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MDHearingAid Air Reviews

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Great Value 9

Posted by Alan K. on March 4, 2018

I have had may NEW EARS now for three weeks. I won't go without them. I was very scared to order over the phone but I am so glad I did! They are every bit as good or better then the ones my friends have at a fraction of the cost. A great company and a great product. They have emailed me several times to offer help and advice on my NEW EARS which shows me that they do care about their customers.

MD Air hearing aids 10

Posted by Richard R. on February 11, 2018

I have gone to a professional Audiologist for a hearing test and subsequently purchased a set of hearing aids that cost close to $6000. I tried them for over a year and made many visits back to the doctor for adjustments and reprogramming. I almost gave up concluding that what i have must be the best it will ever get. Then I read about the MDHearingAid AIR. I felt for the cost what did I have to lose. I was amazed how fast I received them. I have been wearing them for over three years and all I can say is it was the best investment I ever made. This kind of customer service is hard to find. I have recommended them to several friends that ordered them and they feel as I do. They work wonderful. Many times I have to turn them down due to people speaking loudly. All I can say is you wont go wrong with the MDHearingAid

Very Pleased 10

Posted by Brad S. on February 1, 2018

I have been wearing hearing aids for close to a decade and my first pair were the $3000.00 professionally set up kind. After those died at about five years I have tried many less expensive alternatives to the expensive ones. Every thing from hunting sound amplifiers to the cheap magazine advertised ones. I researched several internet advertised alternatives and decided on the MD Air as the best choise for me. The ordering process went smoothly and the shipping department got the package in the mail promptly. Our good ole USPS dropped the ball on the tracking but I still had my new hearing aids in a week. I read all of the instructions carefully and went through the different setup programs to see which ones work well for me and how to control the feed back with the open style earpieces. After getting used to the controls I have found these to be very superior to what I had been using and well worth the cost. These are not the 3 to 6 thousand dollar hearing aids but they are great for someone like myself that has a limited budget and realistic expectations. I work in a variety of different environments and the flexibility of the different programs and the separate volume controls help me adapt to each one well. I will absolutely recommend these to anyone looking for a cost effective way to meet there hearing needs. Thank you all the folks at MDHearingAid for helping those of us who need hearing aids on a small budget.

Water soaked hearing aid 10

Posted by William S. on January 24, 2018

My wife and I own a travel trailer. Last summer we pulled into a campground in the Great Smokey Mountains of North Carolina. When we arrived at our camp site it began to down pour. It rained heavily for a few of hours. Eventually, rain or no rain I had to get out of my truck and go to the rest room. On my way back to the truck I realized I had lost my hearing aid. While going to the rest room I recalled removing my glasses to wipe the rain off the lenses and was unaware the hearing aid fell off to the ground and into about three inches of water. After the rain stopped I went out to look for it not believing I would ever find it and didn’t. So the next day I told my wife I would give it another try. So I retraced my steps and low and behold I looked down between my shoes and saw it embedded in the mud. I took it into the camper immediately, removed the battery and tried drying it out with a hair dryer. It was totally drenched with muddy water seeping out of it. I let it sit for a full twenty four hours before replacing the battery to give it a try. I turned it on but it made and awful noise, so I turned it off again took out the battery and waited until the next morning to try it. When I reinstalled the battery and turned it on it was if a small miracle happened. It worked as well as when I first purchased it. I was totally shocked and couldn't believe it. It has been working ever since. Thank you MDHearingAid for great engineering.

MDHearingAid>>>Air 10

Posted by Charmaine W. on January 5, 2018

Our home burnt down to the ground in the early morning of 1 Jan 2018. We had little time to get out as the house filled with smoke rapidly. Both of my in canal hearing were burnt. I was miserable. A friend told me he had a hearing aid that was in a box he bought at an auction. I changed the earpiece to the High Volume Kit and put in a battery. It was almost like the time when I received my very first hearing aids and was so astounded by what I heard I cried. I cried last night. Since this works so well and after things settle from the fire I WILL order one for my right ear. I may never go back to the extremely expense In Canal aides. Thank you for a great product and helping save my sanity during this extremely stressful period.

Exceeded my expectations 10

Posted by Mark W. on December 31, 2017

This product truly exceeded my expectations. I lost 80 percent of my hearing in my right ear back in 2009. I was informed that the only device that would work was a cochlear implant. I had the procedure and was displeased with the result. The device was rather bulky. Feedback was terrible and the device sends all sound waves into your good ear so I was unable to determine location of sound. I really didn’t think the MD hearing device would work. I figured I had nothing to lose since the product has a money back guarantee. The moment I put it on I was pleasantly surprised. The unit is discreet, comfortable, very little feedback. I can determine the location of sound and the price is reasonable. I’ve only owned the unit for a few weeks so I can’t comment on durability or longevity. My only regret is that I didn’t order it sooner.

Better Product 9

Posted by Jim P. on December 20, 2017

I am amazed at how much better the sound quality is in the Air than those for which I paid $3000 several years ago. Being able to control volume and program selection for each ear individually allows me to achieve balanced hearing at all times. I bought the Air when the previous company wanted $645 to repair one aid. Wish I had known about MDHearingAid before spending the 3 grand.

A Most Wonderful Product 10

Posted by Julie D. on December 13, 2017

My husband has had these for a few months now and they have opened up a whole new world for him. He hears things he has not heard in years and has admitted that he should have done something about his hearing loss years ago. I am very grateful because now the television does not have to be as loud and I do not have to repeat my self or talk loud any more. In fact, he does not talk loud any more. I do not think saying thank you is enough, but I am truly grateful to you for this great product.

I Love Them! 10

Posted by Clara V. on December 10, 2017

I've had my hearing aids for app. 3 months and wouldn't take for them. I had forgot how wonderful it was to hear well. Thank you so much for making them affordable. I love them!!!!

Satisfied Customer 10

Posted by Kathy B. on December 5, 2017

I am close to 2 yrs using my MD Hearing Aids & I am very impressed with the difference they have made in helping me to hear better. It took me several months to get used to wearing them but I am glad I persevered. I love a bargain & these hearing aids at this price & the quality they are certainly are that.

Amazing quality, best even when compared to $5k hearing aids 10

Posted by Jason G. on November 4, 2017

These hearing aids are absolutely amazing!!! I shopped around for months, tried $99 ones and $5,000 ones. I elected to buy these and they are amazing. I have pretty unique hearing loss. I have no middle ear bones, but my auditory nerves are great. I just needed a device to get it to the nerve. These are perfect! I can hear better than mostly everyone around me. I'm an executive, I talk on my cell all the time, it has a telecoil program, just push the button, poof, works great... crystal clear. Went into a loud bar/restaurant, there was tons of loud music and people talking, they performed perfect! I could hear everything from people's conversations across the room to the friends next to me. Do not shop around and waste your hard earned money on other aids, buy these! You will not be disappointed.

34 Year Old Loves MD Air 10

Posted by Jarrod B. on October 11, 2017

First off, I'm a 34 year old that's lost 45% of my hearing in my left ear from years of framing homes with an air compressed nail gun. Because of how a right-hander holds the nail gun, it primarily effected my left ear. After going to a hearing specialist, doing all the test, and then learning how EXPENSIVE NORMAL AIDS ARE, I felt hopeless. After months of research online, all signs pointed towards MDHearingAid as the solution. I'm absolutely blown away at how well it works. I can hear high pitches again like women's voices, T.V., full range of a song on radio, birds, background effects, etc. My wife couldn't be happier as well, she's not having to repeat EVERYTHING she says anymore, lol. THIS IS A NO BRAINER GUYS!

Anna S Kadish MD 8

Posted by Anna K. on September 6, 2017

These are great!! Easy to use and so much less expensive than many other aids. And dont need an MDs exam and billing to buy!! They work beautifully.

MD Air 9

Posted by Stephen H. on August 23, 2017

I am a first time hearing aid user and was really surprised on how well the aid has performed. I was a bit skeptical on the performance due to the low price. The aid has out performed my expectations and definitly improved my quality of life.
I highly recommend this product.

Don’t be skeptical

Posted by Will C. on July 30, 2017

To those still undecided.

Like most of MD Hearing Aid customers, I lived in a state of denial about my hearing loss for many years. When I finally admitted I needed help, and
help I could afford, I began my research. Despite positive reviews, I was still very skeptical when I came to MD Hearing Aid’s site. Just like you.
But from my personal experience, I can now tell you that you can finally relax. This is an outstanding company with a very high quality, high tech
product. My type of hearing loss is fairly common and has worsened with age. While in groups and public places, background noise muffled
conversation to the point where I just couldn’t understand what was being said. I listened to television and radio at higher volumes and frequently
asked others to repeat themselves. I had become a complete nuisance to those around me. I finally bought my first pair of the Pro model about 6 or
8 years ago. I really didn’t believe I needed them all the time. Until I wore them. Just like tens of thousands of others, they changed my life.
You’ve read their reviews. The clarity was amazing and I heard sounds I had completely forgotten existed. A couple of years ago I upgraded to the Air model and was once again amazed. Smaller and digital with pure realistic sounds. Both models allowed me to easily adjust volume levels as well to compensate for background noise. Batteries on my Air last about 2 weeks and I find the aids to be very reliable. The comfort factor is such that I forget I am wearing them while they’re still discreet enough to go unnoticed. Aside from the product, I have also had several encounters with the customer service department over the years. They are real people who are knowledgeable, helpful and take their jobs seriously. I cannot say enough good about this company, their integrity or their products. French author François de La Rochefoucauld wrote in the 1600’s “To listen closely and reply well is the highest perfection we are able to attain in the art of conversation.” I know you came to this site because you want to rejoin that conversation. If you live with hearing loss, I can’t encourage you enough to stop piddling around and resolve it now. Today. With MD Hearing Aid’s guarantee, you have nothing to lose.

Great 9

Posted by Philip P. on July 30, 2017

I love my MD Air I have been wearing aids for 10 years and my old one died so I thought I would try MD Air wow I did not know what I was missing. As soon as I put them on I could not believe how bad my old expensive one was. I can hear the birds sing and don’t have to keep saying what.did you say to cant beat the price and you have nothing to lose as they are a no brainer if you don’t like them just return them. I’m keeping mine they are great and I’m old 74


Posted by Robert C. on July 28, 2017

seen advertisement and decided to order them and give it a try , love it I started hearing much better now I can hear someone talking to me from behind, I highly recommend them . I ordered a pair of the airs and lost one of them but still use the other . one fell in water and pull it out and left it dry out and works great.

MD Air 7

Posted by Robert F. on July 16, 2017

Five stars if it wasn’t so difficult to adjust the volume when wearing it.

Love MDhearing aid 10

Posted by Lois K. on July 14, 2017

I had bought expensive aids through the years and I find MD to be better than all of them which I paid a small fortune for. Being on Social Security I can no longer afford the expensive ones. MD gave me my hearing back. But, I have a smaller than normal canal opening, sometimes its hard to get the right tip so it fits. I don’t like ordering the packet of different sizes because they all don’t fit and I end up throwing them away. I would like to order a packet with just one size tip. Surely, that can’t be too hard to do if you sold them in one size!

Great value 10

Posted by Jay C. on July 10, 2017

I’ve been using these hearing aids for more than 4 years and still work well. Had to replace one early on and they replaced very quickly. Customer service is second to none. Will definitely get my next aids from MD hearing.

Waterproof? 9

Posted by Jim C. on July 9, 2017

I have been using hearing aids for about ten years. It seems as though new technology has made the devices better over the years. I did try a less expensive type a few years ago, but have been buying more expensive ones lately. My most recent expensive ($3K) pair was not working well. I also did not like that I had to use a third device to set the volume level (I kept misplacing the device.), and one of the aids was reacting to moisture, even though it was not supposed to. These aids must be placed in a charging device overnight, which is not inconvenient. But it is necessary to remember to take the charger when traveling. I am not a doctor or audiologist, but I am not sure what the results of the hearing test tells you besides the fact that your hearing is sub-par. As a result of the hearing test, the audiologist set my aids up so high that I could not get used to them, and I had misplaced the adjustment device, and I could not tone them down. I was a bit frustrated.
So I thought I would give MD Air a try. I like them. My more expensive devices are still working, so I have tried to compare the two sets. That is difficult, because it is not possible to know if they are actually set up the same during use. In short, the two are certainly comparable. I like that the controls on the MD Air are on the devices—they are always available and easy to use, so I do not have to keep track of an extra device. I did not care for the end piece on the hearing tube, so I replaced them with ends that go into the ear canal. Works fine. I do not think anyone has solved the background noise problem satisfactorily. Even after change the modes, it is a problem. Battery life has certainly improved over the years. I did not change batteries in the MD Air for a month after first put them in. Very convenient.
The other day, the clincher happened. I left the MD Air devices in a pocket of a pair of shorts. A few minutes after I threw them down the laundry chute, my wife had them in the washer. They were in there immersed for a couple minutes, before I retrieved the devices. I bathed them in a little slightly warm air with the hair dryer, and left them overnight. After replacing the batteries, they worked just fine. I thought they would be ruined. I would not recommend trying this yourself. The quality, convenience, price and durability of the MD Air devices make them a very good value.

Unbeatable…........... 9

Posted by Pat G. on July 3, 2017

Luv my Air unit; just have not learned to put it in one place after taking it off! Lost the first one on a cruise…it’s enjoying the Carribean music tho! Lost the next one last month while pruning my azaleas… it is so comfortable you forget you have it in but it IS NOT a good idea to wear it while digging etc. I looked for 3 days but decided it was not worth a snake bite searching the undergrowth. OK yesterday my hubby found my next one clinging to his trouser hem after coming out of the washer/ dryer!!! Still have not heard the end of that BUT IT STILL WORKS…UNBELIEVABLE…Luckily had no battery in it and it seems to work fine. OK I know you don’t advise getting in water but I was shocked and so relieved. At least I still have one Air unit. I constantly tell folks how good your unit is . My lesson is simple; PUT YOUR UNIT IN ONE PLACE WHENEVER YOU TAKE IT OUT; guess I am a slowwww learner. Thanks for the quality!

Air Hearing Aid 8

Posted by L. P. on June 28, 2017

The Air Hearing Aid is working well for me in ” one to one” and for TV use, but in a group settings, no matter what adjustments I make, I hear everyone at once .. The larger tube, which i could use, is too difficult to wear and more so if i wear my glasses.. If the small tube were a little larger, the hearing aids would serve me better.. No hearing aid is perfect and, all in all, this MD hearing aid is no better or worst than the more expensive hearing aids i had before these. I like how easy they are to clean and put back together and the batteries last a long time..

A viable alternative to the over-priced instruments sold by audiologists. 10

Posted by Lawrence H. on June 3, 2017

NO HEARING INSTRUMENTS ARE PERFECT! I’ve worn hearing aids for nearing 20 years. My two previous sets, by different manufacturers, were sold to me by reputable audiologists. Neither set was perfect, and my three-month old MDHearingAid AIR instruments are also not the perfect answer to my 75% hearing loss. But I’m very satisfied with them, now that I’ve learned how to deal with the excessive “whistling” that I experienced initially. (In my case, the key to that problem was being sure the tubing was screwed fully flush onto the instrument body.) I experimented with the 13PLUS tubing and found it did not work well for me, I use the thin tubing and comfort tips in program 1 most of the time, occasionally using program 2 to help filter out background noise in busy restaurants, etc. Although these MD AIR instruments are much better than my previous expensive instruments, I continue to have some difficulty with telephone conversations. But, I have just ordered a spare set of tubing & tips, because I definitely intend to keep these hearing instruments!

New hearing aid 10

Posted by Donald M. on June 2, 2017

I have had hearing aids from all over $3000.00 to 1500. Got md today. It is great love the easy way to clean wax from tube i will order again if my wife puts it in the washing machine lol thanks for making it so easy to order