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MDHearingAid MAX

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MDHearingAid® MAX

The MDHearingAid® MAX is a basic hearing aid specifically designed for nursing home residents and those with limited coordination of their hands. The NEW MDHearingAid® MAX features a smaller overall size than the prior model and a new 2-channel tone control.

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buying another one 9

Posted by jagdish bhatt on July 09, 2012

fairly satisfied with a acoustitoneMax hearing aid sent by my friend fromAmerica. after about 3 yrs of use its erratic due to perhaps volume control problem.Thinking of buying new one,good performance

Even better than the original 10

Posted by Holly Brearley on April 05, 2011

I have the original MAX and the NEW 2011 MAX. With the new MAX I did not have as much of my own echo to compete with, the new MAX seemed like more natural hearing so it was easier to understand people.It is a fantastic price for fantastic quality. For those of us that need a little help hearing but may not need to get the custom (expensive) hearing aids this is perfect. It is always a little scary buying something that seems to be such a good deal… it rarely is the deal you were hoping for, but the MDHearingAids were everything i hoped for and more!

Works Great, Very Affordable 10

Posted by Ann on September 06, 2010

I bought this for my father in law who lives in Europe and hearing aids are extremely expensive. He has a very serious hearing problem and he can hear now with this device on a very low setting. He couldn’t thank us enough we saved his life. Very very pleased with this product.

Ease of Use 8

Posted by Enak on August 06, 2010

I like this hearing aide because it was easier for my mom to use and large enough for her to handle at 89 years old. The expensive one she had she couldn’t adjust or put on herself. And she didn’t hear so good with that. This really created a more peaceful use and less worry if it is lost. Thank you.

Improved Ability to Hear 8

Posted by NC on July 12, 2010

My mother found it to be very useful and improved her ability to hear.

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