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Amazon Customer ReviewsMDHearingAid successfully sold the PRO model on for a number of years. However, Amazon implemented changes which do not support our superior customer service and 45-day Risk Free 100% Money Back Guarantee. Therefore, we are no longer selling our hearing aids on

MDHearingAid offers a 45-day Money Back Guarantee so you have the chance to wear your new hearing aids, get used to them, and see if they will improve your hearing and your life. Amazon discourages any returns or refunds unless the product is unopened, which would not give you a chance to see if our hearing aids are the right hearing solution for you. 

MDHearingAid does not charge a restocking fee unless you do not wait a minimum of 21 days, or return your hearing aids after 45 days. Amazon has a mandatory restocking fee for returned items.

MDHearingAid offers 24/7 customer service and support. Amazon's policies limit our ability to communicate directly with our customers.

MDHearingAid only sells high-quality, affordable hearing aids. Amazon allows a large number of imitation hearing aids to be sold on their site under the category of "Hearing Aids". This is a confusing and deceptive policy.

We believe these changes have made it increasingly difficult to provide value and service to our customers on Therfore, for the time being, we have decided to suspend sales of MDHearingAid products on

During the three years that the MDHearingAid PRO was being sold on, it was the #1 rated and #1 selling hearing aid. Read customer reviews of the MDHearingAid PRO below.


Posted by Diego on June 27, 2011

I have owned three sets of hearing aids prior to my purchase of the MD Hearing Aid. My last set of hearing aids cost me a few thousand dollars. They did not work well for digital hearing aids. My dog decided to use one of my hearing aids for a bone, and that was the end of that hearing aid. I went to my FRIEND the audiologist thinking he might give me a break on the cost of a replacement hearing aid. He said that the model I had wasn’t available anymore. My FRIEND said that he could get me a improved pair for only four hundred dollars more than what I paid for the old ones. I told him I would think it over, so I went to Amazon and looked for hearing aids. I found the MD Pros and determined that I should give them a try based on the positive remarks made by other people. I ordered them and received them in a very short time. They have turned out to be the best hearing aids I ever had!! They have volume control and a frequency control to adjust for different situations. I am still using the same batteries furnished by MD after three weeks! I have worn hearing aids for ten years and without a doubt the MD product is the best for the money and quality.Jim/ Arizona

Sturdy AND inexpensive 10

Posted by EIowa on June 04, 2011

I am a student with moderate hearing loss, and started to find that I was having a lot of trouble keeping up in lectures, and I was missing a lot, but being a student, I didn’t have much cash to put into more expensive hearing aids. I have been wearing these hearing aids for a year now, and I love them. Last week, I accidentally ran the hearing aid through BOTH my washer and my dryer. My heart broke a little bit when I opened the dryer and saw my hearing aid battery lying there. Now, I don’t recommend washing and drying your hearing aid, but here’s the amazing thing- I put all the pieces back together AND IT STILL WORKS! I am seriously impressed by these things. Like all hearing aids, it takes some time to get used to, and I confess I don’t wear them much at home(much to my husband’s chagrin) because they don’t have a very specific amplification range and I start to get a little overwhelmed when wearing them in noisy environments. I would recommend them for anyone with a tight budget and slight to moderate hearing loss. People with more profound hearing loss might want to keep looking.

Very Pleased 10

Posted by kwonset "kwonset" on May 29, 2011

I’ve known I was missing out on conversations and was turning the TV up too loud, and finally bought a pair of the MD PRO hearing aids. Wearing one is enough to bring those missing words back, so now I have a back-up. The domes bothered me and I wasn’t sure I could get use to the “occlusion”, so I used a razor and cut the flanges off one of the domes. I still get extra amplification to my ear, but don’t have that muffled effect. The BTE ear is lightweight and within a day, I forgot it was there. Love it!

A Very Useful and Inexpensive Solution 10

Posted by M. Spalmacin on May 29, 2011

These Behind-The-Ear (BTE) hearing aids work very well. They’re light in weight and after about 15 minutes you hardly know you’re wearing them. They sit comfortably perched behind my ear and with the tube placed in my ear they are secure and don’t feel like they’re about to fall off. With the proper sized plug I don’t find them irritating and there’s no sensation that there’s something large stuck in my ear.I was diagnosed with a slight hearing loss in the upper frequency range, which made listening to TV or softly spoken sounds difficult. Increasing the TV volume didn’t help and just made the unintelligible sounds louder. Using these I’m able to enjoy TV and conversation again. (What I didn’t expect with a hearing aid is that ALL sounds are amplified. I now hear all sorts of sounds that I was missing before, like birds chirping or leaves rustling in the trees or the sound of cooking utensils in the kitchen. So wearing a hearing aid requires some mental adjustment to tune out sounds that are distracting, uninteresting or not your main focus. I haven’t quite mastered that aspect of wearing them yet.)While small and light-weight, they’re not as small as some of the more expensive models on the market. Then again they don’t cost $6000.00 (six thousand dollars, in case Amazon deletes the numeric dollar cost). That’s the price I was quoted for a pair of top-of-the-line BTE models that used a very thin barely noticeable open-tube design, had more adjustable frequency ranges and was adjusted wirelessly from a computer to my specific hearing loss. Very state-of-the art and very expensive.I bought this model specifically to listen to TV and engage in light conversation. They do the job quite well for that purpose and used sparingly that way the batteries last a good long time, which for me is about a month. I liked them well enough to purchase a second one, so now I can wear them both or keep one as a spare.Bottom line: For the price I paid and the value I receive, they’re the perfect solution to my problem and I’d buy them again.

Exellent value for your money 10

Posted by Deafman on May 27, 2011

MDHearingAid Acoustitone PRO Hearing Aid (Set of 2)It’s amazing what these hearing aids perform for the prize I have paid for it. The information on the Amazon site gives you the right information about these hearing devices. So if you hearing is not so good (until minus say 40 - 50 dB) in the higher frequencies (above 2000 Hz) then try these devices before you spend more money for the regular makes. Also the delivery to the Netherlands was very good. Within 10 days after the ordering they where delivered to my home address.Added on june the 12th 2011: I have a new experience listening to a popfestival on TV: Pink Pop in the Netherlands. It’s amazing what I have been missing the last ten years. The sound is now complete with all the high frequencies. Thanks to my MDhearing Pro hearingdevices.

Great Hearing Aid 10

Posted by JR on May 25, 2011

My husband has been using the MDHearingAid Acoustitone PRO Hearing Aid (Set of 2)for several months. The hearing aids work great. The quality is just as good as the $3000 hearing aids a co-worker of his has and more reliable. I would definitely recommend this product.


Posted by THE HEARING MAN. on May 20, 2011


Review of MD Hearing Aids (Acoustitone PRO) 10

Posted by Edward Erwin "coffee lover" on May 18, 2011

After reading all of Amazon’s reviews of the Acoustitone PRO Hearing Aids, I decided to give them a try. I have been using hearing Aids for the past 16 years, and can honestly say that your MD Hearing Aids have helped me as much or more in most cases, than the high priced hearing aids I have used before. I also appreciate Amazon’s inclusion of reviews of their products, since without having read the reviews, I would not have been aware of how many users felt as positive about the Acoustitone PRO Aids as I myself do.

AWESOME!!!!!! 10

Posted by michael bailey on May 17, 2011

My hearing is bad! Ive spend 2 000 dollars for hearing aids in the past. This product is unbelieveable, fantastic. Batteries last so much longer, still using same battery a month later. Anyone that cant hear will tell you there are certain people who talk low and mumble, ha, Im having conversations with these people. This is an awesome product, well worth the money

Low-cost hearing aid 10

Posted by C. M. McDonnell on May 15, 2011

I had had two audiology exams in the past year, and left each exam with sticker shock, when I came across an article in the local paper about this hearing aid. The many, many positive Amazon reviews were reassuring, so I took a chance. I must say, I have been very impressed with these two hearing aids. I have worn them for just about a month now, in varied situations: the symphony, a small group at dinner, a crowded room, listening to television and radio, and the opera, and the benefits are remarkable. My friends and family, and the dials on my television and radio, thank me. The developer’s advice is to purchase the best hearing aid that you can afford, and the product literature is frank that this may not deliver the very highest frequencies. So far I have not found this limitation to be a problem. I now have an 80% solution (at roughly $340 the pair) to what was otherwise a $4500-$5000 problem. A pretty good deal in my opinion.

Just what I wanted 10

Posted by Robert P. Stone Jr. on May 13, 2011

I’ve been “around the block” looking for the right thing for me. I found it. The MD PRO is easy to set up, fits perfectly, and easy to turn on and off and adjust volume while in place. The hearing aid is easy on the batteries, and the price is reasonable. I would like to be able to order replacement plugs all my size, not an assortment.

Pretty much OK but not perfect 8

Posted by T. B. Odini on May 12, 2011

I bought this hearing aid for my wife who has significant hearing loss in one ear. Her only complaint about the item is that it is almost impossible to pick out one voice in a crowded room even if the speaker is sitting next to her. Its two settings just aren’t up to the task of separating background from conversations.My own hearing aids are $2500+ each, and do a better job than this under $200 product, but I too have difficulty in noisy environments. Also she gets a lot better battery life than I do.Bottom line—does a good job for a most reasonable price. We are thinking of buying another for her other ear.

Very pleased, even though aids are analog, an older, simpler technology 10

Posted by Incorrigible on May 07, 2011

I am 66 and have high-pitched loss, familial, began in my early 60s, my mother had it, my sister has it, all my maternal cousins have it. I bought two of these aids, they are very good, although I have never worn aids before and so have nothing to compare to. I went to an audiologist to have them fitted because I was afraid of mucking up if I cut the tubing to fit myself. The audiologist said I had a narrow, tortuous left ear canal, and the plastic tip that came with the aid would pop out. Know what? It hasn’t. He is making me ear molds, but, in fact, the aids fit very comfortably with the tips that come with them. The audiologist is not very happy with me because I am paying him $160 for two ear molds, not $6,000 for the works, but hey! That is his problem. He did opine with a grumble that aids like these do what they are supposed to. Note that these hearing aids are analog, an older, simpler technology almost entirely replaced by digital, but they are nonetheless entirely adequate for most people, as the many reviews attest.

MD Hearing aid 10

Posted by Connie E. Harrell on April 24, 2011

I was looking for an affordable hearing aid. The price offered at the audiologist was in the neighborhood of $5000. Not in my budget. I found these and read the reviews and took a chance. They work I can participate in conversations without asking people to repeat what I did not hear. Most people do not even notice I have them. They are comfortable to wear. Never having had hearing aids before, I started slow wearing them only at home and then for short periods. The adjustment does take time. But be paient it is worth it to be able to hear clearly. This is a great find.

Very pleased - Just ordered another 10

Posted by Priscilla on April 10, 2011

I recently bought one of these for my husband. His hearing has been declining for some time, but the cost and discouragement of (so far) unhelpful doctor visits and one surgery, and the anticipated expense of hearing aids has kept him from pursuing any further treatment, lately.After researching and seeing the reviews for this product, and the price, I decided it was worth trying. I originally ordered only one, for his worst ear. He’s only worn it a few days so far, but the help it has given him has been very encouraging! His only complaint has been an “unbalanced” feeling from wearing only one. A second one has been ordered and is expected to arrive tomorrow.After reading the positive reviews from those who did not have success with this product, but were still pleased with the company and their return/refund experience, I realize I should have just ordered a full pair from the beginning.I hope this advice is helpful to someone

3 week trial period 4

Posted by Glen on April 08, 2011

The aids were not usefull in a office work enviroment after the trial period no improvement, might be good fora retired person. returned to md hearing

Superb Product - as good as the $4400 ones I almost bought 10

Posted by Chary on April 05, 2011

I didn’t know these existed, so I went to a local company. They tested my hearing & offered me 3 months trial before purchase. The price was $4400. I did not like them because of all the background noise that was suppose to be taken care automatically, but wasn’t. So I was constantly pushing all the little buttons, trying to make them manageable. Decided that for the price they were charging, they should work better, so I returned them & for $250 I got to keep the ear molds that were customized for me. Then I did a search online & found these. Oh My Gosh! These work great. I can even hold the phone to my ear and still hear - something I couldn’t do with the pricey ones (had to hold it above the ear). Background sound are still louder than I would prefer, but certainly not worse than the spendy ones. You won’t be disappointed with these.

excellent value! 10

Posted by tpryan on April 01, 2011

Excellent value for the price. I went to several hearing aid places who wanted upwards of $5000 - took a chance after reading the reviews & glad I did - I would highly recommend this product.Help other customers find

You’ll be surprise! 10

Posted by Roy in Collinsville on March 19, 2011

I’ve been using mine every day since I reeived them a couple of months ago. I’m very satisfied with the performance of these hearing aids, and recommend them to anyone with a hearing loss. Once you try them, you’ll be glad to have them too.

Even Better than Expected 10

Posted by CJ Latham on March 19, 2011

I bought the Acoustitone Hearing Aids for my husband, who had previously worn some hearing aids that cost ten times as much. Dave was amazed to find your hearing aids out performed his old ones. He is now hearing better than he has been able to hear in years. Thank you so much for a wonderful product.

Excellent replacement or temorary hearing aid 10

Posted by Andrew M Reece on March 18, 2011

I purchased this product to be a temporary replacement for my 13 year old set of in-the-ear hearing aids. But so far it has performed so well that I’m considering to make it a permanent replacement.The only con so far is that after a while my ear canal will become sore from the edges on the ear-bud, but that can be solved by having custom made ear molds (which I have not done yet). EDIT: after a time, the soreness went away.No whistling feedback so far except when my hand or some other object will get too close to the mic.

Satisfied with my purchase 8

Posted by phildog on March 18, 2011

I have moderate to severe hearing loss in both ears, and have tried other hearing aids and have not been satisfied. I purchased the Acousitone Pro after my last hearing aid went through the washer and stopped working. I have been very satisfiedfor the quality of this aid for the price. The battery life is very good. I will probably buy another one for my other ear, in the future.

excellent hearing aid 10

Posted by J. Bergin on March 09, 2011

I bought this hearing aid based on the reviews. I am not disappointed. It is everything I could have asked for and more. I have recommended it to friends and I believe some of them are going to try it.Update—I have now had this hearing aid for 3 months. It is wonderful. Besides simply working well, the batteries last a long time. I now have had 2 friends buy them and they tell me they agree about how well they work.

Great!!! 8

Posted by Joe on March 07, 2011

I was doubtful that this hearing aid would work. But I have had it for a few weeks now and it is just fine. It is not the very best I have worn but for the moneys it works great for me. I am going to order another for backup and one for my Mother. I really think she will like it.

Not for everyone 6

Posted by Steve V on March 05, 2011

My wife uses both a five year old, expensive hearing aid and this simple one which has even older technology. Our audiologist explained that this one works for my wife, whose hearing loss is relatively flat (in respect of frequency), but would not work for me (my hearing is better overall but rolls off more steeply at higher frequencies). This inexpensive one is less convenient but it does work, and she is content with it. I guess that makes it a very good buy.

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