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A sound investment! 9

Posted by Carla on March 24, 2014

Hearing loss runs in my family and I realized I needed to “do something” about 3 years ago (after fighting many suggestions that my hearing wasn’t good). I was tested (and incurred a 2 stage MRI for some tumor that wasn’t there) and had a moderate to severe loss and was quoted $6,000 which I couldn’t see why Aids should cost this much when everything else in the technology field has decreased in price. I researched on the internet and found MDHearingAid. I started with the PRO and that was helpful in meetings - I could hear and understand clearly the conversation, but it wasn’t as good in crowds or on the phone. A job change required more phone work, so I purchased in January, 2014 the AIR. I found them more comfortable than the PRO and I can pick up and answer the phone, The TV isn’t blasting at home, and I can hear people calling my name as they come down the hall to my office; before, they had to stand in my office because I didn’t hear them coming. I am still getting used to them; I can clearly hear the sermon at church now, but when the organ plays, it’s too loud. In some situations too much is amplified and I struggle to follow the conversation (loud crowded places)but I can tell you honestly things are much better than before I discovered MDHearingAid. I can hear the rain on the roof, and the doorbell; you laugh, but I couldn’t hear these things before. As a petite woman, the ‘AIR’ tubes I think are a little long; they work their way out occasionally but they can’t be trimmed like the ‘PRO’ ones. They are surely worth the price.

MDHearingAid (AIR) 10

Posted by Bernie Z. on March 23, 2014

I am a retired Marine and firearms instructor. I spent a lot of time around crew served weapons, and high caliber rifles, and pistols. The big bangs finally caught me. I went to the VA but found out they did not cover hearing aids. One day I received a VFW magazine and saw these hearing aids (AIR). This price was reasonable compared to other types, so I decided to try a set of these. They definitely made a difference in my hearing. I am quite pleased with them and would recommend them to others.

Awesome 10

Posted by Gary on March 21, 2014

I had Beltone invisa all in the ear hearing aids before, that cost $6200.00. They were custom fitted, I made dozen of trips to the office, to get them to stop whistling, and if I held a phone to my ear they would really whine. I never got the Beltone aid to work properly. After reading many good reviews and doing some research I decided to get the MDHearingAid AIR, after receiving the AIR and getting the right dome in place, for me it is the small solid dome, they are great, with no feedback, sounds are really clear, voices are clear. I can hear sounds I have not heard in years, like wind chimes, running water etc. What amazes me is when someone is talking, I can hear them great, and I can hear the sounds behind them. It is as close to normal hearing that I have ever had, I will recommend these to anyone that needs hearing aids Thanks for providing a great product at a good price, because I could not spend another 4 to 6 thousand on hearing aids and would have just went around saying what did you say. Thanks!

I can hear you now 10

Posted by Joanne Y. on March 20, 2014

I was born with Sensorineural hearing loss and have worn hearing aids all my life. Being British, I started with Analog hearing aids provided by the NHS. These were BTE units, not ideal but they helped me a little. I then transitioned to Digital aids and purchased Widex BTE units for $2,700 a piece (I wear 2) which were great but costly. I later transitioned to ITE Widex for $3,200 a piece. These little guys lasted a good while and I needed to replace both this year. I went to Miracle Ear and was quoted between $7,000 and $9,000 for a set. OUCH. I, like many of you, turned to the Web and found this wonderful site. Like many of you I thought it was too good to be true, however with the money back guarantee I had to try them for myself. They arrived about 2 hours ago and already have made me cry ..... WAIT in a good way !!! I am AMAZED at the clarity, the features and I have to share this…........... I had given up a lot going to ITE aids. I had given up the on/off switch, the volume control and the most important thing was the directional microphone. Today I sat in the lunchroom at work (was so excited to try them I couldn’t wait till I got home) and I heard the tap running as someone washed their dishes, it was so clear, and I knew it was on the left of me and to look that way !!! Hallelujah!!! No-one except people reading these reviews knows that that feels like to suddenly be aware of your surroundings, hear sounds you haven’t heard in years and suddenly feel like the world is back in focus. Granted I have a headache now, because as they say it will take time to get used to this world again, but with perseverance it will all fall into place. To sum it all up STOP READING THE REVIEWS AND ORDER. Haven’t I convinced you? smile I LOVE them.

Great hearing aid 10

Posted by Betty on March 13, 2014

Purchased two AIR models and they are the same quality as my canta brand. They provide as good, if not better, signal and hearing capabilities. Don’t pay for those thousands-of-dollars models, these are better!

great 10

Posted by Hershel T. on March 05, 2014

I ordered and used these for almost a year. Received them, Put them on immediately and didn’t take them off except when going to bed, I wear them every day and appreciate the quality of hearing. They are the first aids I have owned but have tried various brands and they are better than any I tried. Thanks to MDHearingAid!
Highly recommend them to anyone needing hearing aids.

Wahoooooo I can hear 10

Posted by Mary Ellen T. on March 01, 2014

Loss of hearing is a very lonely world.. I received my AIR hearing aids and I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful my life has become… I can hear!!! It’s amazing!!! I had been purchasing from another source (Miracle Ear) at $5,000 each ear. Quite costly and I still wasn’t hearing half of any conversation.. You see you have to update your digitals as you progress in your hearing loss.. It was time to update for another $8,000 and I said enough is enough. I’m thrilled with my hearing aids and don’t miss one word due to them. Kudos to you all. Might add that customer service is wonderful as well.

What a pleasure to hear again 10

Posted by John P. on February 28, 2014

My first hearing aids were an ITE model from Costco that cost almost $2,400 for the pair. The sounds were nothing like it was supposed to be. If I had have been blind folded, I would not have known who was speaking. They were very noisy and it felt like I had something shoved in my ear. I got to the point I would have rather been deaf than wear them. Costco worked very hard to correct the problems but never could. After a lot of frustration I finally gave up on them.

Now, I have finally found a great hearing aid. I bought a model the AIR from MDHearingAid. It has a lot of features I really like. It has 4 programs including one mode for a telecoil. My old hearing aids had a rotary volume control. It was difficult to find and there was nothing on the control wheel to indicate the volume. My new ones have a volume control wheel that has numbers on it to indicate the volume. I can set them to the right number before I insert them. On my old hearing aids I had to open the battery compartment when I took them out at night. My new one (AIR) has an off position on the volume control wheel. The new ones are so comfortable that within 15 minutes I forgot I was wearing them. The sound is great. A person’s voice sounds just like they talk. The instrument is very small and the tubing that does to the dome is so thin it is almost invisible. The tubing takes up so little room my glasses still fit just fine. The cost was under $600 for the pair. You may be skeptical, I know I was, but I had to do something. These hearing aids are GREAT. The instruction book was well written and easy to understand. There were detailed instructions and pictures showing exactly how each step of the fitting and assembly looked. They include a phone number to call if you have a question, but I didn’t need it. I am telling everyone I know about the MDHearingAid. One of the best investments I have ever made.

A miracle to me 10

Posted by T on February 28, 2014

I had lost 60 % of my higher hearing due to noise pollution at work 3 years ago. I was told by the audiologist that just one hearing aid to return some of the hearing was going to cost $10,000.00. As you can imagine, now that I was out of work and no hearing of human voices, I had no hope.

I am just now 43 years old. This was not due to concerts or long term exposure to noisy events, but a work related issue. No ear protection working near a industrial fan for 2 years did this. I didn’t notice the loss even though others around me did. My television went from a volume of 10 to a volume of 50 and the TV set only went to 60. I still could not hear and turned on the closed captioning. What I could hear was background noise. I could hear traffic, machinery refrigerators, but not people. They always mumbled. I could no longer hear music right, it was tin in my ears. The incessant ringing in my head did not help matters. I became grumpy, turned the television off when I was home, no radio, no music and avoided people. My world become just reading and applying for jobs. Then I began researching hearing aids. For 3 long years I came up with nothing that would work for me or was affordable since insurance will not cover the cost. I won’t go into the drama life became or how I felt I let everyone in my family down. I hate having to say, “I am sorry, I can’t hear you. Can you repeat that?” over and over again.

Now I stumbled on an article on MDHearingAid and I went hmmm of another scam I am sure. The last one was the sound amplifiers that made only the background noise doable and sadly brought my hearing loss up to 80 percent, or at least that is what the audiogram says from the latest testing of my hearing. Now with this last test, the price for the hearing aids which are digital and can hook up to bluetooth items (not going to name names) I was quoted at $7000.00 for one hearing aid. That is $3000.00 less three years later. As you can imagine, I was desperate, so I said, “well, one more shot, one more try, then I will accept I will not hear again.” Now I would like to say I bought these immediately, but in all honesty, I researched this company, the creator’s story and everything I could find out about these hearing aids. I took my time before plunking down $699.99 for 2 MDHearingAid AIRs .

I immediately opened the box, read the manual, and made sure I understood how to use them. Then I did not tell anyone I had them, smiles. The ones that made my hearing worse were very obvious, these are practically invisible. What shocked and amazed me was I heard my phone ring for the first time in 3 years and I answered it! I had a 1 hour long conversation with a good friend and at the end she said ” Oh My Freaking god! You did not ask me to repeat myself one time. What happened?“ That is when I told her about the MD Hearing Aids. I, of course, cried at that point. This is the first time I really heard my own voice in a long time. I did not sound muffled in a tunnel a block away. Plus, she sounded almost like I remembered her sounding. She is getting these for her Dad now. This is a miracle for me. After just one week I am relearning what things sound like ie. running water, creaky floors, water dripping, my cat drinking from her water bowl and crumpling up trash. I will not say these sound like they did before. I am not going to lie. However they are as close as you can get without regrowing a new set of ears, in my opinion. My family is ecstatic over me hearing and telling them they no longer need to shout at me. I even tell my husband to turn down his computer it is to loud. I am sure there is more to relearn but I have had them for only a week. I have them on the 3rd setting for everything. It really reduces the back ground noise for me and I can use my cell phone, no problem. Every night I take them off and open the battery casing. This just makes sense to me to conserve the battery power, but in doing that I have to reset the settings, but it is my ritual and works for me. Thank you, Dr. Sreekant Cherukuri and all the wonderful people who answered my questions before I would purchase. I think I became a spokesperson for you guys and have sent several people your way. :-D

Couldn’t be happier 10

Posted by Martin P on February 21, 2014

I originally replaced my old hearing aids that cost $2700 dollars with the MDHearing Aid PRO and was very pleased with the product. A year later when the AIR came out I bought a pair of them and was even more pleased with the AIR. Not only did both sets cost me less than the $2700 dollar Costco hearing aids they worked every bit as well or better. I am amazed at how long the batteries last. I recommended them to my brother and now he has a pair and is very pleased with them. Thank you for a wonderful affordable product. I continue to recommend them to all my friends with hearing problems.

Lifesaving! 10

Posted by Terry on February 17, 2014

My father is three months short of being 103 years old. His hearing loss has made him withdraw more and more from activities and interaction with his family. He has spent thousands of dollars on hearing aids over the last 10 years with no acceptable results. That is until his recent purchase of his MDHearingAids. He has put away the bulky headphones that he had to wear while watching TV and for the first time in years is able to hear the sermon at church. He’s still very sharp mentally and no longer has to check out of conversations because he can’t hear. Our entire family thanks you so much for giving us our Dad and Grandfather back and, I have to add, at a price that he could afford.

Work better than Oticon 10

Posted by Joe P on February 10, 2014

I want you all to know that I had a terrible experience with Oticon Hearing Aids in 2008 that really set me back financially, and MD HearingAid has done something for me that I didn’t even think was going to be possible. Apparently, the inside of my ear sweats too much / produces too much wax for the Oticon RIC hearing aid to survive any length of time. After shelling out $2,000 of my own money plus $3,800 in state assistance, I was paying $500 every six month in repairs to replace the RIC unit on both hearing aids.
After the 3rd time the Oticon set failed, I sold them for scrap at $500 for the pair on Ebay and purchased a pair of the MD Hearing Aid PRO. I managed to get by just fine with those - but I missed having the Bluetooth interface for my cell phone. When I got a job working on help desk, I really needed something with a T-Coil in it, but I was still recovering from all the money I wasted on the Oticon hearing aids. I decided to take a chance with the MD Hearing Aid Airs this year and I am blown away by how these sound. They’re comfortable and the T-Coil works with a Bluetooth-to-T-coil device I was able to find online for $84. For less than $1,000, I have managed to replicate the setup I had with the Oticon hearing aids and I already know that these are going to last longer. I can’t thank you enough for these.


Joe P.

Great Product and Customer Service 10

Posted by Ray R. on February 02, 2014

I have to tell you that your Hearing Aids and Product Support are truly GREAT!!!

The performance of my hearing aids is way beyond my expectations !!!

I had several way more expensive so called high end brands, that do not come close to MDHearingAid. My other hearing aids were almost 10 x the cost of my MDHearingAid. They were not as comfortable and did not have the options in MDHearingAid’s. The performance is not close

” I can hear again”

Your service from sales to support should be a model for all companies.

I actually feel lucky to have found your product. Thanks So Much.

- Retired Fortune 500 Company Sales Manager

1st Rate! 10

Posted by Asa R. on February 02, 2014

I’m a retired Kentucky District Judge and attorney and was on my second generation of $4,000 plus hearing aids. My newest pair cost $4,200 when I purchased them some three years ago. I was unsatisfied with my “old” expensive hearing aids, hence my purchase of the “new” ones. Alas, I was not at all happy with the “new” ones. A doctor friend, with whom I was enjoying breakfast early in October 2013, having listened to my hearing aid complaints, suggested that I contact MDHearingAid as he had done. I did just that… bought 2 of them… read the owner’s manual… followed the directions… put them in my ears and was and am literally astounded at the difference. From that moment I have not once used those $4200 “second generation” hearing aids. I rely entirely on my MDHearingAids and use them every day. Bottom line: To say that I’m a satisfied customer/client of MDHearingAids is an understatement. I love them and would love them even if they cost a lot of money instead of the less than $600 they actually cost me.

Surprisingly Nice, especially for the price 10

Posted by James B. on January 31, 2014

I’ve had them about a week or two. They arrived promptly, nicely boxed and easy instructions and set up.
They are a little larger than my Phonak Audeo units and a little more manual in operation in that they have an on/off dial that also acts as a volume dial. They also include a button to use to select from 4 modes: Normal, quiet places, loud restaurants and telephone. So far I have just used the normal mode and made adjustments to the volume only.
Sound is very good. Volume must be tuned so that the units don’t “whine” when you put your hand near the unit. Overall. so far I am extremely satisfied. James W. B.

Just excellent value and performance! 10

Posted by Vince M. on January 18, 2014

After 3 sets of Siemens in-the-ear models over the years, the last pair 5 years ago costing $7200, I decided to give the MDHearingAid AIR a try, and boy am I glad I did! I hear just as well now with the AIRs and they are sufficiently discreet for my ego. And the best part - no more dealing with rude audiologists who think they are doing you a favor, telling you to order 7 channel hearing-aids, then only programming 3 since you don’t need the rest. Thank you MDHearingAid!

Attaboy 10

Posted by Harold W. on January 17, 2014

just an attaboy for your company. For years my wife has chided me for saying “WHAT” when she talked to me. I was reading Reminisce magazine and saw an ad for your hearing aid. I had priced the major brands and balked at the prices. I got on line and ordered one of yours and have worn it every day since I got it. You have a great product at a price all can afford. I have sold six of them for you just talking to friends. Keep up the great work.

Hearing is believing 10

Posted by Lyle G. on January 12, 2014

After retiring from 25 years as a full time firefighter and EMT Specialist I do believe all those sirens did take a toll on my hearing. I was having a difficult time hearing what was said at meetings and was told over and over about how loud the volume of the TV was. I purchased the set of MDHearingAid AIR, and it’s like someone threw a switch. It is amazing and for a price of $699.00 it is definitely worthwhile. I saw the ad in my National Geographic and made the call. Now I tell people not to talk so loud, with the volume just set at 1. Truly Amazing!!

Fabulous Hearing 10

Posted by Robert F. on January 11, 2014

Wow!!!! Never did I believe I would hear again like I used to prior to my hearing loss.

As a man, my male ego did not want to acknowledge the fact that I was a candidate for hearing aids. After being told repeatedly, I agreed to a hearing test which proved I had severe hearing loss in both ears. Then, came the price three to seven thousand dollars. I could not justify paying an outrageous price for little devices that would not give me back my original hearing capabilities. I talked to friends who had purchased these devices, but they never wore them because they were unnatural.

So started my internet search to see what was available on line. I found the MDHearingAid AIR on line at a reasonable and affordable price. Then, my concern was what if this is just hype and the company only wants my money. After much soul searching I decided to bite the bullet and trust that the company was reputable. Not only are they reputable. but they really delivered a superb product that is easy to use.

When I received my hearing aids, I put them on and I heard things for the first time in many years. My wife had to repeat and shout things at me. I hear the sermons at church clearly, even over the music and noise found in a church.

One of my main concerns was that they would be uncomfortable to wear since I do not like to wear jewelry of any kind. My AIRs are light weight and hardly noticeable to the touch.

Needless to say, I am telling all my friends about my MDHearingAid AIRs.

Thank you and congratulations on a fantastic product that will help countless people.

Great product 10

Posted by Randall on December 31, 2013

I have moderate loss in both ears. I bought a set of very similar (almost identical) hearing aids from another online manufacturer. One of them lasted about 8 hours and quit. It worked sporadically for a few days but I was not happy with the sound quality at all. Then after trying to get the bad one replaced and being made to jump having through hoops, I just took them back to the big box store I bought them at and got my money back. Then I began searching for another brand and found the MDHearingAid AIR. These were $100 cheaper than the others and twice the quality of sound produced. I’m so glad the other brand had problems or I would never known these are so much higher quality. I’m through looking and shopping around. I’ll be sticking with the MDHearingAid AIR from now on.

Thank you so much for such a great product!!!

Finest Service I have yet to receive on the internet! 10

Posted by James B. on December 30, 2013

Service above reproach!

Great product and service! 10

Posted by Richard R. on December 11, 2013

Just installed the new hearing aid in my right ear and it works perfect. Since I first received my MDHearingAid back in May I have recommended your hearing aids to two different friends. One in particular ordered a set and he said that he can finally hear. He had a pair of prescription hearing aids that cost 10 times more and never did work properly. I have a prescription hearing aid in my left ear (lost the right one) that I paid $2500 for the set and I can’t tell any difference in quality from the original and the MDHearingAid. I just wanted you to know I appreciate a quality product at a great price and especially the great customer support you have provided.

I hope you and yours have a very Merry Christmas.

Kindest regards,

Richard R.

awesome results 10

Posted by Bob S. on December 02, 2013

When I received my pair of AIR hearing aids I was very anxious to use them, so I stayed up part of the nite to read the instruction book that came with them I put them on and I did not want to go to bed, they are awesome, better then my expectations. Watching TV the volume went to number 9 instead of 17. I hear my parrot breaking seeds while he eats. I hear the refridgerator humming, I hear the heat go on in the base boards, I hear people talking in the kitchen I could go on and on how much I have missed all these years. I am 79 and now for the first time I hear my cars engine humming . But most of all I can hear my grand children talking to me, at times my 7 year old grand child used to get mad at me because I could not understand what she was saying. I would be a millionaire if I received a dollar for every time I asked a person “what did you say” I cherish my Pair of AIR,s and I want to thank you MDHearingAid for making a great product that I could afford. I must admit I was never able to afford hearing aids till I found your site and researched your product. Thanks again Bob S.

Perfect 10

Posted by Texasjosie on November 25, 2013

I highly recommend getting the MDHearingAid® AIR. It has made a big difference in my life and has given me so much more confidence. Regular hearing aids such as these ones are about 5000 dollars, which I could not afford.

No Need To Shout…. These Things Really Work ! 10

Posted by Scott D on November 22, 2013

I’m 51 and figured I was too young to wear any sort of hearing aid, needless to say, wrestling with what I thought was nothing of a loss of hearing. Finally tired of being told several times a week “Get Your Ears Checked”, sometimes nicely and sometimes not, I decided to research hearing aids. Boy was I in for a shock, everyplace I looked was beyond what I was able to spend unless I wanted just some sort of throw away amplification device, that was until I came across the MDHearingAid Site. I started to research the heck out of these things, watching newscast reviews, newspaper articles, anything and everything I could find. Being they were on the internet I was skeptical about dropping $700.00 for something I really couldn’t touch or listen to first.

I started to look for actual user reviews, but really couldn’t find any other than those that were posted on MDHearingAid’s own site and figured they could have just written their own positive reviews, but saw they offered a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee with a 45 Day Trial / Return Policy, so I figured what the hey and went for it….

I received my MDHearingAid AIRs on 11/20/13 and put them in….. WOW! is all I can say…. DID YOU HEAR ME?... Oops…no more need to shout… These things really work!
What’s that you didn’t hear me?.... Let me repeat myself…. THESE THINGS REALLY WORK !
No background noise, so small you don’t even know they’re there…Just took me a day to get used to and to figure out which ear insert worked best for me. The large open air, in case you’re interested.

I can’t imagine the $4K to $5K units I saw sounding any better or clearer… Heck for that price they’d better send someone over once a week to wash my car or something. I can see maybe double the price because they have overhead, a storefront, etc., but certainly can’t understand those ridiculous price points.

To sum it up, I consider myself to be somewhat of a young guy. I played drums in garage bands for years in my younger days, I would crank up the music when that favorite song came on the radio, went to many a concert, used yard equipment without ear protection, etc., and now I’m paying the price. I never worn or considered using any type of hearing device but I gotta tell ya from a “REAL USER”.... The MDHearingAid AIRs Work and I highly recommend!

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