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Amazon Customer ReviewsMDHearingAid successfully sold the PRO model on for a number of years. However, Amazon implemented changes which do not support our superior customer service and 45-day Risk Free 100% Money Back Guarantee. Therefore, we are no longer selling our hearing aids on

MDHearingAid offers a 45-day Money Back Guarantee so you have the chance to wear your new hearing aids, get used to them, and see if they will improve your hearing and your life. Amazon discourages any returns or refunds unless the product is unopened, which would not give you a chance to see if our hearing aids are the right hearing solution for you. 

MDHearingAid does not charge a restocking fee unless you do not wait a minimum of 21 days, or return your hearing aids after 45 days. Amazon has a mandatory restocking fee for returned items.

MDHearingAid offers 24/7 customer service and support. Amazon's policies limit our ability to communicate directly with our customers.

MDHearingAid only sells high-quality, affordable hearing aids. Amazon allows a large number of imitation hearing aids to be sold on their site under the category of "Hearing Aids". This is a confusing and deceptive policy.

We believe these changes have made it increasingly difficult to provide value and service to our customers on Therfore, for the time being, we have decided to suspend sales of MDHearingAid products on

During the three years that the MDHearingAid PRO was being sold on, it was the #1 rated and #1 selling hearing aid. Read customer reviews of the MDHearingAid PRO below.

Good and Best product for above 50. 10

Posted by Familiare on December 28, 2011

This product is best and Good.I plan to buy one for my mother( 60+) and finally i found this product.1. Prices is cheap and best.2. Battery life - Changing battery once in a six days.3. Handling - Very easy- because only one time i explain my mother and she understand and start using next time without any mistake.4. Reliable and convenient.5. Shipping - For me it took 3 days.I strongly recommend this product, who need best price and best quality.

Great hearing aids and the price is affordable! 10

Posted by karennel on December 17, 2011

I have purchased several hearing aids for my husband, including some very expensive ones. He has never been satisfied with any of them. Not long after getting his last very expensive hearing aids, he lost one when out on his tractor. He had them in his shirt pocket, took out his phone, which was in the same pocket, and must have pulled one of them out with the phone and dropped it in the field. He didn’t notice it at the time, so now it’s time to think about another “expensive” hearing aid or look for some more reasonable ones. I searched the internet and then decided to check Amazon. When we got these he was immediately happy with them. One of the reasons being the price and the other was his hearing! Says he hasn’t heard this good for a long time. Another reason for ordering this product was the product reviews. It’s very helpful to see what other people think. Thank you Amazon for carrying such great products!

good value for the money 8

Posted by Ruth T. Moore on December 15, 2011

I did not want to get an expensive set of hearing aides so I thought i would try these. So far I am very pleased: easy to get rid of howling; the two different settings (N or H) made them better for me. Only problem is - I have no idea how much better an individual frequency toned output specific to my hearing loss would be

Need to hear? 10

Posted by orwoody on December 14, 2011

After ten years of fighting with a high dollar name brand in-the-ear model hearing aid, I was lucky enough to loose it. I say lucky because in my search for another one, I happened to see the PRO by Acoustitone. It seems to work so much better for me than my first model did that I am now glad that the other one is history. Maybe I am just lucky because the standard earpiece that comes with it works fine for me, but they do have other more customized options. I heartily recommend this and especially do in light of its low price and high quality. Those are two descriptors that rarely are seen together, but in the case of the Acoustitone PRO, they certainly apply.

Instant relief 10

Posted by Amy Flowers on December 09, 2011

I have had problems with my ears for a couple of years now. I was recently diagnosed with Meniere’s disease along with a low frequency hearing loss in my right year. I just received my acoustitone today and Wow! What a Difference! It was not difficult to get it working. I purchased the vented domes and thin tubing instead of what comes in the standard package. This is my first time with a hearing aid ever, and I already barely notice that it is there. The aural fullness feeling is gone. The tinnitus is gone. Most importantly, I can hear! I was getting so tired of making everyone repeat themselves. The instructions are very good. It did not take much time at all to figure out the best setting for me. I was worried because my insurance won’t cover the cost of a hearing aid, and I couldn’t afford what the audiologist was recommending. I chose the acoustitone pro based on the reviews I read, and I’m not sorry that did.

MD Hearing Aid Pro 10

Posted by jingeorgia on December 07, 2011

I have been having trouble hearing for several years now, but knew the cost of hearing aids, as my Mother has a $5,000 pair. I just didn’t have the money. I began researching the internet, and came across the MD hearing Aid Pro. I ordered two, and as soon as I received them I put them in and began to hear again. It is wonderful to be able to hear the TV and not have to “read” the closed captions. I cannot believe the quality of these hearing aids for the money. I am thrilled to have found them. Unfortunately, I went on a trip and lost my hearing aids. I was devastated! I have just ordered a new pair.I highly recommend this product.

Very good 8

Posted by Simple soul on November 25, 2011

These aids do for me as well as my $4000 aids did. Sure, they magnify ALL sounds, but they are much easier to adjust than the digital ones I’ve used for years. Also, I simply used the ear pieces from my old ones. I didn’t have to ‘cut the tubes’.

Good produc with a best price 8

Posted by Frank King on November 22, 2011

My Father has moderate hearing loss and with this devices he can listen very good, and the most important he feel more confortable using this aid and speaking with others.

Good for most people 8

Posted by Rex Moore on November 17, 2011

These hearing aids are horrible for me, but I’m still giving them a good review because for a lot of people they will be awesome. Most people have either high frequency hearing loss or straight line (across all frequencies) hearing loss. And for both of those types open fit hearing aids are a very affordable option to be able to hear better. I have reverse slope hearing loss (or low frequency loss). So the 2 times I put these hearing aids in it was very painful, because they amplified all of the high frequencies that I hear very well already. I only wish that I could get open fit hearing aids for my type of hearing loss, because it’s going to cost me a fortune to get custom digital hearing aids that only amplify the frequencies I need.

Good for the Money 10

Posted by Albert Covington on November 10, 2011

These hearing aids are excellent. One of the things I like is you don’t have to be so carful about sweat. I can run, sweat get the hearaid good and wet and they just keep on working. I have had to be very careful with expensive hearing aid and water, if they get a little damp I have to let them dry out a few days. The MD hering aids are rugged. There is no hearing aid that will repace hearing the MD’s do as good as the $5000 jobs.

I can hear agin 10

Posted by B L Dillahunty on November 08, 2011

I have now ordered 4 pairs of these hearing aids. Maybe I should ask for a commission from the company. The first two sets were for my sisters. I tried out one of theirs and thought it was so wonderful to be able to hear again that I immediately ordered a pair for myself. Last week we had relatives visiting from Texas. She tried one of mine and was so impressed that we ordered a pair for her. None of us had ever worn hearing aids before but we had no problem with wearing these. I can’t tell you how nice it is not to be asking people to repeat themselves. Also, it has been my experience that I’m having to replace the battery about every 3 weeks. This product has changed my life. We all received them in about 3 days after ordering so that was an added bonus. I’ve had mine probably 3 months and have no complaints whatsoever. I recommend them to everyone I know who has a hearing problem.

Better than I expected a surprise 10

Posted by Walter Beynon on November 01, 2011

By Walter B HawaiiHave the hearing aids for five months it works beautiful no regrets.Customer service excellent and people reviews really help me a lot.Made a good decision and I’m happy than puchasing a bad hearing aidfor $4000

Acoustitone PRO Hearing Aid 10

Posted by Steve on the Lake on October 30, 2011

I have been wearing high priced Siemens in-the-ear hearing aids for years. They had to be sent to the factory for maintenance, so I bought a pair of Acoustitone Pro hearing aids to get me by. I love them. My old ones are now repaired, but I keep using the Acounsitones. I hear just as well (or better) and they are more comfortable. I have been wearing them for five months and love them.Steve


Posted by Jennifer Geddie on October 30, 2011

I have been wearing this a few days now, and so far IT IS GREAT! For the first time ever I have heard my ” blinkers” turn signals in my car ! WOW. I did not realize how bad my hearing is .It is a pleasure to be able to hear and be more aware of what is going on around me, and I have zero annoying noises associated with using it . I have to say this works like a charm, and at least it does not cost too much. I was afraid it would be really difficult to get used to , but it has been surprisingly easy . I actually forget I have it on… and it is almost invisible. I feel grateful to have found this product !

Very pleased with this hearing aid 10

Posted by Harris Gurowitz on October 29, 2011

I purchased this hearing aid two months ago. When I first received it I was amazed. I wrote in immediately to give a positive review. After two months use I am still as pleased as the day I first received it. I tried other less expensive devises and was not satisfied at all with the quality of sound. The Acousitone Pro has excellent sound. I have friends who spent thousands of dollars on hearing aids and were not happy with the results.

Why are you yelling at me 10

Posted by SCAT on October 27, 2011

At first when my wife put both of of her Pro Acoustitone Hearing Aid’s in without me knowing I was accused of yelling at her without realizing . So now I ask if she is wearing them . Can’t see if they are in her ears , the tubes are so tiny . Our life for sure has improved thru these Hearing Aid’s . My wife can understand our 5 year old granddaughter much better. We like to thank your company for providing a great product at a reasonable price. UPDATE : 12/3/11 .After seeing on Acoustitones web side that there is a thin tube kit with open air tips available, we ordered it for my wife . My wife say,s that the new kit makes this great product even greater by cutting the back ground noise down some more and also improving the comfort of the fit , because of the added stabilizer fiber for the outer ear .

Everything they say it is! 10

Posted by Bach-Man on October 14, 2011

These hearing “amplifiers” are an excellent product. They perform exactly as represented. Though they are “amplifiers”, NOT hearing aids, they work very nicely as the latter. Bought them for wifey, who has significant hearing loss in both ears. At first, she only wanted one, but I insisted she try two. Needless to say, she is glad she did. The two different adjustable controls enable her to tailor each unit to her specific ear conditions. I must also mention the warranty, which is quite generous, and realistic: the company requires that the purchaser try the product for 45 days BEFORE returning (if one is not satisfied). That allows for time to adjust to the new hearing experience. THEN, the company offers a full refund if not satisfied. How can you lose? Finally, the cost: VERY reasonable! We were considering custom hearing aids, at a cost of some $1,300 EACH; but, for less than $400 for the pair, these units are a BARGAIN—because they do what they say they do!

Excellent support got an extra star 8

Posted by Warner Shows on October 06, 2011

Because of the glowing reviews of this hearing aid, I decided to buy two. The price really low, and most users were happy. At first I was pleased with my purchase, immediately hearing sounds which had long ago deserted me. But after both devices failed, I was not so happy.Pros: Amplified most ordinary sounds adequately.Easy to fit and wear; comfortable.Inexpensive.Cons: Excessive amplification of noise: clanging, ringing, any harsh noise. I was not able to stand wearing them in restaurants, fastfood joints, loud crowds, etc.Cheaply made. One failed after about 6 months (warranty 90 days); the second failed about a month later. I sent the first infor repair/replacement, which was rapid, but cost about $60, including postage both ways.Conclusion: I will likely not send the second failed device in for service. Rather, I will spend more to get a hearing aid or device which (1) has a warranty of at least a year, and (2) one which has some adaptability to various life situations.Update:After my initial review (3 stars), I was contacted by Dr Cherukur of MDHearing about my problem, by email and by phone. The company has since replaced the defective aid at no cost, other than return shipping costs. Dr Cherukur believes the failure of my hearing devices is likely due to humidity. I would suggest that users in humid areas use some sort of drying device, such as a dessicant or heated storage. Some of these dryers are quite inexpensive; some cost too much for these hearing aids. has them.Because of this outstanding personal support, I am adding an extra star to my original review, bringing the new score to 4 stars.

Be careful when cutting the tube & I have questions!! 10

Posted by hong joong kim on September 28, 2011

This is a review and two questions.My review:The manual says to be careful when I cut the tube to fit around the ear. Well…I cut a little too much, and so the tube is too short now. I called the company and explained the situation. The tube kit, which also includes dome-shaped plug, is $25.90 for pair. plus $3.95 S&H. So, be careful when you cut the tube because they don’t sell just the tube.The customer service also said that they sell a thin tube kit, which they say is more invisible, for $34.90. plus $3.95 S&H. I guess this is a must because, although I was impressed with how well it worked, I was a bit disappointed with the size, and how visible it was.My questions:How do I make sure that tubes don’t fall off. When I pull out the plug, the tube often gets disconnected. Is it ok to glue it? That is, I carefully use crazy glue so i don’t clog the tube.Another question is about the setting. H is for those who have sloping hearing loss. But what if I have a little bit of both?I set my volume to about 1 and 1/3 under N. it gets too loud if i set it to 2. So, i guess my hearing loss isn’t that bad. but it gets worse when there are distractions like in outside.Are there many people who switch from N (low pitch) to H (High Pitch, distraction) when they go out in a crowd? And then, back to N when they come indoor?

hearing aid 2

Posted by dave s "dave s" on September 15, 2011

Purchased for my wife. She absolutely could not use. She said it was loud but not necessarily clear and felt like she was listening through a tin can. The item was returned and the vendor customer service was excellent. The purchase price was promptly refunded minus a fee of $5.00 that they said was from Amazon. A call to Amazon customer service ended with a $5 credit to my next purchase. The item was definitely worth trying considering the price. If you follow the return policy you will have no trouble with a refund.

great value

Posted by puremusic on September 11, 2011

After two trips to two different audiologist, we knew we would never be able to afford the prices quoted us for hearing aids for my 94 year old Mom. So I went to Amazon, found these hearing aids, ordered two, and saw an amazing difference in her hearing immediately. I relied solely on reviews to determine which hearing aid to purchase and we have not been disappointed. Great product for the money!!

MDHearing Aid saved my a$$ 10

Posted by Gavin Dehler on September 09, 2011

I have been hard of hearing my whole life, “50 %” in each ears was what I was always told and have been wearing aids since I can remember. My parents struggled to find a funding source when I was a child for them, and as an adult I have had to rely on charity from the state or others. That is until now. My 7 year old Siemens digital hearing aid finally died from a little moisture the other day during a rainstorm I was caught in leaving me with a major problem as I work in a customer service oriented sector and am planning to do some extensive traveling soon. Needless to say I am tight on money. I have not searched for hearing aids in many years, so I panicked, thinking I would have to pay thousands for a solution to my hearing problem, and even have to forgo my travels. Thankfully the digital age brought me a solution in the form of and MDHearing Aid.I truly believe that the market is cornered on Hearing Aids and that we have all been ripped for years, this sub-$200 product meets or exceeds all I have worn before it, I can hear things I have not heard in years, on the lowest of settings this Aid provides. The two channel setting also works very well in many situations. This product went far and beyond what I ever expected of it, given its price range.In hard times like these, many are struggling for answers to this very serious hardship, and tho I am not any form of specialist, I would highly suggest this product to anyone.Dont hesitate, just try it. I will be buying a 2nd, the second I have the money.Thank you again MDHearingAid, you saved me!

Better than the expensive spread 10

Posted by Oliver on September 08, 2011

I had a couple of shots at expensive hearing aids. They didn’t fit my ears and so I lost them. While I had them they tethered me to audiologists, because they were not adjustable by the wearer.I can adjust this hearing aid to my specic hearing loss and the circumstances in which I find myself. It comes with several ear pieces, and I found one that stays in my ear. The batteries last forever. I am still on the first one after several weeks. The only downside is that background noise can overwhelm individual speech. I am about to send for a second MD Hearing Aid. As a psychiatrist I find this hearing aid invaluable. It is not invisible, but it is not obtrusive.

They work GREAT! 10

Posted by R. Witham on September 07, 2011

After buying a pair for my mom, we had to buy one more. Not because they don’t work but because the care-givers at where she lives just can’t seem to get the batteries in the proper way. They ended up breaking one of the battery doors because the battery was incerted backward. I know anyone with a hearing problem will be happy with these aids and it sure beats paying thousands of dollars for a pair.


Posted by Ourania's Friend "YoYo" on September 06, 2011

At last - affordable hearing aids! With the economy in its present state, money being very tight, and my $900 aid dead, I was in big trouble. I need two hearing aids, and one died over a year ago. I was limping along on one, but it was difficult, and I would be exhausted at the end of the day from the effort to hear.I purchased the PRO model and was delighted with it! So delighted, I ordered the 2nd one as soon as I could (the coupon that MDHearingAid enclosed for a second purchase covered the cost of shipping). Delivery was really fast, and the 2nd one came within 24 hours! I find them extremely comfortable and light - I was surprised to discover that I experienced no “wind” roaring when walking in the wind outside, no background hissing and it is a blessing to hear through both ears again. The ear piece is comfortable too, and the tubes are almost unnoticable (I have short hair). They are light and easy to wear. Although I miss the custom fit of my “button” model, it is not a problem at all.I am still playing with the H and N settings - I find them both working for me in different situations. I work in a school, which reopens this week, so I know I will be wincing in a noisy auditorium and lunchroom, but I am so grateful to hear again. The only improvement I could see making to this is a phone switch/coil - I would be more than willing to pay a little more for that option.God bless MDHearingAid and God bless Amazon!

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