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Beyond Belief 10

Posted by Britt H on January 07, 2010

My son bought the Pro Hearing Aid from MDHearingAids. He showed it to me and I tried it. It is as good as my Beltone. The company MDHearingAid is first class, fast shipping and very professional, That is what you get when buying from a Doctor. The very best.

The Hearing is back. 10

Posted by Mark S. on January 06, 2010

I ordered the Acoustitone Pro from MDHearingAid and what a surprise. I can hear again. This is a quality product from a quality company. It arrived in three days. You should order two hearing aids if you need them. Focusing on the sound of a conversation is fantastic. When you buy a stereo system, it comes with two speakers. And that’s exactly what two Hearing Aids do. You get 360 degrees of sound. Your brain can pick out and focus on whatever you want to hear. Don’t let the price fool you, this is as good as hearing aides over $800.00 and MDHearingAid is selling them for much less. I am glad I did my homework and found a reputable company like MDHearingAids. The product is 5 Stars and MDHearingAids is 5 Star excellent. Great customer service, easy to talk with and very courteous. I know you will be happy with this purchase. It is a slam dunk

Great product at good price 10

Posted by J. Smith on January 04, 2010

I bought this for my father who has hearing loss. The sound quality is good and this is much cheaper than traditional hearing aids I’ve seen offered. He felt like he didn’t necessarily need all the bells and whistles of a more expensive hearing aid, and this fit our budget well. He’s happy with it. Great value overall.

Works great and is easy to use… 10

Posted by Dr. B. Chang on December 11, 2009

My dad bought an $800+ hearing aid (which is what most of them cost)and never wore it. I bought this one for him to try instead because I couldn’t stand him constantly saying, “Huh?” Setup was less than five minutes, and now he hears everything clearly. He jokes that things are too clear… he’s now able to hear my mom and I nagging him.

Fantastic Value and Quality 10

Posted by J.Tompkins on October 27, 2009

For those who are looking for a quality hearing aid, at a very reasonable cost, this is the one you should purchase. Don’t let the low price fool you. I ordered this hearing aid to use with my ear mold although it came with tubing and mold tips you could use in place of a custom ear mold. Without a doubt this aid rivals other behind the ear aids that cost five to six hundred dollars. This PRO Hearing Aid will be a blessing for those who have limited financial resources. I have worn hearing aids for over thirty years and trust me when I say you will love this hearing aid.

The Downgrade was an Upgrade

Posted by Charles Dailey, D.D. on October 22, 2009

I’m wearing a $2500 Oticon Delta 8000 in my left ear and the PRO in the right ear. There is very little difference in performance. Your instrument is very good. I set the volume manually. The battery lasts longer. One thing that I will guarantee: the Oticon is not 25 times better than the Pro. Servicing an Oticon is about $300. I can buy two Pros for the price of servicing the Oticon.

HEARS To you! 10

Posted by Sylvie B.

Thank you for making my first hearing aid experience a great one. Affordable, comfortable, and work great. Customer service is the best. Hearing conversation, birds, frogs….priceless. Have already told others about MDHearingaid.

WOW…I can hear once again 10

Posted by Bryan W

I was worried when my ENT doctor told me I need a hearing aid for my left ear. Then after a very bad ear infection caused my right ear to close down and left me with even more hearing loss. I thought it was time to start to look at hearing aids. I knew hearing aids were expensive but holy cow!! So I started to research and found MDHearingAid and thought what to I have to lose with the low cost and return policy. I ordered a pair and had them in just a few days. After reading the manual that came with them I had them in my ears in less than a 1/2 hour.

I really didn’t know what I was missing, the TV is now at a bearable level for my wife. I can now interact with coworkers without having to ask them to repeat themselves over and over again. My wife and I can go out to dinner and have a nice conversation.

My only suggestion to those who may order these is, don’t give up on them. I started with the smaller tubes and found they didn’t give me enough amplification without causing feed back. So I tried the larger tubes. Yes, they are more visible but they made a world of difference. So if they don’t seem to work try another setup. They say some people take a while to get used to hearing aids, I guess I was a lucky one I love being part of the world again. Thanks MDHearing Aid!

Fantastic sound at a fantastic price 10

Posted by Carlton Ballinger

…fantastic sound at a fantastic price….I’ve been in the hearing aid industry 22 years…you will sell tons of these …

It Works Great 10

Posted by Randy H.


Will buy from again! 10

Posted by Andrew B.

Great product! Will buy from again!

I can hear again. 10

Posted by John F.

I can hear again. Fast Service Thank You

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