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Thrilled with the VOLT! 10

Posted by Russell J. on November 08, 2016

THRILLED !!!!! ***** ++++

I am 72, worked around F4 Fighter jets for 4 years in Navy. I thought I would never hear again like this! I put the h/a in and walked outside and heard the leaves crackling under my feet .


Thank You

I can’t say enough good things

Posted by Stanley P. on October 04, 2016

I have been very much impressed with my experience with your organization. Your customer service has been excellent. Your online presence is inviting and your site is easy to navigate and to use. The purchase process was streamlined and straightforward and well documented. I was indeed very interested in and excited about trying your product.

The packaging and manuals are visually appealing as well as easy to open, understand and put into use. The hearing aids themselves are beautifully designed and easy to use, to wear, and to maintain. I especially appreciated the ease of being able to plug them in when not in use and have them fully powered to use again without having to change batteries. The volt model also was very easy to adjust between settings with the push button on the back of the unit and the tone which lets you know which setting you have achieved. Also, the magnet installed on the side of the cleaning tool this is a great addition. I could always know it would be right where I placed it. I appreciate and have been so impressed with so many little and very important details which your company has put together to optimize usability and experience. I really feel that your organization has put in a great deal of time, effort, engineering, and consideration in designing your products, business model, marketing, customer service platform and training of your representatives. I feel that you provide a much needed option in the marketplace today especially for seniors. You provide an exceptionally designed and thought out line of products and service at an affordable price and without the predatory sales and marketing tactics employed by so many in the marketplace today.

It is a refreshing and comforting experience to deal with a company who does what they say. I really have been so impressed with my experience with your company and products. Though my particular hearing challenge was not able to be improved with your device, Your explanation and requirement of the 21 day transition period is very useful and important. Your customer service representatives made every attempt to ensure that I was using the product properly in an effort to help me accomplish my goals. This also helped me to know that your organization is trying to improve the experience of those who have invested in, and are trialing and using your products.

The return process also has been congruent with the rest of my experience. Just as you said. Once your representatives had made sure I had tried the product properly and for a sufficient period of time. I was issued the required return protocol in a timely manner and without hassle or coercion.

Please, please, please continue to provide this option to all those who’s hearing can be improved by your products. Thank you for making this an enjoyable and exciting experience for me. I am thankful for the opportunity to have tried your product and learn of your company. I will definitely recommend your company and products to those whom I come in contact with who are searching for a better hearing solution. Thank you for doing your best to make a difference in improving the quality of life of others.

VOLT hits the sweet spot 10

Posted by Tom H. on October 03, 2016

I’ve spent a lot of money on Hearing Aids (HAs). I currently own a pair of Widex Dream and Zounds Trezios. They both have their pros and cons so I’ve very aware of what I’m looking for in a HA. I use my Widex HAs mostly for the Bluetooth capability, and I use my Zounds for the remote capability. Although I’ve only had the VOLT HAs for a short time, they have become my go-to HAs. They seem to fit my needs both in terms of comfort and hearing capability with the ability to change the program on the go a big plus. I do like them so far. I cannot comment on reliability but they work for me.

Real hearing aids with real results! 10

Posted by N.C. on September 23, 2016

When I first heard about MDHearingAid and saw their advertisements in my newspaper and other brochures, I thought it might be like other As Seen On TV products. I am SO glad that I was mistaken about that. These are real hearing aids with real results. I can hear the birds and carry on conversations for the first time in years. MDHearingAid is a true godsend. If you have been in need of assistance, I would suggest giving MDHearingAid a try. They are impressive and they work!

Great except for bright charging light 8

Posted by James M. on September 22, 2016

I have two MDHearingAid PROs that I’ve used for several years with good results. My only complaint is that my poor hearing requires me to adjust the volume at near maximum, with is fine for normal conversations, but in noisy environments, the background noise is often just too much. So I decided to try the VOLT and with the 4 programs I’ve found that having conversations in noisy environments to be much better than the previous PRO model. So that’s the good news. My only complaint is with the tiny charging light on the VOLT aid. It is just WAY too bright. On the nightstand at night it is like a beacon! My suggestion is either to have a much dimmer light, or some way to turn the light off at night.

Your customer service staff is great

Posted by Anita T on September 14, 2016

I have liked working with your customer service staff. They have been all that I expect of people who provide services. I am also happy that there is a company like yours that attempts to provide hearing aids to people who cannot afford the unreasonable prices for these devices on the regular market.I have tried the device I am returning for several weeks and I realize that it won’t work for me…I can’t read the numbers for the volume without a light and a magnifying glass. I think this device is difficult for me to use. I am sorry and disappointed that this has not worked for me. Thank you for the professionalism of your staff

Great Value 10

Posted by Ruth on September 04, 2016

Easy to adjust to. Clear sound. Able to hear at home as well as at a large church service. Very happy with the quality, service and rechargeable batteries.

Blown Away 10

Posted by Gerald K on July 10, 2016

I am absolutely amazed. I have spent way more for hearing aids in the past and none of them compare to my VOLT. I have to tell my friends not to yell at me. My wife cannot believe it.
In the past even with my old hearing aids I would need the TV volume at 18 and she has it at 8. Well I can hear just fine with it set at 8. Never would have believed it. I am hearing sounds from creaking floors to switches being turned on and off that she said she could hear and I had my doubts. I CAN HEAR AGAIN.

Great 9

Posted by Jim G on June 23, 2016

Great units at good prices, I’ve had much more expensive aids and product didn’t fit me and customer service was terrible, Customer service at MD is as though the word service means service. Couldn’t be more happy.

very impressed

Posted by Rex H on March 16, 2016

Received the digital hearing aids today and I am so very impressed. I was able to read the easy to understand and simple instructions, turn the TV volume from 45 to 30, really understand all they were saying on the news.

WOW! Great hearing aid 10

Posted by Marc B on March 14, 2016

Just spent my 2nd day with the new Volt hearing aid. Love this hearing aid! I spent one year as a hearing aid specialist with another company and from my personal experience I can say this aid is as good as or better than the $2,000 aid I was using. Previously my biggest complaint was always having to hook-up the aid to the computer to “tweek” the program for myself or my clients. It seemed that no matter how good the audiogram was I still needed to make several adjustments. Love being able to just punch a button and change the program to meet the environment I’m in, plus not having to change the batteries will be a big plus. Looking forward to seeing how this features holds up over the long haul.

I’m Superman! 10

Posted by Will S. on February 08, 2016

I feel like Superman!

As soon as I put on the VOLT aid, I knew I’d made the right decision. Everything around me sounded great and I was able to focus in on exactly where the sound was coming from. It was hearing like I used to read about in Superman comics. Thank you MDHearingAid!

Now, if I could find something to gives me x-ray vision…

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