR’s are 21 months old and still work flawlessly. You deserve every success you have achieved.

Only been two days but 9

Posted by Glenn S. on January 22, 2017

I am very pleased. Sound amplification is very good. My hearing loss was in the upper frequencies and probably classified as moderate. My wife had to ask that I turn up the volume of the television. Hearing all sounds. Brain is still being conditioned to eliminate amplified background noise but improving almost by the hour. Wore for 8 hours the first day and 12 hours day two. Had to turn off while riding in car as amplified road noise too much to be comfortable.

MD Hearing UV-Clean & Dry Box works 10

Posted by Naomi A. on January 22, 2017

Thank you for your prompt reply and possible cause and solution to my hearing aid when it stopped working. The hearing aid Air is working again. I tried the cleaning tubing wire as you suggested but there seemed to be no blockage. But I had bought the MD Hearing UV-Clean & Dry Box a few months ago but had never tried using it. Since I normally wear a head band over my ears after putting in my hearing aids I thought perhaps moisture had accumulated affecting the hearing aid; so I started putting both hearing aids in the UV-Clean & Dry Box. The first treatment didn’t work, but I decided to give it another treatment before contacting you again, and the hearing aid started working again. So I have decided that I need to use the UV-Clean & Dry Box on a daily basis and have added that to the daily routine for my hearing aids. And I recommend that you consider offering an MD Hearing Aid UV-Clean and Dry Box with all your new orders and also your customer support re to repairs—because moisture might be one of the problems. Thank you.

Better Than I thought 10

Posted by Dennis S. on January 17, 2017

I have had these Airs for 2 weeks now and can say they are quite comfortable and I must say I am a very picky guy, can’t wear rings or watches because everything bothers me but I have no real complaints about these as far as comfort goes. I do find that in places like a noisy restaurant Ihave had to remove them but that’s not a problem for me as I can hear close up, but when I am in our Chapel they are great. Happy I didn’t go with my original plan of getting them at Costco where they are $1700 for 2 pair and after much research that is a very low price in the Hearing Aid world. Nothing beats good normal hearing but for us older folks (I’m 72) these are a big help.

best I ever had 10

Posted by Joe S. on January 16, 2017

I have been wearing hearing aids since 1972. This is probably the best one. I like it because you can turn it off and on just by flipping a switch….....I can adjust the volume, something I could not do with most of the others…..sure just sticking a small hearing aid in your ear is easy, but I like the choices I have and at 71 years old I don’t care if people know I wear hearing aids, I did not care when I was 22 years old when I first wore one.


follow up review 10

Posted by Joanne L. on January 15, 2017

I am extremely pleased with my Pro hearing aid. I am able to wear it all day. From the first day, I didn’t even feel it in my ear! It came in a nice box with instructions and a year’s worth of batteries. It is wonderful that I can now hear clearly. Customer service is excellent!

surprising 10

Posted by Ronald G. on January 13, 2017

spent a few days at a resort in Manzanillo, Mexico. inadvertently took my aid swimming ... next day it worked even better?? great product

These work

Posted by Luther R. on January 11, 2017

Received my hearing aids yesterday and they work beautifully. For the first time in a long time I could join in a conversation without asking “What did they say”. Thank you for an affordable way of hearing.

I was skeptical

Posted by Barbara B. on January 8, 2017

I purchased 2 hearing aids from somewhere else for $3000 3 years ago. They have been so useless although I had 20 appts to try to tailor them to my needs. My one ear hears normal by the way. I have now got one hearing aid and I have used it one week. I am so pleased with the difference I am ecstatic!!!! I have been wearing it all the time without headaches. My hearing has improved so much I can not believe it! I was skeptical buying online but no longer. I have purposely tried this in many different settings like church, arena, for TV, radio, with grandkids etc. I am hearing things I NEVER heard before with my old aids like the dishwasher! THANK YOU!!!! I am 66 years old and you have changed my life and made my world a whole new life!!!

New “comfort tips” are fantastic… 10

Posted by Jack P. on January 3, 2017

Was time to replace my current tips and ordered the new comfort tips. They are so comfortable, and clear, that I will order some more and NOT use the old style anymore. The fitment is great, with no itching in my ear, and the sound is so clear and consistent. Excellent design. I love my hearing aids.

Amazed! 10

Posted by Mark H. on January 2, 2017

For about 5 or 6 years I’ve been struggling with the simple act of communication. Hearing Aids were way out of my price range. Finally in October 2016 I found out about MD Hearing Aids, and bought a pair at a low price, with easy financing as well! Every day I am thankful because I can finally hear and participate in conversations without asking people to repeat themselves or speak louder. Buying these was the most rewarding purchase I’ve made in at least 20 years! I tell everyone who will listen about how much happier I am thanks to your company! The suffering is over and all I can say is “THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! !!!!

Love my Hearing Aid 10

Posted by Connie A. on January 1, 2017

Received my Hearing Aid Dec 30 , 2016 . I can hear things so much clearer. Went to the store and was like is this supposed to sound like this.I still kind of have trouble because my left ear I have no sound on that side. But maybe one day will get one. Could not believe how fast it felt so comfortable wearing it. Best decision ever.

Excellent Product and Customer Service 10

Posted by vitaly on December 30, 2016

I ordered this device for my father who lives overseas. The product was delivered in 2 days after I had placed the order. I didn’t check the content, threw the box into a suitcase and went on vacation to see my relatives. Upon arrival we put the aid together and my father started using it. Ideally the aid is beneficial to watch a TV in a room without any conversation going.

1. Designed and made in US
2. Fast delivery
3. Good packaging
4. Compact size
5. Works well for a person with general hearing loss
6. Easy to tune, to avoid whistling sounds

1. Tricky to use with glasses, falls off easily

P.S. The aid could be assembled using two different kits; where one is more traditional with a thicker tubing and another one contains very delicate tubing with an attachment that is assisting the unit to stay put in the ear.
The traditional one was missing, and instead some other part was packaged inside instead. So I reached out to the Customer Service, got the response right away and the missing part was shipped within a day over to the place in Central Asia where I was visiting.
The package arrived promptly and in a good packaging.
Very impressed!

Better than the $6,000 hearing aids 10

Posted by Richard C. on December 30, 2016

A few years ago I paid $6,000 for Phonak hearing aids. Within a few weeks I felt I had never been so ripped off in my life and they were not worth more than $100. After years of getting adjustments they never lived up to their false advertising. They were horrible with more than three people, horrible in a crowd, horrible in meetings, horrible in a car, could not hear a TV or in a movie theater The MD Hearing Aids are everything the $6,000 ones said they were -completely adjustable to any situation and any environment. MD Hearing Aids are the best hearing aid on the market, bar none and fairly priced at that.

What a difference 10

Posted by Mary C. on December 27, 2016

When I first put my new MD hearing aid on and went outside, the first thing I heard were birds singing and I was amazed. I had not heard birds singing in 3 years and I thought that all of them had gone south for good. All I heard was the bluejay, who makes a loud noise. Thank you MD hearing aid for bringing the birds back.

Best gift ever 10

Posted by Sabrina on December 25, 2016

Bought these for my mom in Florida. She loves them so much she refuses to take them off! She did not realize how much she was missing. She was in tears when she realized her clock played music. She is now living life and loving it! She is a part of every conversation and is so talkative now. This was the best gift ever!

I can hear again 10

Posted by Bill D. on December 21, 2016

I received my hearing aid a day and a half ago. I set it up put it in my ear and was so shocked that I could hear again. Thank You for making this possible. I wake up in the morning put it in and forget about it until bed time. Its nice to watch TV with out having it so loud. Also I can now hear my wife without saying all the time what did you say. Thank You