Product Reviews

Product Reviews

Mind Blowing Sensational 10

Posted by John B. Mendolusky on February 08, 2012

I purchased my first pair of real hearing aids nearly 9 years ago. The cost was $5000 for the pair.I’ve just bought the the MDHearingAid Pro package. Less than a 1/10 of what I paid almost 9 years ago for high end hearing aids.The Pro arrived within 5 days including Sat. and Sun. I am usually given to fits of logorrhea, but I am a loss for words at the superior quality of workmanship and the truly amazing performance of these instruments.My original plans were to purchase the MDhearingAids as a stop gap while saving for a pair of new “high end” hearing aids and then to have the MDs as a back up. I see absolutely no need whatsoever to blow $4000 to $5000 on “high end” aids,now! If you think sliced bread was great, just wait until you experience the quality and performance of the MDHearingAid Pro hearing aids.

Experienced Hearing Aid User 10

Posted by JP on February 07, 2012

I purchased my first set of hearing aids in January 2004. At that time I was diagnosed with “moderate hearing loss” and paid $4,000 for two hearing aids recommended by my physician and audiologist. Since that time my hearing has become progessively worse. I was at the point where my original hearing aids could not be programed to work with the hearing loss I was experiencing. I received a quote of $6,000 for new hearing aids, again with no guarantee that they would provide the hearing assistance I was seeking. I was told I have only 85% comprehension even at corrected hearing levels. When reading the reviews and the money back guarantee of the MD Acoustitone PRO I decided to try two of these hearing aids to see if they would help. I received the hearing aids about three weeks ago. I have used them daily, normally 14 - 16 hours per day. I am hearing better than I ever did with my $4,000 aids, and with the volume control and selection of tips I can adjust these so that I am able to hear much of what I have been missing in the past several years. As an added benefit, my $4,000 hearing aids would require new batteries every 3 - 4 days. I have been wearing these MD Acousittone Pros for almost three weeks and am still on the original pair of batteries! I strongly recommend that if you are a current hearing aid user or if you feel that hearing aids will benefit your life try the MD Hearing Aids. For a comparison, most audiologists will offer a 30 day trial on their aids. Try a pair of expensive aids and compare to the MDs. I would bet that you will agree with me that the MD are not perfect, but are every bit as good as if not better than the more expensive hearing aids.

Such a Deal 9

Posted by Dave Olson on February 03, 2012

I have now had my Acoustitone PRO’s for a week. It took a few days to get used to them, find the right settings etc. I teach part time at the local Community College. I can now hear my students when they have comments! My wife is no longer mumbling…..can’t beat these for this or any price!

Very surprisingly satisfied 9

Posted by James Davidson on February 01, 2012

I have to say that when I first came across this website I was very sceptical because when something sounds too good to be true it usually is. However I took the plunge and bought a pair and I am blown away by how wonderful they have been. I didn’t realise that the World was so full of interesting sounds!I have been buying off the local Audiologist since 1997, and can only say that the previous well known brand which cost me thousands has just been a big rip-off! Thank you to MD Hearing and keep up the good work!! I will talk to anyone who needs more information.

Thank You! 5

Posted by DJDStoner on February 01, 2012

Cannot thank you enough. I was diagnosed with “significant hearing loss for my age” andfitted for hearing aids. When the audiologist quoted me a price, even though the units were returnable on a trial basis, I was scared to spend so much money on something I many not like or lose, so I never got them. After reading about your product and user reviews on the internet, I decided to give one a try since the price was so affordable. The first day I got the Acoustitone Pro I heard more than I’ve heard in 10 years. I love my new hearing aid and just ordered another for my other ear. Thank you for giving me back my hearing!


Posted by TAMMY on January 30, 2012


Tried and True 5

Posted by tammy on January 18, 2012

I have lived with hearing loss the majority of my life and have learned to adapt with some non productive ways since I could not afford hearing aids. I have been tested by an audiologist to show moderate to severe hearing loss. When I had seen the advertisement for Md Hearing aid of course I was skeptical to say the least. But I had nothing to lose to try the product. After all, Being backed up against the wall financially and having hearing problems effecting my quality of life with employment opportunities and socially etc, I needed something to work. I am happy to report that the Md hearing aid pro worked beautifully for me and gave me more than I had hoped for. I probably sound like an advertisement, but inside I just feel grateful that I can hear better again. My family loves it too, especially since they can now talk to me while they are in the other room. Thank you Md Hearing for developing this hearing aid for people like me who just cannot afford to miss out anymore on life and the beauty of hearing.

Acoustitone Pro Review 10

Posted by Ray B. on January 17, 2012

The only way you will beat these aides is go purchase a $5,000 set but then you wouldn’t be here looking at aides in the first place, right? I even purchased an additional set for backup. Divide $5,000 by $179.00 .......hmmm makes sense.

Thank you SO much 10

Posted by Mike on January 14, 2012

Wow, I hadn’t realized how bad I was. After wearing them a while I retreated to my quiet world to read and the silence in comparison is almost oppressive. I heard my grand daughter without saying “what” a half dozen times, and that alone is worth it…..Thank you so much for these

Extremely Satisfied 10

Posted by Hawkslayer on January 01, 2012

I bought my Acoustitone PRO on the internet.It arrived yesterday, New Years Eve morning and so I slipped it in was amazed by the quality of the sound. I had used the Songbird Ultra product before and the PRO outshone it totally.To cut a long story short, it was New Year’s eve and I was attending a party. In the noisy environment of my friends home, with dozens of people talking at the same time, the PRO performed impeccably. I can assure you I will purchase my next hearing aid from your company. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!

short and sweet: 10

Posted by Gerald Bertoni on December 30, 2011

Have had hearing aids from $3000 to $30; the Acoustitone PRO is the best! Just ordered another. Try it, you’ll like it!

Thanks for giving me back my life! 10

Posted by Sherri Humphries on December 27, 2011

Recv’d as a Christmas gift from my hubby-the most wonderful gift in the world! Using the thin tube with dome with air holes. I can’t even tell you how wonderful it was to sit at the dinner table with our kids and grand-kids and be a PART of the conversation without having to keep saying

The Best Hearing Aid 10

Posted by Edward P Sawey on December 21, 2011

I have use several hearing aids. This hearing is fantastic. The clarity,the comfort which is very important,is very helpful. Your aid is all that you advertised and then some. It is the best aid that I have ever used at any price. Keep up the help that you do for all of us.Thank You,Edward P Sawey

Happy to hear again!! 10

Posted by Yvonne V. Galaz on December 08, 2011

I recently purchased the Pro and have noticed a considerable improvement in my severe loss in my left ear. I was going to purchase a Siemens ear piece at the price of $1500-$2500. I could hadly afford that. But fortunately I came across MD Pro and could not help but try it. I give it ****** 6 stars for being so well made and so useful. to my ear and my budget. Thank you MD Pro.

Superb 10

Posted by john ross on December 04, 2011

I have never had a hearing aid that was so clear great sound no static. They really perform better than my other set that cost me over $3000.00. I can’t say enough for them. The sales person was so helpful ,and truthful. I’m totally amazed! THANKS JOHN

Should have gotten them sooner! 10

Posted by Mike W. on November 15, 2011

I never thought my hearing was so bad. Thanks to “MDHearingAid PRO” I know what I was missing! Using them with the phone (land line & cell), corded and bluetooth headsets and sterio headsets were what was holding me back from buying hearingaids. What a fool I was, a slight adjustment of the volume and so far no trouble at all! (I can even here my wife) Note: This is one of the best investments I have made in years and there should be 10 stars not just 5!!!

No more HUH’s!!! 10

Posted by Lois M. on November 10, 2011

Fast shipping~Great communication~Thanks!! No more HUH’s!!!

Great product 10

Posted by Schiff on November 05, 2011

I have a mild to moderate hearing loss in both ears. I have paid $4,000 for top of the line hearing aids and could not wear them because they were uncomfortable and did not improve my quality of hearing or life. I have not worn aids for years due to this problem and the expense of purchasing new ones. I began wearing one Acoustitone Pro and just ordered another. It is a fantastic hearing aid. I can sit in a restaurant and not be bothered by the noise around me, while hearing what everyone at the table is saying. The shipping and customer service was excellent.

Unbelievable 10

Posted by Bob Farrar on November 01, 2011

In 2008, purchased a pair of Beltone hearing aids).Never was able to get them to work,after multible fittings and meeting, Now they are here at home in A box - Approximatly $3,000. In 2010 purchased a pair of Miracle Ears and after 1 Year of fitting,and 3 sets of Miracal Ear aids they too are in the box with the Beltones. Aproximatly $5,000.00. There are No Bells TONEING OR EAR MIRACLE HERE.ABOUT 1 MONTH AGO SAW ADD FOR ACOUSTITONE PRO’s,PURCHACED,RECIEVED IN 3 DAYS.HAD WORKING IN 1 HOUR $350.OO THANK YOU MDHEARINGAID. I CAN HEAR AGAIN

I’ve told a bunch of people! 10

Posted by Susan Tucker on October 16, 2011

I just wanted you to know that I bought a pair of your hearing aids about 5 months ago. They work better than a pair I paid $3600 for. My mother, who is 79 came to visit recently and tried my hearing aids. She said they worked better than her set that cost her $1500. She asked me to order her a pair and she loves them. She has now let two other elderly people try her hearing aids and I am now ordering pairs for them as well. Thank you for making such an affordable and quality product!!I am recommending them to my friends as well!

Worth the money 8

Posted by S.Lee on October 07, 2011

I bought 2 for spouse and then convinced Mom to get one. They may not work for all problems but they work for us. Batteries last over 2 weeks, even with constant use. Worth the money,no problems with the order. Will use this company again, if needed.

A Great Low Cost Hearing Aid 10

Posted by Walter Doelz on October 04, 2011

I recently purchased 2 of your Pro Hearing Aids and I have to say they are exceptional buys. The performance is excellent, the price is great, and handling with my 83 year old clumsy hands is easy. I would highly recommend this hearing aid to anyone.I’m just happy I found you.

5 Star - As good as $7000 aids 10

Posted by Len Rhodes on October 04, 2011

I have two of these for over a year now. The hubby has one as his right ear is completely deaf (nothing moves in the inner ear). I wear mine all day and they work super. I had a $7000 set of another brand from Miracle Ear and even though they digitally adjusted them every 6 months or so, they never sounded any better than these.


Posted by NARINEH M on September 30, 2011

I purchased the PRO for my Dad. He was not using the fit-inside-the-ear hearing aid he had received through his insurance because it was making bothersome noises (as he put it). He was especially unhappy with the noises it made during eating. He is very happy with the PRO, so much so that he keeps telling friends and family about it. He told me that I gave him back the gift of hearing! Well I did have my part in it (by doing some internet research before buying a simple sound amplifying hearing aid)but the real credit goes to the makers. Thank you PRO. PS:By the way his advertising has already paid off for the makers (his cousin has bought one), so I am thinking I need to contact the makers and ask them to start giving my Dad commission!

Saved $2100! 10

Posted by Robert on September 26, 2011

I was tested by a major hearing aid co.They said I needed two aids at a discounted price of $2400 ea.So I ordered one Acoustitone PRO and tried it for about 5 days and it was great so I ordered a second one.I’ve used them for approx. 2 weeks now and I am very happy with them and so are the people who talk to me.

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