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doesn’t work with my tinnitus

Posted by Lonnie R. on May 06, 2015

I am returning this product as it doesn’t help with hearing people talking directly to me. I can hear, somewhat, background noises better but not someone right in front of me. Due to my severe tinnitus, I don’t believe any hearing aid is going to help me. However, I would like to note that I would recommend this product to someone with normal hearing loss as I do believe it would help them greatly.

Experienced Hearing Aid Wearer Makes the Switch to MDHearing Aids 8

Posted by Ann J. on April 30, 2015

I had been wearing Costco brand hearing aids for five years. After a seven month trip around the world, some of it spent in a tent, my hearing aids began to suffer from humidity problems. I began to look at what Costco had to offer when my husband handed me an MDHearingAid ad. I figured I could get a full refund if they didn’t work and the cost differential between MDHearingAids and Costco was significant enough to give it a try. I have to say I was very skeptical from the get go. But then the MDHearingAids (Air) arrived. I was able to try them in direct comparison to my Costco hearing aids that I had recently cleaned and reprogrammed for my hearing loss changes. Here is what I found: In the positive column for the MDHearingAids: Cost, clarity of sound in normal circumstances, ability to adjust volume on the individual hearing aid itself instead of using a remote control, comfort of ear tube, bluetooth program, batteries that last two weeks instead of one. In the positive column for Costco brand: better colors and smaller size, less feedback at higher volumes, a surround sound setting that is better in concert settings. I am able to afford either brand, but in assessing the pros and cons I chose to keep my MDHearingAids. I find in particular the ability to change volume on the hearing aid itself to be the most important element after clarity of sound.

But the reality is hearing aids should not cost more than an iPhone. I am happy to see some competition in the market but I am now waiting for there to be hip hearing aids at an even better price. But shame on you MDHearingAid, replacement tubes and ear domes should not cost 19.95!

This is awesome 10

Posted by Douglas B on April 29, 2015

I can not say enough about the AIR plus hearing aids . I could not even believe how much I can hear now after getting the $699.00 hearing aids . I could not hear at all for years . I decided to try these and WOW what a difference they have made for me . When one of my friends discovered that I could hear so well, he decided to order them too.. I would rate them a 15 plus .. I wear them every single day .

Thank you

Posted by Robert J. on April 28, 2015

Thank you for your prompt attention and excellent customer service

Love My Hearing Aids 10

Posted by Mary D. on April 20, 2015

I meant to write this review months ago but time has gotten away from me. I bought my aids from you last June and love them. They are better than three different sets that cost much more that I had before getting these. I love the way I can adjust them also. Thank you so much.

Awsome.  Way better than I expected and very reasonably priced 10

Posted by Paul R. on April 17, 2015

I am 69 years old and have been wearing hearing aids since about age 40. My last pair of digital hearing aids cost $5,500 and they lasted about 7 years. About 2 years ago I had some problems with them and had both rebuilt by the manufacturer for about $300 each. We recently moved to Haines, Alaska and to see an audiologist we would have to drive to Anchorage (750 miles) or take a 4 hour ferry trip to Juneau and probably spend at least 2 nights in a motel. I am also retired and don’t want to spend $5,000 or $6,000 for hearing aids.

My hearing problem is a precipitous high frequency hearing loss which basically means I have a hard time understanding what people are saying especially if any noise is present.

So, I was looking for an alternative and found these hearing aids in a national magazine I subscribe to. I decided to try them. I figured that even at $700 if they didn’t work, I wasn’t out a lot. The hearing aids arrived a week ago today and I have been wearing them all the time. They are not the same, but the quality is very good and I don’t plan to buy any others. I ended up using the standard tubes and attached these to the custom ear molds I already had and that was way better than the other ear buds. My custom molds have an extra hole to allow normal low frequency sounds to enter the ear which improves my hearing substantially.

I used to need hearing aids because my career was in emergency communications and hearing well was essential. These hearing aids are as good as the digital aids that cost almost 10 times as much.

I am going to order another set so that I have a new spare set.

I am glad I took the chance on the MD Hearing Aid Air.

These are worth every penny and provide more than adequate programming and flexibility.

Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!

incredibly good

Posted by Brian K. on April 14, 2015

I have used hearing aids for several years, but they were deteriorating. So

far, yours are incredibly good, at least as good as the ones I am

replacing, for which I paid well in excess of $2000.

I am so pleased

Posted by Juanita P. on April 10, 2015

​I just wanted you to know how pleased I am with my new MDHearingAid.

My doctor told me he would not advise anyone over 80 to get a hearing aid because they could not adjust to it.

Furthermore, I have one ear that has had surgery twice, and he said it would not help this ear.

Well, he was mistaken. I am 81 years old and have worn these hearing aids without any trouble adjusting to them. I can hear as well out of my left ear (which has had surgery twice) as I can my right.

I am so happy that I can hear things I have not been able to hear. My husband had to turn the TV up real loud for me to hear it and now it is turned up very little.

Thanks so much for making a hearing aid middle class people can afford.

Very pleased with customer service/support 10

Posted by Rich G on April 10, 2015

I ordered these hearing aids for my 88 year old mother. The product was very good, but I had to return because my mother has macular degeneration and she couldn’t see the controls. The good news is that you can really trust that the company stands by the product. I received a prompt and full refund. It is not when everything goes perfectly that you get a good feel for a product or company, but how it goes when it doesn’t work for you. MDHearing passed that test with flying colors ! When it comes time for me to get hearing aids, MDhearing is the first place I plan to look.

I can hear birds chirp

Posted by Euva F. on April 07, 2015

I received my hearing aid on March 28, 2015 and I can not tell you how much it has meant to me. It works just fine. I placed it in my left ear and went on the porch and heard a bird chirp! I haven’t heard that in a very long time. I praised the Lord for the Dr. who invented it.

I can go to church now and hear the whole service. Thanks so much. I have recommended it to our Pastor and our music director. They ordered them last night.

God Bless, keep up the good work.

speedy refund

Posted by Judy S. on April 04, 2015

Thank you so much for being so speedy with the refund.

I don’t believe there is a hearing aid that will help me as I have tried 3 times now.
I do believe that your hearing aids are as good or better than the ones that cost over $5000.
Your little book of instructions was 100 times better than any other instructions I have gotten.
Even though they didn’t help me I would recommend them to anyone needing hearing aids.
My advice, get a hearing test and aid as early as you notice a hearing loss. Waiting only makes it worse.
Again, thank you for everything

5 star customer service

Posted by Carolyn E. on March 31, 2015

One of the main indicators of how good a company is, is how it handles returns. MDHearing gets five stars for outstanding customer service.
You issued a full refund the same day that you received my return. And
the customer service rep I spoke with was very professional and courteous
and made the return very quick and easy.

Beyond a doubt, your company has integrity and great ethics and deserves to be in business.


I bought both AIR and PRO. 10

Posted by Jim Borger on March 26, 2015

I bought the PRO analog set first, my first ever hearing aids, and took a few weeks to figure out the combination of domes and volume to fit my needs. I was very happy with the product so I decided to step up to the digital AIR and give them a try. I can recommend either.

The PRO uses a separate on/off switch, selects two settings also, so you don’t have to adjust the volume every time you put them on. For me I found that on either style I can turn the volume up until I sound as if I’m talking into a barrel and then back down slightly. I place my hand over my ear when I think I have it set properly and if I hear a squeal then I have it too high. The AIR has three programs and the one you want has to be selected every time it is turned on. The on/off and volume control is one control and must be adjusted by pushing a button every time it is turned off. There is a delay of several seconds when the AIR is first turned on and the volume can easily be turned up too much resulting in a loud squeal. It takes a surprisingly small, to me, amount of ear wax to block the tube. The first time I just thought that the battery had died but a new one didn’t help. The enclosed cleaning tool easily fixes that problem. When the battery dies in the PRO it just quits but in the AIR you get three beeps when the battery is getting weak. It will last for several more hours so you have plenty of warning. I alternate the two pairs as the battery needs replacement, about every three weeks for me. Why two pairs? I am on the road a lot and I like my aids so much I want a backup in case something happens to one.

Better than nothing. 7

Posted by Mike C. on March 24, 2015

After several years of avoiding small group meetings. After several years of pretending to know what was said, laughing when others laughed, not knowing what was funny. Being yelled at to “turn that tv down” I had enough. Many of you have gone down this path.
I ordered an AIR. It helps me greatly. I can hear people talk and mostly understand what is said. My big complaint is listening to the tv. I still miss a lot from the tv. TV sounds like I am in a barrel. I can’t get the tv to sound right no matter what I try. My other complaint is sounds in a larger room drowning out a speaker. I hear people behind me making noise, I hear sounds coming from all over and these sounds drown out the speaker.
My last complaint is the batteries that arrived with my AIR were all DOA. None worked. I had to run out and buy batteries that did work so I could try out my AIR.
I now realize I should have bought two. Listening in mono is no fun. However my limited budget didn’t have enough fudge factor for two. My advice to new customers is: BUY TWO.

MDHearingAId response: Thank you for your feedback about your MDHearingAid AIR. We are pleased to learn that it has helped you take part in conversations again. We apologize that you received bad batteries.and will send you replacement batteries for your AIR. Please contact our hearing aid specialists at any time with concerns about how to get the best results from your new hearing aid. They can be reached at 312-219-8422 or email support

Happy customer 10

Posted by Cheryl on March 23, 2015

I was skeptical when I ordered these hearing aids as I had been looking at hearing aids that cost over three times the price. These are wonderful. I did not realize how much I was actually missing until I started wearing these. They will whistle if they are not inserted correctly. They are relatively comfortable. I only wish they were waterproof. Thank you. I am so glad I found these!

awesome devise 10

Posted by Cherry H. on March 21, 2015

I spent $3,000.00 on digital hearing aids. Every time I put them on, the background noise was too high. Even though everything was louder I couldn’t understand the words they were saying on TV. After using them a couple of hours I would take them out because I felt like I was in a loud tunnel and needed relief from the noise. That pattern continued for about 5 years. Then I had a happy accident. I lost them. At first I was devastated to have lost something that cost me 3,000 dollars. I knew I could never replace them now that I am retired I couldn’t afford them again. I thought I would try the MD aids. They had good reviews. They were still pricey but only a fraction of the cost of the ones I got before. The first time I put in the first one I was literally shocked. I could hear the tv and understand what was being said instantly. So I put the other one in and the balance was perfect. Before you go spend thousands of dollars give these a try. You will be glad you did

been loving my aids

Posted by Dr. Kathleen C on March 18, 2015

Been loving my aids. Jumped right into them and wear them all day. Really amazing. Have tried 3 different sized domes, like Little Red Riding Hood, found the one just right. So far so good.

overwhelmed with wonderful aid

Posted by Jo P. on March 15, 2015

I am overwhelmed with this wonderful hearing aid. I adjusted within 2 days. It is the most wonderful thing to be able to watch and hear TV and listen to music. I was at a place that watching TV was a chore. I had CC but could not watch the picture and keep up with the reading, so I mostly gave up. The same with music. I love music, but all I was hearing was bass and rumble. I had a hearing test done and was offered a sale price of $3000, or two for $3200. That was way beyond my means. I was at the place that I was uncomfortable with friends, especially a group. If they laughed, I laughed. If they frowned, I frowned, and so on when actually most of the time I had no idea what they were talking about, and being ashamed of asking “what” and “who” all the time.

I had wanted to buy your aids for over a year, and one day I decided to do it. I want to tell you I am one happy camper. I will be ordering another as soon as possible. I thank you so much for making this hearing aid affordable. I will pass the word along to others.

Bless you for such a great change in my life.

prices can’t be beat

Posted by Carolyn K. on March 15, 2015

I must say, I am very pleased with my purchase, and especially with the wonderful customer service, which to me, and many people, is everything. I believe I’ve communicated with you before, and it has always been a very pleasant experience. You, and everyone at your company that I’ve come in contact with, have been just great, and your prices can’t be beat

They work wonderfully! However… 10

Posted by David N on March 11, 2015

I ran into two issues when I started using my set
First, while going through the adjustment period I was constantly moving through the program options to find suitable settings. The place I work at has an ever changing noise level. I wear glasses. My hair is a little on the long side. Hearing aid - glasses - hair behind the ear. While I am feeling through the layers for the program button I occasionally change the volume. Or did I just imagine I did? I ultimately end up removing the devices to look at the volume switch and then put them back on; hoping that I don’t accidently bump the volume putting them back on. A small addition of an indent to feel the increments on the volume would be absolutely stellar.
My second little problem, and I mention it only because it may help others is, “what is loud? “. I wasn’t sure how to determine what is normal. I resolved that issue by having my sweetheart and kids set the volume on the tv, and then I adjusted my hearing aids to their volume preferences - to set a baseline for myself.
I work around senior citizens daily. I hear constant complaints about hearing aids purchased for thousands of dollars. I also have an aversion to amplifiers. Your product is just amazing right of of the box. So amazing that after the first week we purchased another pair as a gift for a good friend that also thought hearing aids were out of reach. Thank you.

better than $2000 aids

Posted by Joyce C. on March 11, 2015

​I received my MDHearingAid AIRs 5 days ago and I just had to let you know how well pleased I am with them. I have been wearing hearing aids of one kind or another since 1980. The latest being Beltone that cost $200 each, which lasted 2 years and 2 weeks. Made in China and had a warranty of 1 year. They also did not have the quality of hearing I am getting from MD hearing aids. I am totally deaf in my left ear so I gave my left hearing aid to my son who has used hearing aids for 15 years. He said it was the best he has ever used. We have used them at church ad he at work. He plans to order one for his right ear as well. Be sure our friends and acquaintances will hear about MDHearingAId and be given the phone number. Thanks for being so prompt in shipping. I received them 4 days after ordering God bless you for everything.

I’m sorry 10

Posted by Philip W. on March 08, 2015

Sorry… I put them in for the rest of the day when they arrived on Friday… then all day Saturday… then turned the volume up this morning and plan to get used to that (all day)… I’m sorry I couldn’t just do the progressive “wearing” thing… I tend to jump right in… smile

oh… and… and… I’m also sorry .… but… you cannot have them back!

one happy 80 year old… loving my whole new world of sound…. I thank you (and my wife really, really thanks you)


Best Ever 10

Posted by Ken A. on March 07, 2015

I am 85 years old and have spent over $15,000 over the years for suitable aids… all of which had unsolvable problems. Upon the receipt of your aids and using them for the 21 days pus period, my hearing is better than ever in all situations. Other aids I had to frequently adjust to find a comfortable experience. With your aids, the sounds are so natural, I sometimes forget they are there.


Posted by Carolyn T. on February 21, 2015

I actually can’t believe how much I really love these AIR hearing aids. I have needed something for about 5 years now, but just heard so many bad things about how people stopped wearing their expensive, in-the-ear aids because of one reason or another. The cost was so affordable that I figured I would go ahead and try these, and if I didn’t like them, I at least had 45 days to return them. Well, right away, I loved them. I forgot I was wearing them after just a few minutes of wear. The people around me are thrilled that I have stopped saying, “What?” every few minutes. All I can say is don’t wait another day. Just go for it and start enjoying life better.
(Yes, I’m a REAL user and love them THAT much!)

Easy Quick setup-Hearing Great 10

Posted by David J on February 21, 2015

I did not know how much I was not hearing on high pitch sounds . I am using the open ear tubes.In just a few days I can tell the my hearing is better . The price is great for a top of the line product. I was getting pricing from $2500 to $1800 per set for other brand hearing aids.
Thank you

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