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MDHearingAid PRO on ear model

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MDHearingAid® PRO

The PRO is our Original and Best selling model with medical-grade components, fit, comfort, and a sound quality comparable to hearing aids with prices hundreds of dollars more. You can try it RISK-FREE with our 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

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2 PROs

2 PROs

PRO 2 Plus

PRO 2 Plus

Additional Information

  • FREE Shipping

Additional Information

  • FREE Shipping
  • Buy 2 and save $100 (Just $179.99 each)

Additional Information

New and Improved

PRO 2 Plus Package Includes:

    2 MDHearingAid® PRO
    2 PRO Thin Tubing/Open-Fit Kits              (right and left)
    2 Product Protection Plans
    1 Year Supply of Batteries
    Over $600 value!
    FREE Shipping

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- Product Protection Plan

- Product Protection Plan for 2 Hearing Aids

Protection Plan is included with this package!

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Best Value 10

Posted by Dr Chang

I’m a physician, and I know how much people spend on their health care. They should get the best value for their health care dollar, and this product is just as effective (if not more) than traditional overly-priced hearing aids. I will be recommending the MDHearingAids to my hearing-impaired patients.

Easier to Communicate 10

Posted by Dr A. Kulkarni

My father-in-law would not admit he had a hearing problem. I bought 2 Acoustitone hearing aids for him, and now it is much easier to communicate in our house. I will be recommending these to my patients with hearing loss

Very Satisfied 10

Posted by Dr Robert Steinman

I am an 83-year-old retired Professor of Psychology with expertise in the study of Sensation & Perception. I started looking around on the web to get some idea about what was available in hearing aids and their cost. Most started at about $1000 and went as high as $6000 for a single ear! I was not about to invest $2000 or even more to correct a hearing problem that was not severe enough to make doing something about it essential at this time. I was also pretty sure that I wouldn’t want to wear any kind of potentially uncomfortable device if I did not experience any obvious benefits. This is where I was when my browsing took me to the MDHearingAid.com website, where I bought a single MDHearingAid PRO. When it came a couple of days later, I fitted it in less than 5 minutes and wore it comfortably for a few days, hearing things I hadn’t heard in years. This trial made it clear that I could and would be able to make good use of this kind of BTE (behind the ear) hearing aid, so I bought the second aid for my right ear. The bottom line: I am very satisfied with these inexpensive hearing aids and can recommend them without any qualifications whatsoever.

Excellent Option 10

Posted by Dr Babu

I have thoroughly evaluated the MDHearingAid™ PRO and can comfortably say that this is an excellent option for those that cannot afford traditional hearing aids. Perhaps the best quality-to-price ratio in the hearing aid industry.

Just received my Air Hearing Aids 10

Posted by Moriah M on April 20, 2014

I received my hearing aids yesterday late afternoon…I was really excited to try them out and also really nervous about this because most of the things I read said it was going to take 21 days to get used to them - I also knew that I have had a hearing problem for years not because I was really bothered by it but because my family told me that I spoke extremely loud - especially on the phone and, of course, the TV is always loud, too. About 6 years ago, I went to a free exam at Miracle Ear and they told me that my hearing loss was due to the three bones in my middle ear that are suppose to vibrate are growing cartilage or something on them that makes them no vibrate as 3 individual bones so I would need to purchase two hearing aids at $6000.00 per ear! Well, Did I tell you at the time I was only 35 years old and just about to get married and could not see spending that much money on my ears. So, they said, I could have a surgery that my health insurance would cover but of course that is not guaranteed…I said no thank you. Then about 2 weeks ago, my mother told me about this MDHearingAid option - I was going to go with the middle priced aid but, after talking to the customer service department - I found out that the difference between the AIR and the other models was that this AIR is a digital hearing aid with 4 settings - I am a Real Estate Agent and also a National Training and Compliance Director so I am on the phone, running webinars and talking to people is a major part of my life - I wanted people to know that I am at my first full day and my investment has already been worth it - I have not had a chance to talk on the phone yet or even use more than the 1st frequency setting which is for quiet, at home but the difference is amazing - It sounds like I have a microphone in my mouth when I talk…LOL so, hence I am no longer talking really loud because I can hear myself just fine. I only have the volume on the a very low setting and it is amazing on how much I can hear! So, even at this point the benefits I have so far is worth my investment - Setting them up and taking care of them is really easy too! My husband was also impressed with the fact that you cannot see them in my ear as you can see from the photo examples - Yeah no one can even tell you have them on! Not that I would care because hearing now is so great!!! Thank you so much MD Hearing Aid! I can’t wait to try out the other settings and I will be reporting back at my 21 days just to let everyone know how all the other frequencies have helped me too!! So, my suggestion is to not go cheap - go for the AIR!

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