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Why did I wait so long to buy?? 10

Posted by John B. on July 15, 2014

Have you ever purchased something, then wonder why you didn’t do it sooner? I have been using this product since mid-March this year. I have known that I had moderate hearing loss, especially higher frequencies, for some time, but hedged on doing anything about it. Finally, in March I purchased the Air - wow! The adjustment time was minimal, and the comfort is excellent. But the resulting boost in my hearing is the amazing part. The are times that I actually turn them down because it is so noisy! I hear speech so much better, from one-on-one to large group (700+) settings. Battery life is great, averaging almost 3 weeks per battery. These aids are one of the bigger life-changing experiences that I have encountered. And, at a price far below any local hearing center. (Not to mention that I am far more satisfied with mine than most people that I have encountered using the center’s products!). Your company is doing a great service to mankind! Thank you!

Superb Customer Service 10

Posted by John B. on July 15, 2014

After owning these aids since March, one of them suddenly developed a circuitry issue, causing it to turn on & off spontaneously. As I work for a supply company doing about $15M a year, I understand that “things happen’. What sets apart a first-class company from the average is how they handle these issues. MDHearingAid is, by far, the finest example of customer service that I have experienced.
I emailed the company upon discovering the problem, and received a detailed reply as to steps to try to fix the unit. Unfortunately, none worked, meaning the unit needed repair. In less than 12 hours upon notifying MDHearingAid about the results, they responded by saying that a new replacement was on its way to me - and to return the defective unit at my convenience. This kind of service is almost unheard of these days - my thanks to you for a fantastic product and even finer customer service!

What a life changer! 10

Posted by Anne W. on July 14, 2014

I have consistently used them for 44 days and I was amazed and very pleased. I never
realized I was missing so many everyday sounds like birds. My husband spent 44 years in
digital communication and he explained that we hear our normal signals in the analog mode.
The MDAir takes the analog signal and converts it to a digital signal, cleaning that signal up
and retransmits a new analog signal to the ear. What a fantastic and inexpensive piece of
technology! The quality of the sound is as good as the expensive models provided by the VA.

Better than the last 2 hearing aids my husband had for the past 8 yrs 10

Posted by jo on July 12, 2014

These hearing aids are better than the $4,000 one he is replacing, what he really likes about them is he can cancel out background noise, previously with his hearing aids the background noise was so loud that he could not hear anyone speaking, he has only had them for a week but so far so good!! he is very happy with them, & happy with the price!!

I’ve got my hearing back!! 10

Posted by Debra B. on June 28, 2014

Great hearing aid! Same type of hearing aid the doctor wanted to sell me, for a pair, at the price of $4400.00. I couldn’t afford that amount without going into more debt. Thank you MDhearing aid for developing a hearing aid that people can afford!!!

Awesome 10

Posted by Michael L. on June 10, 2014

I just recently purchased the MD hearing Aid Air ( for both ears.) First I have to say that I had over ordered and I received a phone call from a representative to let me know that he had canceled my order due my over ordering and will resubmit it with the proper amount. WOW!!! Never in my life have I ever had that happen. I have been wearing my hearing Aids now since April and I cannot tell the difference from the expensive ones I tried on for thousands. People done even notice I am wearing them. Thank you MD Hearing for your Honesty and your product.

Best on the market 10

Posted by Lucky K on May 26, 2014

When I ordered my hearing aid it was so good that I called and told your people that if you could do so good with the PRO, you should design one that is as good as the $2000 to $3000 ones for a fraction of the price. I am so happy that you did - the AIR is as good. You have the best products on the market and I just wanted to say thanks.

Best Retirement Gift I Could Have Received 10

Posted by Mark W. on May 22, 2014

My wife purchased the AIR unknown to me because she knew I would have a fit. I just retired, now she wants me to wear a hearing aid. Maybe she is planning on the cane and rocker for Christmas. After the “send it back” I am not wearing that thing announcement, she ignored my request and it sat in its box on the counter. The intrigue got to me and I examined the appliance. Back in the box it went. This went on until one day when the wife was out I read the instructions and put it in. I must be one lucky son of a gun because I took to it within hours. It is almost impossible that anything like this can be so perfect right out of the box. We were made to think there is some mystery science to these little creatures only left in the hands of professionals which would, of course, then help to justify the ridiculous cost and less than wonderful performance. Yes, the use of this aid has really changed many aspects of my life. I can go to Sunday mass and hear the priest, I can go to the drive through bank and not live in fear of saying yes when I should say no and my greatest joy was being able to drive through Canadian customs and hear the agent in the booth and not seem like an idiot, or the movie theater and a restaurant. This is a true and accurate review of a real life 62 year old baby boomer who refuses to get old. Little did I realize my stubborness was actually making my quality of life much older than it is. Thank you for your research and bringing the product to market. Also thank you for not being just another highly priced manufacturer. You hit the market and the price point dead on for success. Anyone on the fence you are going to be astounded when you get it home. Now remember, I wanted no part of it. Can you imagine for someone who desperately wants assistance and is seeking help. You will be over the top. My AIR is now as much a part of me as my hands and feet. Thank you again.

I Never Buy from Magazine Ads 10

Posted by Paul R on May 19, 2014

I have had hearing aids for nearly 30 years, all fitted by doctors. My last pair cost over $3000 and were getting so uncomfortable I didn’t like wearing them anymore, much to my wife’s irritation. At 78, I couldn’t afford new ones for that money. I looked at MDHearingAid ads for about 3 months and saw I couldn’t lose with their generous offer. I have worn these for a month now, and I hear what I missed for a long time. They are so comfortable I almost wore them into the shower! I love them! They won’t be returned.

Best so far 10

Posted by Janet D on May 18, 2014

I ordered an MDHearingAid AIR on April 14, 2014 after stepping on my left hearing aid and smashing it to pieces. I really did not feel a big loss because it did not fit properly in my ear and when my ears ran fluid due to allergeries it caused problems. I was a little skeptical when I received it as it took me a few days to get a proper fit. This is my fifth hearing aid and the others were a lot more expensive. This one works better than any I have had so far. If my ears run fluid I merely clean off the ear plug part but it doesn’t get inside it and ruin it. Thanks for a great product. I hear words more clearly than ever before.

Wonderful! 10

Posted by Paula K. on May 09, 2014

I have had mild to moderate hearing loss for a number of years. A few years ago I went to an ENT and had my hearing tested. One ear has nerve damage and nothing gets through. He wanted to put me in $7000 (each) hearing aids. I don’t know anyone that can afford that cost, so he told me to go to Radio Shack and buy a $20 amplifier. I lived with my problem until my husband heard about MDHearingAid and told me about them. I was hesitant at first, buying something like this online. I finally ordered a pair in February. I was amazed how well I could hear after I received them. I still couldn’t hear anything in one ear, but I did wear them for a few weeks. I called and requested to return just one and explained the reason. I mailed it back and within a few days of them receiving them, had my credit card refunded. I wouldn’t give the other one back for anything. I didn’t realise how bad my hearing was until I heard it rain. What a wonderful feeling. I like that I have different channels to change to depending on where I am at. I can also put my Bluetooth on over it and still hear ‘outside’ noise.
I chose the AIR because I have small ears and wasn’t disappointed. Nobody knows I have a hearing aid in, nor can you see the piece behind my ear.
I highly recommend these hearing aids. It really did open my world back up.

Great product 10

Posted by C. Englebardt, MD on May 07, 2014

I recently purchased 2 AIRs, after damaging my expensive Siemens hearing aids by forgetting to remove them before entering the shower! They are out for repair and since I really need hearing aids, ordered 2 MDHearingAid AIR aids based upon the excellent reviews and the price, I am extremely impressed and pleased with them. The volume and sound quality is as good as or better than my expensive hearing aids and they are so good that my Siemens aids will be used for backup! Thank you for producing such a fine product and I can recommend them without reservation to anyone who needs hearing aids.

Dogs Tap Dancing 10

Posted by Renee B. on May 06, 2014

I got my AIR’s in March 2014. I’ve had hearing problems and was diagnosed with tinnitus for more than 20 years, however, due to the high cost of hearing aids I was not able to purchase them. I just lived with the problem as did everyone else I had conversations with. That was until I found MDHEARINGAID.COM on the internet. It has changed my life in such a positive way. When the box arrived, I immediately opened it, put on the AIR hearing aids, and immediately heard sounds that I had never (or don’t remember) hearing which I will describe as “dogs tap dancing”. You see, I’d put on the hearing aids for the very 1st time while visiting a close friend who knew about my hearing loss and was as excited as I was to get the hearing aids. My friend has a dog that was walking across her hardwood floors, and to me the sounds of his feet/nails walking across the floor was so clear that it sounded like dogs tap dancing. It made me smile and laugh with complete joy!!! Since that magical day in March, I have not gone a day without my AIR hearing aids. I thought that I’d feel self-conscious about wearing them, but they are discreet. More importantly, I can hear, and I welcome the inquiring minds that want to know about them. I was at a networking meeting, and a guy that I know said he’d noticed that I was wearing them and said he needed hearing aids, too. He’d been quoted over $6K so couldn’t get them. When I told him that #1 I could hear him without asking him to repeat himself over and over again, and that #2 I was able to get my AIRs (a pair) for $800 including warranty, he said he was going to try them, too. I then showed them to a client who also wears hearing aids, but paid $3200 for her pair. Hers are small but more expensive than mine and she does not have the ability to make her own adjustments like I can. She has recommended AIRs to her best friend’s mother who’d stopped socializing because she couldn’t participate in conversations.

I used to have the volume up super high on my TV and also the radio in my car. It’s a wonder that my neighbors haven’t asked me to turn it down. Now I can hear everything loud and clear without the volume turned all the way up. I take my AIRs off only when I’m really ready to go to sleep because if I take them off before I turn the TV off, I can’t hear a thing. It’s quite a dramatic difference that I notice immediately between when the AIRs are on or off. I took them off for an hour while I got a massage and when the therapist was talking to me I must confess I hadn’t heard a thing. I chuckled when she chuckled to pretend I’d heard her (I’m sure you can relate). I got lucky that I hadn’t chuckled inappropriately. There had been times in the life before AIR that I know I answered a question that had not been asked of me or made a comment about something I thought I’d heard. Those days are now gone! I did not experience any adjustment period. After slight assembly, I put them in my ears, and have been EXTREMELY SATISFIED beyond my expectations. I’m using setting #1 almost 100% of the time, and the AIRs perform superbly. Thank You, MDHearingAid!!! I’m another of your raving fans!!! Of course, there’s always just one thing more I’d like which is that a small carrying case be included in the box. I was recently on an airplane for 9 hours and wanted to take my AIRs off (uncommon grin while I took a nap. It would have been nice to have had a case to store them in for situations like this. I put them in my jacket pocket wrapped in tissue to prevent any damage to them, but a case would certainly be a better option.
Parting words… if you or anyone you know is having hearing loss, I strongly recommend trying MDHearingAid. They have a great money-back guarantee, but someone would have to pry them away from me. Life is not the same… it’s better. Just imagine hearing “dogs tap dancing”!!!

Great Product for the Price / Company With Integrity 10

Posted by Brian D. on May 05, 2014

I have known I needed hearing aids for quite a few years but was reluctant to buy them because of the obscene cost. The digital MDHearingAid® AIR aids are a great solution for anyone who has trouble understanding words and conversations at a reasonable cost. As soon as I put them on, I was able to understand my wife without reading her lips, and found out just how many sounds around me I was missing. I was surprised by the natural sound of my own voice and of those speaking. I had expected them to be tinny.

For me, the hearing loss in my one ear was too profound, particularly in the high registers. However, I would expect that for the vast majority of people, these digital AIR’s are a great product and will get them back into participating and understanding conversations around them.

I am impressed with the Company’s integrity in honoring their 100% refund promise if they do not work for you, which they did incredibly fast.

Anyone having difficulty hearing words or considering hearing aids, or just wishing to find a more affordable solution, should not hesitate to buy these. I highly recommend them.

HEW 10

Posted by Harry W on May 04, 2014

I have had hearing problems since my early days in the Air Force. While the problem had been fairly minor until the late 90’s, it was obvious that I needed very much to take corrective actions. Recently the problem has reached the severe level.

After hearing many horror stories about the prices and performance of the so-called professionally prescribed hearing aids, I decided to research the generic approach and came upon MDHearingAid.


I ordered one of the AIR units to try. I had heard that most people required a break-in period for hearing aids, so I was prepared for this. However, it didn’t happen. I received the unit around noon on a Monday. I immediately inserted it and was simply blown away with what it did for my problem. I actually found myself dreading to remove it at midnight when I retired for the nite. This was the story for the next week. I would insert the unit at 8:00 am and remove it at midnight. NO BREAK-IN PERIOD. The hearing quality was amazing.

I immediately ordered the second unit and there is no looking back! I simply cannot believe what the units have done for my problem and I’m completely unaware of them. I’ve caught myself on several occasions almost forgetting to remove them before a shower.

If you are looking for an economical solution for your hearing problem, look no further!

At last, people have stopped whispering! 9

Posted by Dick B on May 02, 2014

Over the years I’ve tried several hearing aids, from $4,000 to $69. None of them were very satisfactory (cost me $400 to return return the expensive set). The MDHearingAid AIR is just wonderful. Easy to use, comfortable, and simple to adjust for volume. I also appreciate the versatility of the various sizes of ear buds that came with the aids, which made it easy to make the adjustments for my ears. I’m so grateful to this company for making such a quality hearing aid that I can afford!

Better than Siemens 301 9

Posted by B de Saint Phalle on April 27, 2014

The MDHearing Aid AIR are much more user friendly than my Siemens 301 because they have a selection of 3 useful programs and a volume control. The sound quality is just as good as the Siemens. My audiologist told me the Siemens were “practically waterproof” so I wore them hiking. My hair would get wet with sweat and the hearing aids would fail - 8 of them failed during the 2 year warranty period and every time I went in they would be reprogrammed so I never knew what to expect. Therefore, I bought MDHearing Aid AIRs which I don’t wear hiking - no failures in 6 months and the volume and program is what I choose. It made me mad and madder to spend so much time in the audiologist’s waiting room. Now I don’t have to take it anymore! Thank you for these hearing aids!

The only reason I didn’t give 5 stars is that the MDHearingAid AIRs are larger and clunkier than the Siemens because they are one size fits all. That is a reasonable compromise that affects only the extremes - I have small ears and ear canals. The other problem is hiking. On a desert hike I halted 2 feet from a Western Diamondback that was coiled up and rattling away. I heard a faint SOMETHING and we’d been warned about the snake, which let me back away slowly, I was lucky. Let’s hope they invent a membrane that passes sound but not water vapor.

Just received my AIR Hearing Aids 10

Posted by Moriah M on April 20, 2014

I received my hearing aids yesterday late afternoon…I was really excited to try them out and also really nervous about this because most of the things I read said it was going to take 21 days to get used to them - I also knew that I have had a hearing problem for years not because I was really bothered by it but because my family told me that I spoke extremely loud - especially on the phone and, of course, the TV is always loud, too. About 6 years ago, I went to a free exam at Miracle Ear and they told me that my hearing loss was due to the three bones in my middle ear that are suppose to vibrate are growing cartilage or something on them that makes them no vibrate as 3 individual bones so I would need to purchase two hearing aids at $6000.00 per ear! Well, Did I tell you at the time I was only 35 years old and just about to get married and could not see spending that much money on my ears. So, they said, I could have a surgery that my health insurance would cover but of course that is not guaranteed…I said no thank you. Then about 2 weeks ago, my mother told me about this MDHearingAid option - I was going to go with the middle priced aid but, after talking to the customer service department - I found out that the difference between the AIR and the other models was that this AIR is a digital hearing aid with 4 settings - I am a Real Estate Agent and also a National Training and Compliance Director so I am on the phone, running webinars and talking to people is a major part of my life - I wanted people to know that I am at my first full day and my investment has already been worth it - I have not had a chance to talk on the phone yet or even use more than the 1st frequency setting which is for quiet, at home but the difference is amazing - It sounds like I have a microphone in my mouth when I talk…LOL so, hence I am no longer talking really loud because I can hear myself just fine. I only have the volume on the a very low setting and it is amazing on how much I can hear! So, even at this point the benefits I have so far is worth my investment - Setting them up and taking care of them is really easy too! My husband was also impressed with the fact that you cannot see them in my ear as you can see from the photo examples - Yeah no one can even tell you have them on! Not that I would care because hearing now is so great!!! Thank you so much MDHearingAid! I can’t wait to try out the other settings and I will be reporting back at my 21 days just to let everyone know how all the other frequencies have helped me too!! So, my suggestion is to not go cheap - go for the AIR!

Life Changing! 10

Posted by Dean G. on April 14, 2014

I am now in the third week of what I refer to as, “Miracle of the Ear.” You will not be asked for a refund at 21 days nor in the 45 day time frame either. This is not a great product, it is a super great piece of technology that is as you presented it. I am testing it under various conditions and exclaim with joy what it has meant as a restored, “hearing again,” life for me.

Please use this reply as you wish, as I hope it might contribute to the happiness of others to the degree your product has contributed to my new life of hearing again.

wearer 10

Posted by Clarence D. on April 13, 2014

I have worn my new AIR’s for three weeks & am very pleased. They are far superior to the brand name (& five times more expensive) ones that I had for the last five years. Ordering was simple, delivery as promised, & packaging perfect. They are indeed the answer for quality & reasonably priced Hearing Aids. Support answered some questions before purchase & since putting them in I have needed none. I am 82 years old & feel confident they will be my source for the future.

Excellent Product 10

Posted by Dennis W. on April 07, 2014

This MDHearingAid AIR is GREAT, I had a $3,300 hearing aid that I was trying for 7 days when I found this one on line for 1/10 of the price, I ordered it figuring I had nothing to lose with your return policy. It has the same 4 presets as the $3,300 hearing aid plus a volume control which the $3,300 one did not have. I received it before my 7 day trial on the other one was up, so I could make a comparison. I am very happy with your product.

Thank You

I can hear things I didn’t before 10

Posted by Yegar L. latham on April 03, 2014

I got mine a couple of weeks ago and I am amazed at the sounds I was missing. I am retired military and knew I needed hearing aids for awhile. I could have gone to VA and got some free, but I didn’t want the hassle and the waiting. My wife has a set that cost over $3000 on sale. I tried hers and I like the AIR far better. I am thankful I found these.

My AIRs are terrific! 10

Posted by Carolyn F on March 31, 2014

I knew that I was having hearing issues, as there has been 5 years of terrible “ear noise” in my right ear (possibly from my battle with Giant Cell Arteritis disease of my head and neck). One day, when the ear noise was not as bad, my husband took me to Sam’s Club to get the hearing test. The audiologist was very helpful and found ways to do the test with me staying in my power wheelchair and accommodating my numb fingers that could not handle the button to tell him when I heard a tone. When I saw the chart of my hearing for both ears, it confirmed that I have some serious hearing issues.
I did have the Sam’s hearing aid in for a short time, and I was amazed at the way I could hear. But, when I saw the prices for the BTE aids, I had to tell the man that we had to think about it. With all the expense of my mobility needs, and other health issues, the cost of their hearing aids would have been a hardship. My husband and I came home and researched on-line to see what other choices might work for me. The MDHearingAid seemed to be the best choice, so the next day we ordered the AIR set. The shipment was quick, and before we knew it, I had the hearing aids in my ears.

My hubby got his hearing aids from the VA some months ago, and he had adjusted so well, that I knew it could be done. He has helped me as needed with installing the AIRs, etc, while I learn everything at my own pace.

I have to say how clear and wonderful the sound is! Everyone sounds just like themselves, and the sound is rich and “normal”. I have been so comfortable with the AIRs, that I have kept them in all day with no problem!

My only problems are with my numb fingers not being able to feel the various knobs. So, I have to set the sound level before the hearing aids are put in, and it did take a while to figure out the best size open domes for my ears. I can now put the hearing aids in for myself, and I am SO thankful to have them!
With my left ear in the high moderate loss level, and my right ear in the severe loss level, I am sure that these hearing aids will serve me well for a long time!
Since the disease in the arteries of my head do cause more sweating, I am careful to keep the unit dry. I also got a jar of hearing aid drying dessicant (with a little screen on top) to lay the hearing aids in at night to ensure that they get very dried out.) I plan to use these hearing aids for a very long time.
What a blessing to have such good quality hearing aids for a price we could afford.

Retired Texas Utilities 8

Posted by Terry C. on March 30, 2014

My first set of hearing aids and I did not realize the sounds I was missing for so long. After the audiology test I was given a price range of 4,200 for the lower set and 7,500 for their top of the line. I found MD hearing on the internet and they looked identical to the set I tried at the clinic, and both aids were only 600. My only complaint is battery life. I am using Rayovac batteries which seems to be a name brand and they will only last 3 days. I hope this improves or I will need roughly 122 batteries in a year. Previous reviews I read on MD Air stated they had batteries in for 3 weeks and still going strong. I do not know if 3 days is typical, or I have a problem

Follow-up to Review March 24 10

Posted by Carla on March 30, 2014

Just a quick follow-up to the review I wrote March 24, 2014. In it, I mentioned that the tubes are a little large for a smaller woman. To my surprise, my phone rang at work and it was a very nice rep from MDHearingAid. He said they had smaller tubes for smaller people, and he mailed them to me which I received on Saturday. They fit correctly. He said if I ever had any problems, to call. It has been a very long time since I received service like that and it tells me they care about the hearing experience of their customers. They WANT you to hear well. Thank you!

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