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Hearing Aid Life 10

Posted by Tammy on November 08, 2013

I have had my hearing aid for about 3 years and never had to use the 2nd one. It’s a great product. I highly recommend. I sing in the church choir and I swear it helps me sing better grin

I recommend this to everyone.

I Like It…. 10

Posted by Dee T. on October 09, 2013

Bought my MDHearingAid PRO about 4 months ago…only problem I have is remembering to take it out before I get in the shower…..batteries last forever…..

Outstanding product and over-the-top customer service 10

Posted by L.T. on October 01, 2013

I have had my MDHearingAid PROs for a few months now. WOW! These units were fantastic from day one. On top of that, I managed to “drown” one of them. The response for repair by MDHearingAid was amazing: fast, courteous, and quite reasonable. I had my unit back in less than a full week. They worked with me through the whole process, and the turn-around time was lightening fast. In the short time I have owned them, I find that they become less noticeable while wearing, have grown dependent on the value they give me and will recommend to anyone that MDHearingAid and the MDHearingAid PRO are the cats pajamas. If you are looking for solid, fast service , and a quality hearing device, MDHearingAid is my only recommendation. Look nowhere else.

Super Deal 10

Posted by Wayne Leighton on September 23, 2013

I have worn a hearing aid for 45 years and tried every manufacturer.The Pro model has surpassed all my expectations.For those who may think the price is low and the quality is also low, you will be WRONG.I am impressed with the pro model.


Posted by Joyce Ruskuski on September 21, 2013

I purchased two of the hearing aids in June of 2013. I have to say it was one of the best decisions I’ve made in some time. They have been a God send to My husband and his quality of life. He absolutely loves them. They are everything they are advertised to be and they work as good as the $3200.00 Siemens aids we bought that only lasted less than 4 years and they wanted to sell us another set.


Posted by Judy on September 10, 2013

I wear one and have one for backup…I LOVE THEM!!! I’ve had the expensive kind and these are THE BEST!!

At last 7

Posted by Jacques Sprenger on August 30, 2013

This is a genuine and absolutely satisfied customer who has been wearing the Pro for two weeks. I am willing to have people check whether I really exist by giving my e-mail ( No paid writer here (I wish) As a teacher, hearing is almost everything besides seeing. My old in canal hearing aid, worth $3,500, was getting clogged by earwax, thus nullifying the effect. This is the cheapest high quality hearing aid I have ever seen and believe me, I have tried several offers from other manufacturers. I even recommended it to two of my elderly friends who live on a fixed income. So guys, congratulations for a job well-done and for making it affordable.

Fantastic 10

Posted by John Slagle on August 10, 2013

I purchased these aids after trying several other brands, which did not perform. I would give these ten stars if I were able to. I have had tinnitus for 50 years, unable to hear a lot of sounds, and having to ask people to repeat conversation. I am now able to understand what people are saying. The TV volume is turned 50 to 60% lower than previously. I have had them for over 2 weeks, batteries still going strong. I am hearing birds and other sounds I have not heard for years. Thanks so much for developing an aid that is affordable and works extremely well. Customer service is awesome. I purchased the pro plus package and was missing on of the thin tubing packages. I contacted customer service via email and the next day I received 2 complete sets of tubing along with an apology. I absolutely will recommend these to everyone. Thanks again.

Amazing! 10

Posted by Greg Pettis on July 09, 2013

Hello MDhearingAid,

I just received my order of 2 PRO’s this Saturday, wore one all day Sunday, and absolutely amazed at what I heard out of my right ear, which I have basically been deaf in since I was 10, and now I am 67. In our world of iPhone technology I was wondering why hearing aids were priced at up to $6,000 and insurance does not cover. Then I read your ad - It made so much sense, and followed my logic, so I was going to buy one, but then for the price of the protection package, I thought, why not just buy two? So I did. So far so good.

Thank you for listening.

In God I Trust

These are great 10

Posted by Bill Inman on July 02, 2013

These are not just for people who ‘can’t afford’ the expensive products. The thing is, I can hear. I never bought the ‘real’ hearing aids because the price is rediculous not because of being able to afford them. When these quit, I will buy the AIR model. When one stopped working early on, they immediately sent a new one. Great service. I really like these hearing aids…

An Affordable Quality Hearing Aid 8

Posted by Donald Muscarella on June 18, 2013

As so many people did I purchased $3,000.00 hearing aides many years ago. Then as they began to break down I was paying $400.00 to $500.00 a year for repairs. I tried the cheaper brand hearing aides with little success and much frustration. When I found the ad for MD Hearing aides I was impressed by the fact a Doctor had taken on the challenge of producing a cheaper yet quality hearing aide. But I was prepared to be ripped off one more time. The hearing aides arrived an I followed the directions to the T. In less than a week I was adjusted to them and hearing as good if not better than with my $6000.00 pair of aides.

The MD hearing aides are durable and easy to care for. The batteries seem to last forever. I ordered the thin tubing and love the feel of the aide in my ear.

MD’s Work Great! 10

Posted by TR Rose on May 24, 2013

After spending a fortune on useless hearing aids, it took an MD Hearing Aid doctor to come up with a legitimate working hearing aid that I have been wearing for a long while now. I told MD they could have me talk to any doubtfuls that may be wondering if the MD hearing aid is best for the bucks.

Great product 10

Posted by Mike on May 03, 2013

I have had your product for a month and am very pleased with their performance. I can hear much better. They are so comfortable that I was able to wear them for 8 hours on the first day. Thanks for making such a reasonably priced product that works so well.

A new world for me and my husband 9

Posted by Mary Van Dolah on April 23, 2013

This review will be long but have much to say. My hearing has been decline the pass several years. It had come to the point I thought I would have to retire. Which I am only 64 and as a nurse for 37 years and Administrator for a Assisted Living I don’t want to do. I could not afford $4000.00 aids Looking on the internet I research and found MD hearing Pro. With the return policy I figures I would give them a try. I started using them but thought I will see in a couple of days. The next morning my husband and I was outside and I heard crickets chirping. I don’t remember the last time I had heard that sound. My husband with his hearing aids has very poor hearing. I decided I would order him a pair. Of course he didn’t think they would work because all the other hearing aids didn’t help much. He put them in and he started walking around and said “I can hear’ The past two days has been amazing like a new world for him. Thanks you so very much for this great product. Oh, by the way as I am typing this I can hear the noise of the key board.

I’ve Got My Hearing Back! 10

Posted by Lou Orzech on April 09, 2013

I have had dramatically declining hearing for a number of years. Understanding what my youngest son was saying to me was a struggle and most times I could not. I was told the hearing aids I would need would be $5000. I was set on the fact that they would never be in my reach. I ran across your website and read the reviews and thought I would give it a shot. I cannot tell you how completely overjoyed I am that I did. I can hear again!!! More importantly I can hear my youngest son and know what he is saying. My wife is happy as well as she no longer has to yell and repeat things just so I can kinda sorta know what she said. I can’t recommend these enough. In fact I have recommended them to my mom who has had the expensive regular hearing aids for a number of years. She took mine for a test drive and you will be receiving her order soon. Thanks again for a wonderful product.

Product Review

Posted by Bob Taylor on March 22, 2013

Recently I purchased a set of your hearing aids. I have been wearing hearing aids over 10 years, going through both in the ear and behind the ear models. The new instruments are what I had hoped they would be. Very good reception and at an affordable price. Thanks so much for validating my beliefs that hearing instruments don’t have to be so expensive to be good.

Much better than Songbird 10

Posted by Albert W. on February 16, 2013

Much better than Songbird. Better controls, sound and comfort.

Inexpensive, but not “cheap” by any means! 10

Posted by John Crowder on February 03, 2013

After three years of using a set of expensive completely-in-canal(CIC) hearing aids that were troublesome from the beginning,I explored other options via the internet. I was impressed by the information provided for the MD products and decided to order two of the MD PROs. I have been using them for only three days, but that has been long enough to show me that it is possible to get good quality amplified sound without spending thousands of dollars.The PRO model provides more than ample sound amplification at high quality. Its sound performance is at least equal to that of the expensive CIC aids I used (with frequent trouble and repairs) for the past three years. Since the “works” of the PRO model are entirely outside the ear canal, I do not expect to have problems associated with wax and moisture, which were the source of my trouble with the CIC models.I was pleasantly surprised to find the PRO model to be smaller than I had thought—not bulky at all. After trimming the tubing I was able to get a very comfortable, virtually unnoticeable fit. The volume adjustment feature is an extremely useful convenience that was not available in my former hearing aids.I am now preparing a list of some of the things I will do with the money I have saved by purchasing this quality product instead of the much more costly hearing aids sold locally.much costlier aids

Happy to hear

Posted by Jack Palmer on January 17, 2013

I ordered the Pro 13 months ago. They have worked very well for the past year. I just ordered new tubing.Very good buy.

HIghly Recommend!! 10

Posted by Jim J. on January 08, 2013


Exceptional Value 10

Posted by Bruce K. on December 31, 2012

Prompt service and this thing really works. Exceptional value.

Awesome! Highly Recommend! 10

Posted by Steve S. on December 28, 2012

AWESOME! These work better than my $3000 pair! Highly recommend!

Better than my $3000 Ones 10

Posted by Jack Bass on December 20, 2012

I’m your local rep - I’ve sold at least a half dozen units for you - I bought two - one for a friend. I find your hearing aids better than my $3000 ones.

Great Product! 10

Posted by Lynne L. on December 18, 2012

Great product! Bought a 2nd one for my mother-in-law and my husband! Now they can hear me!! Thanks!!!

Very Good Value 10

Posted by Charles D. on December 18, 2012

A very good value. If I grow a third ear, I’ll buy another one!

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