Product Reviews

Product Reviews

Doing Great

Posted by Sidney K. on August 26, 2016

Was able to hear and understand my first church sermon in years. Doing great so far.

Completely effective 10

Posted by James S on August 26, 2016

I am an instrumental conductor, and noticed that I could barely hear piccolo and high violin. I bought the AIR after my previous pair ($6500) quit working. The AIR is as good or better. The three settings allow me to compensate high frequency loss, noisy situations, and voice articulations. They are worth the money several times over.

Good 6

Posted by Della on August 25, 2016

They are good, but in noisy situations they don’t help. The ear domes are no good, so I got custom earmolds from a professional. That helped a lot. They’re not great, but they are helpful in quiet situations.

better than my expensive pair

Posted by Hammond C on August 24, 2016

Couldn’t be happier. Had a previous pair of hearing aids which had programming via cell phone and much more elaborate. Lost one of the pair and my other “still insured one” proved to be non functional. Was sort of wedded to the half cost set but during the delay of getting the first one fixed and the second one displaced, I sent off for mdhearingaid devices. In short, the expensive set is the backup for my mdhearing aids- had no trouble at all and really like the on-off button and the H designation as I have high frequency hearing issue. I did not have a moments problem with the new units. Thanks for a great product

Excellent product 10

Posted by Rita H on August 24, 2016

I bought the MD hearing Aid -Air in January 2016. I’m 80 years old I have severe hearing loss and I can only say that I’m extremely satisfied with this product. I have read many reviews and cannot understand what the problem is no product is perfect because everybody’s hearing loss is different. Mine is severe and I would recommend this hearing aid to anybody with severe hearing loss

the crickets are back

Posted by Dean D. on August 13, 2016

I have used your pro hearing aids for many months and decided recently to try the AIR version. Fantastic! The comfort tips are so comfortable I forget that I am wearing them and the quality of sound is excellent. Many years ago I noticed that crickets in our back yard had gradually disappeared. Oddly enough, they returned as soon as I started wearing your hearing aids. It is great to hear everything so much better now. Your customer service is also one of the best I have experienced. Thanks for offering such value in hearing aids.


Posted by Michael N. on August 12, 2016

My first reaction is one of delight. This is day two and your hearing aids are as good as my previous pair that cost me over $6000 Australian.

A Happy husband 10

Posted by Darlene W. on August 07, 2016

We were, of course, hoping that your product would work, but we were not holding our breath. I could not believe that they were everything that your advertisement promised. The look on my husband’s face when he heard the birds in our back yard singing for the first time in years was priceless. I would advise anyone who has trouble with their hearing to try your product. I have already told a number of people about your product. Thanks for giving my husband his hearing back.

wonderful product, wonderful company

Posted by Katy P. on August 06, 2016

Thank you so much, MDHearingAid team, for making such an affordable and easy to use product, and then following up with such kindness to boot! What a wonderful company of people you must be! So far, so good, but with your lovely email inquiry to check up on me, I feel even better, as I know if and when questions arise, I can ask you. What a remarkable company!

these really work 10

Posted by Brendan A. on August 06, 2016

Thanks. Very happy with the aids and support material. 5 stars. Affordable.

These are a Lifesaver!

Posted by Aimee G. on August 04, 2016

Thank you for touching base about the hearing aids. I bought these hearing aids for my father who is 90 years old. He has worn hearing aids before, the kind that fit inside the ear canal, but has lost several pairs. I wanted to get him a hearing aid that fits outside the ear so he would have less trouble with it.

He loves the hearing aids, they work very well and I especially appreciate the price. It’s very reasonable. And if he loses these, I could afford to buy him another pair.

He has lost 85% of his hearing and these hearing aids are a lifesaver. He is very happy with them.

FIT is the Best Hearing Aid Ever! 10

Posted by Marie A. on August 03, 2016

We just purchased the FIT and it is the best hearing aid ever! My husband has spent thousands of dollars on hearing aids that DO NOT WORK! We finally found hearing aids that do no block his ear canal and FIT just to the opening of his ear canal that work. He can hear me and others and is no longer suffering from blocked ears with traditional hearing aids which made him feel like he was in a tunnel. We have had no disagreements over what was said because he can hear me and others. It makes me want to cry…that he can HEAR WITH THE MD hearing aid FIT. But now that we found what works for him, we are sad to learn that they are no longer selling this style of hearing aid…it has been discontinued. We are truly upset by this because we thought we finally found a solution to his hearing loss difficulty forever. Please MD Hearing Aid company consider making another type hearing aid that can be used with or without the comfort tips which block the ear canal. It is sad that you had a wonderful hearing aid, FIT, and now it is no longer available!

dependable and affordable

Posted by Richard K on August 02, 2016

I will continue to recommend your company to friends and family. You are a reliable and professional company whose products are dependable and affordable. Thank you for the excellence


Posted by Dorothy B on July 29, 2016

We received the hearing aides l ordered my husband last week. He is very impressed and has worn them ever since they arrived. We have bragged about them so much that family and friends have asked about where they could get a pair.

Happy, happy! 9

Posted by J. Smith on July 21, 2016

After trying two expensive sets of hearing aids, these work better than those did. I hear better with these MD Hearing Aids than either of the others. Thank you for making affordable aids.

Received and wearing

Posted by Mike R. on July 20, 2016

I just received my hearing aids from you guys and I am ecstatic! I was fitted for 2 hearing aids a few months back and was amazed by what I was missing and then I heard the price, $4500 for a set (something I wish I didn’t hear lol) I couldn’t get them out fast enough! I said to my wife “Looks like you’ll be hearing what for a while if that’s the price of hearing.” Now I have these and I am already so impressed. They sound as good or better than the original pair I tried! Thanks so much for offering an affordable solution to hearing loss that will put those “Big Guys” to shame.

Superb product, superb company, unquestioned value 10

Posted by David S., Ph.D. on July 19, 2016

I have worn a pair of AIRs for over two years. They are magnificent. As a musician, professional educator, and passionate theater goer, I know that these instruments’ accuracy and reliability have made an enormous difference in the quality of my life. Your customer relations department is caring, individualized, and responsive. MD Hearing Aid is performing an invaluable service. To quote Mr. Spock, may your company “live long and prosper!”

I like them better

Posted by George D on July 19, 2016

I have been wearing them at least four to six hours. I do not wear them when working in noisy places yet, I’m still trying different settings. Nice. better than the in-canal aids I had a decade ago and lost one, broke the other. I will try to take better care of these. I like their storage container THANK YOU.

100% improvement

Posted by James W. on July 18, 2016

I must say that the new hearing aids are a 100 percent improvement over the old ones. I do have tinnitus that is as loud as normal conversation and have had it for 35 years. With these, the background noise stays in the background and I can usually follow a conversation most of the time if they are not speaking too fast when the words all run together and turn into just noise. Also want to thank you for the prompt service.

no repeating

Posted by Mary B. on July 16, 2016

Dear MD HearingAid People.

I purchased the MD Hearing Aid PRO for my husband. They’re so much better than his old ones, much lighter, easy to adjust and he doesn’t feel like his ears are plugged.
They’ve helped me too so I don’t have to repeat everything and, they’ve saved my hearing by not having the radio and TV blaring so loud. We really are pleased. I’m so glad I found your ad in the Guidepost magazine and took a chance on you.

what a difference

Posted by Patricia G on July 15, 2016

I have been very pleased with the hearing aids. They make such a difference in my life. I hear sounds that I never heard before. I hated to admit that I needed them. I would recommend them to anyone.

Better than the expensive ones 10

Posted by Nina R. on July 11, 2016

Just wanted to write and thank you for the hearing aid. My mom was one of those people that spent $7,000 and right before we went on vacation she lost both of them so we ordered one from you. From the instant she put it in her ear, it was wonderful and she said it worked even better than the expensive ones. Can’t thank you enough - you saved our vacation!!!!

Great 9

Posted by Charles F on July 11, 2016

What a great surprise!!! These are more then worth the money. I haven’t been able to hear for a long time {except when my wife shouted lol) It’s a pleasure to hear to birds sing again and be able to turn down the TV. Highly recommend these

Blown Away 10

Posted by Gerald K on July 10, 2016

I am absolutely amazed. I have spent way more for hearing aids in the past and none of them compare to my VOLT. I have to tell my friends not to yell at me. My wife cannot believe it.
In the past even with my old hearing aids I would need the TV volume at 18 and she has it at 8. Well I can hear just fine with it set at 8. Never would have believed it. I am hearing sounds from creaking floors to switches being turned on and off that she said she could hear and I had my doubts. I CAN HEAR AGAIN.

Customer support 10

Posted by David on July 07, 2016

Had a issue with hearing aid function. Customer support took care of it right away.

Nice to see there are companies that still give great service.

5 Star Rating

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