Product Reviews

Product Reviews

very satisfied

Posted by Bud S. on February 12, 2016

I am very satisfied with my new hearing aid. It is better than I expected. I have been a mail order customer for 20 years. Your aid surpasses any I have worn in hearing, comfort, and usage. Thank you for your attention and expertise.

repeat buyer 9

Posted by David Z on February 11, 2016

I bought a pair of MD Air’s two years ago for my wife and she just loved them. Tonight she took them out for cleaning and battery replacement. Her mixed breed dog seen and grabbed them and chewed them into tiny pieces ,so I am going to be a repeat buyer . :(

very satisfied

Posted by Gerald P. on February 11, 2016

​I ordered the MD Hearing Aid on a trial basis and could not be more satisfied. The cost was manageable and the service exceptional. Thank you again

Excellent 10

Posted by Rita H. on February 10, 2016

To start with I was not very confident that the MD hearing aid is any different or any better then any one I had pryor to the MD one. I was in for a great surprise. It is the best hearing aid I had in years. I’m age 80 with a severe hearing loss, the MD hearing aid- Air is the perfect solution for my condition the reason for is that I can adjust the volume depending on the situation or noise factor.

An Excellent Experience 10

Posted by James V. on February 10, 2016

What a great company. The hearing aid was of professional quality and the user guide was comprehensive and easy to follow. In addition to the prepurchase review of my audiologist report, there was the opportunity to review progress with one of their hearing specialists at any time and they were prompt to address any issues I had. It is a rarity to find a company such as MD these days where you can do business over the internet and know that you have bought a quality product, from a company that practices good customer service and stands behind its product and its terms of sale.

I’m Superman! 10

Posted by Will S. on February 08, 2016

I feel like Superman!

As soon as I put on the VOLT aid, I knew I’d made the right decision. Everything around me sounded great and I was able to focus in on exactly where the sound was coming from. It was hearing like I used to read about in Superman comics. Thank you MDHearingAid!

Now, if I could find something to gives me x-ray vision…

five stars

Posted by Jeannie W. on February 08, 2016

My husband wants to let you know that he is VERY happy with his new hearing aids!! His original ones were $2500 each that our children paid for…these are as good as they were until they bit the dust and it took no time of adjustment. Being on a limited income we are SO thankful that we “took a chance” that turned out to be 5 star!

Gratefully yours

quick and helpful

Posted by David P. on February 08, 2016

I really appreciate your assistance and direction. Your products are tremendous and your support is also excellent.

Amazing Story 10

Posted by Barbara C on February 08, 2016

I bought this hearing Aid for my husband David 11/16. On 2/4/16. David fell into a ditch of water . He was there for over five hours. He was rescued and has returned home. The hearing aid could not be found during that time. Two days later it was found in a mud puddle near the ditch. We put new battery and tubes in it and it works perfectly. This hearing aid has been of great quality and amazing durability, It is great to be alive and hearing with the aid of this device. Thank you so much. I do not believe any other aid could have stood up to such extremes.

I can hear

Posted by Frances B. on February 07, 2016

Wow! I did not have them inserted far enough into the ear canal, and I switched to a closed dome. I can hear the stove beeper! I can hear the heater! Thank you so very much! I cried when I heard these things. Can’t wait to hear the frogs again.

Do not pass up on these Hearing aids 10

Posted by Felix K on February 06, 2016

For my elderly mother, it has always been hard. She has always had trouble hearing.
Unfortunately, we realized it was too expensive to buy new hearing aids from most places we could find.

MDHearingAid Provided the best hearing aid my mother has ever used for much less money than any other hearing aid.

Thank you MDHearingAid for improving my mother’s quality of life at a reasonable price that didn’t break our bank.

Very Pleased 10

Posted by Peggy A. on February 06, 2016

I received my Air Hearing Aids a week ago; and I have been test wearing them since then. I have been wearing hearing aides for some 25 years; and have paid up to $4,000 each for them. I have severe hearing loss; so I was hesitant in buying these hearing aides. I am so pleased with them at the moment. There are things they do not do that my expensive ones did; but the sound quality I am receiving with them for the price, I am very happy. For us seniors that are no longer working and cannot afford those expensive hearing aides; I strongly recommend these hearing aides. My family is not repeating every other word to me and I am not so tensed. Thank you

Initial impression of new hearing aids 10

Posted by Ed S. on February 06, 2016

I’m very satisfied with my new hearing aids. I have worn hearing aids in the past that were of limited value and cost significantly more money. For the first time in several years I am hearing conversations without a strain.

no guessing

Posted by Terry W. on February 02, 2016

I will just say I am bragging up your product. It works great and I can watch TV again without trying to guess what’s going on.

couldn’t be more satisfied

Posted by Terin S. on February 01, 2016

I want to let you know I am really loving my new Fit Hearing Aid! I couldn’t be more satisfied! I have it paired with an MD AIR placed in my better hearing ear.

I had lost the AIR mate the week before Thanksgiving. I was miserable. But together, these two different hearing aids seem to be working great. I adapted quickly to most scenarios. Well yes, it is small. I call it my shrimp. Every time I see the picture on the navy blue box, that is what it reminds me of. Cute.

I do hear much better with the FIT hearing aid definitely. Others can tell the improvement too! What a relief! Thank you Thank you all

very helpful and professional

Posted by Marjorie C. on January 31, 2016

I purchased the AIR hearing aids today. Your Customer Service Agent was wonderful and answered all my questions and processed the sale for me. She was friendly, knew her product, and conducted our transaction in a professional manner. Extremely satisfied with MDHearingAid Support staff…5 stars.

Great product ... unbelievable performance !!! 10

Posted by Fred S. on January 31, 2016

Information on your website suggested that it could take up to 21 days to acclimate to this aid and realize reasonable performance. It’s been perfect from the first minute of using it.
I ordered in the late afternoon 1/22/16 ... it was delivered on the morning of the 28th ... WOW !!
I have already recommended the Pro Aid to a cousin and will continue to praise and recommend to all i know who have hearing issues . Thanks MDHearing for a great affordable product !!

Incredible 10

Posted by Christi on January 29, 2016

My mom has significant hearing loss from chemo-therapy. She paid about $3000.00 for her original hearing aids. They were horrible! She was elated when she put these in her ears. She could hear us speak in a normal tone and she could hear on the phone! Thank you for making such an affordable and incredible product!

Happy as a clam

Posted by Ronald G on January 28, 2016

Happy as a clam with my new AIR device. Best of all I’ve had from MDHearingAid

working great

Posted by Otis H. on January 27, 2016

working great - love them- hopefully they’ll continue for a long time

quite pleased

Posted by John M. on January 27, 2016

I am hearing much better and am quite pleased with my purchase. I would certainly recommend your product as a reasonably priced quality device. We’ll see how things go in the weeks to come. I like that you checked up on me.

WOW! 10

Posted by L. T. on January 26, 2016

I am a return customer. My first pair of MD hearing aids were the Pro. Have had them for about three or four years. Very good equipment. But as they got older they became a bit uncomfortable to wear and a bit tired from age ( and many rounds of golf) I just upgraded to the Air and have to tell you BRAVO!. What a huge difference in performance and hearing . I sometimes have to check to see if I have them on and if I am wearing them. The improvement in sound quality is astounding. Light weight, easy to learn to operate and sound is very natural. I am very pleased to own the MDAir


Posted by DON on January 25, 2016

I don’t normally write reviews but I had to make an exception after receiving my MD AIR hearing aids. Last Tuesday my hearing aids were delivered on time and after reading material I tried them on, must admit it was awkward the first time,the size was much smaller than I anticipated. Finally got them on and was thoroughly amazed, sounds I hadn’t heard in years came bouncing at me. Having never worn hearing aids before I had nothing to compare them to. Received test and prices from hearing centers $4.000 to $5.000 then finding MD hearing on the internet, seeing the price and guarantee it was a no brainer. Couldn’t be happier.

thanks for your support

Posted by Kimla B on January 24, 2016

​I wanted to thank you again for all your support in helping me fit my 91 year old mother’s MDHearing aid. Fitting her was difficult but not worth paying an audiologist $5000 to fit her.

The device fitting behind her ear is pure genius. The individual volume controls and three rooms settings, as well as no electronics being exposed to corrosive in-ear moisture. THANK YOU for offering an affordable product that not only helps hearing but also keeps the mind running better. My next set of aids will definitely be ordered from you.

I am happy

Posted by William R. on January 24, 2016

Thank you for the follow-up email. I started wearing them as soon as I had read the owner’s manual (easy to follow instructions). I only wore them the first couple of days in the evening watching TV. Then I tried wearing them when I went out and drove to the grocery store. I have also tried them at a movie night with my grandsons (had to turn them off because the volume was so high on the movie). They have allowed me to hear my wife much better. Now she needs to stop yelling to me - it hurts. Needless to say, I am very happy so far. They are smaller and lighter than expected (that’s a good thing) and are easier to wear, even with my glasses. I am happy that I chose the AIRs above many others I researched. Thank you

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