Amazed from someone who has worn hearing aids for 30 years! 10

Posted by Deborah B on October 14, 2014

I only wish that I could place a billboard advertisement across the United States for MDHearingAid. When I was 30 years old, I began wearing hearing aids. No idea how much money that I have spent over the years. In the last year, I spent $4,350 for two hearing aids. Unfortunately, I lost one of those hearing aids recently. The hearing aid was insured and was replaced. However the terms of replacement stated that if the hearing aid was found the company would no longer repair that hearing aid. In addition the initial three year warranty was null and void. I did find the original hearing aid. The hearing aids had been in the the repair shop as often as they had been in my ears over the last year. Both the original hearing aid and the replacement needed repairing at the same time. I found MDHearingAid while searching for a repair company. I admit to being skeptical when I read about MDHearingAid but thought what the heck. So much money had been practically thrown away over the past years that I decided to give the hearing aids a try. Wow! I just cannot believe it. I know that it sounds unbelieveable because it is hard for me to believe but I am more satisfied with the hearing aids from this company than with any I have ever worn. I hear better with these hearing aids than with any that I have ever worn. There are more features for hearing with these hearing aids than with any I have ever worn. How do I express my thankfulness for this company who has made hearing aids affordable with unbeatable quality. All my friends have noticed that I hear better with these hearing aids. Thanks to MDHearingAid Company.

customer service 9

Posted by Brian Y. on July 12, 2014

I am impressed with it’s ability to make out one voice in a noisy room as well as wonderful customer service. They more than keep their word.

Works Great, Very Affordable 10

Posted by Ann on September 06, 2010

I bought this for my father in law who lives in Europe and hearing aids are extremely expensive. He has a very serious hearing problem and he can hear now with this device on a very low setting. He couldn’t thank us enough we saved his life. Very very pleased with this product.

Ease of Use 8

Posted by Enak on August 06, 2010

I like this hearing aide because it was easier for my mom to use and large enough for her to handle at 89 years old. The expensive one she had she couldn’t adjust or put on herself. And she didn’t hear so good with that. This really created a more peaceful use and less worry if it is lost. Thank you.

Improved Ability to Hear 8

Posted by NC on July 12, 2010

My mother found it to be very useful and improved her ability to hear.