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Fantastic… 10

Posted by Carla Y. on June 14, 2010


Excellent Service 10

Posted by Glenn G. on June 13, 2010

Thanks you for your very fast response and excellent service. I tried the hearing aids myself (I got them for my 85 year old Mother) and they seem to work as well as the Phoenix H- Aids I got from the VA which costs around $3k each. I will recommend your product to my friends. Thanks again.

It`s about time… 10

Posted by Geecee on June 12, 2010

It`s about time that someone came forward and addressed the main problem with deaf/h.o.h. people which is mid-range clarity. These hearing aids work the best for me and I pray, for anyone else using them. I have been completely dependent upon hearing aids for many years and know how difficult it is for clarity. Any hearing aid will amplify, but few will offer the clarity required. I have had several aids over the years both good and bad. However, none have been great! I am very satisfied with these aids and was “floored” by the extreme low cost. I hope everyone in need of hearing help will see if these aids would be beneficial to their needs. I know I am! These are the best I have used and was surprised to find such great tonal quality in aids less than half the size of the heavy, clumsy aids that I now must wear.


Posted by Mark Harada on June 08, 2010


Very Good Hearing Aid 10

Posted by R. Decker on June 08, 2010

After the purchase of several high end hearing aids, I found this inexpensive aid, works just fine for my hearing loss. It is adjustable, comfortable, and most of all has a super long battery cycle. My only problem with it is my cat likes to chew on the ear piece.

Great Product 10

Posted by Debra Papiernik on June 07, 2010

Great product. I needed a hearing aid but it was cost prohibitive to purchase a set of $5000 hearing aids. After researching numerous hearing aids, this one appeared to be a good choice. I purchased only one, to see if I liked it. It works great and is really comfortable to wear. It is not readily noticeable when talking to someone. I have not had any problems with static or whistling from the hearing aid. I wish I had taken advantage of the cost savings and gotten both at once but definitely plan to order another one.

Acoustitone Pro Hearing Aids 10

Posted by Bill W. Baker on June 02, 2010

Recently I bought a set of two Acoustitone Pro hearing aids. They work like a charm. I had one small, easy to remedy problem. None of the enclosed ear pieces fit my ear canals. I still owned a set of hearing protectors that were issued during WWII by the navy to gunners. Those have always been a perfect fit, so I snipped off the end of each to allow sounds in rather than keeping them out. I then attached them to the plastic tubing, inserted batteries, put the Acoustitone aids on my ears using the navy’s ear pieces and instantly I had hearing aids for just over $300 that fit and work fully as well as do my wife’s which cost $6,000…a good product, an unbeatable price and I’m happy as a clam with my purchase.

Pro Hearing Aid. 10

Posted by A Moyer on June 01, 2010

The Pro is a superb product, sold by MDHearing Aid, a courteous and conscientious seller. It is everything I had hoped for and more. I am hearing sounds I haven’t heard in a decade and some I didn’t realize were missing. My family no longer has to shout at Grandma or turn down the TV. We seem now to have many more (and more vocal) birds. I will be ordering a second one.

Superb Product 10

Posted by PE on May 29, 2010

Superb product saved my job. Thank you for the quick service.

Works Fantastically 10

Posted by JM on May 28, 2010

I am ordering another one of these for my father—my mother refused to wear a $3,500 hearing aid, but will wear this one-and it works fantastically!

A Reasonable Alternative 8

Posted by Robert Farwell on May 28, 2010

I had one aid from a well known company for several years before deciding I needed another. Back to those salespeople pushing for thousands dollars equipment. Then I decided to take a $200 chance. I lucked out, It worked nicely. I had a bit of trouble with fitting it, but that was not a major problem.

Seems a bargain to me. 10

Posted by DB on May 26, 2010

Arrived very quickly -3 days- and it is working well for me. I am pleased with it. I bought this unit as a backup for my present Aid that had to be sent ‘in’ for service. This unit cost less than my Annual service contract on my ‘In The Ear’ unit. Seems a bargain to me.

Very Satisfied Customer 10

Posted by D. Canario on May 26, 2010

I am very happy with the pair of hearing aids I purchased from MDHearingAid®. One thing that really amazed me is how long the batteries lasted. I have just recently put in new batteries (first time since I received them weeks ago). I also recommended them to a friend who feels that her husband would benefit from hearing aids.

Hearing Aid Comment 10

Posted by Annabelle Smith on May 25, 2010

This hearing aid was even better than I expected, even after reading so many five-star reviews. For instance, not only does the TV sound louder, but the sound is clearer than without the aid. It’s easily adjusted. I am very pleased

This has really changed my life… 10

Posted by Frank S. on May 25, 2010

I have had my hearing aids for almost a month now - wow, really fast service. Let me say - Thank you for such a great product at a very reasonable price. I have used them sparingly at the start to get used to them and am now more comfortable wearing them everyday. The sound pickup is excellent and the batteries in both are functioning as well as from day one - they are really great value. I didn’t actually hear about your company, it was more a case of surfing the internet and spotting a product that seemed so good that I was willing to give it a try after reading the testimonials from your customers. Again, Thank you - this has really changed my life - especially at work and given me the confidence to communicate without the embarrassment of having to ask people to repeat what they had just said and hoping to be able to understand them the second time round.

It really helps her to hear better. 10

Posted by MG on May 24, 2010

I’ve bought this hearing aid for my mother-in-law. She could not use other brands before. I decided to give her a try because return had to be easy. However, she likes this aid and I will not return it. It really helps her to hear better. Thank you.

Works like a charm. 10

Posted by Gurvinder Bains on May 24, 2010

At this great low price I ordered 2 of them and took a chance based on reviews posted online and I am glad I really did. They worked right away. The instructions in the manual were pretty straight forward and after I adjusted the length of the hearing tubes I was able to actually be part of the entire conversations is a large noisy group. Then I tested them at my office and outside and they continue to amaze. No more loud TV for me. I had a question and contacted support via email on evening and they contacted me within a few hours and helped me above and beyond. 6 Stars for Customer Service if I could.

Helped Tremendously 10

Posted by PT on May 20, 2010

My mom is almost deaf in her left ear. While this hearing aid is not providing perfect hearing, it has helped tremendously. I would definitely recommend.

Would highly recommend them to others. 10

Posted by GE on May 19, 2010

Shipment arrived on time and in good condition. I ordered another and it was shipped the next day. Rick at MD HearingAids called to say they shipped the wrong one but were shipping the correct one today. Excellent that they called me and did not wait for me to call them. I will continue to do business with them and would highly recommend them to others.

Worth more than they charge. 10

Posted by G. Epstein on May 19, 2010

I have had the Pro for about 3 weeks. It is everything they say and more. Very comfortable, the sound quality is good and takes very little time to get used to. This is my 1st hearing aid and I am so satisfied I ordered another.

Couldn’t be More Satisfied 10

Posted by AFM on May 14, 2010

This is an excellent product and does exactly as is promised. The seller was courteous and prompt in responding to a request for an additional clear tube, and I shall probably order a second hearing aid for the other ear. I couldn’t be more satisfied or impressed with both product and seller.

WOW! This is great! 10

Posted by Kristina Cacciapaglia on May 13, 2010

This is perfect for me because I couldn

Surprised 10

Posted by R. Earman on May 13, 2010

Having two expensive hearing aids, I bought this one as a back-up and was I surprised. It’s a bit bigger but just as powerful. Now I’m wondering why I paid so much money for my name-brands in the first place?

Amazing Fast Delivery 10

Posted by CB on May 11, 2010

Amazingly fast delivery to an address abroad, the item arrived in mint condition.

Saved my marriage. 10

Posted by Ronald Koski on May 11, 2010

I`m sorry I just couldn

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