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MDHearingAid®AIR offers the same advanced technology and features of a $3000 hearing aid—for 90% less.

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AIR Digital Hearing Aid

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Get the hearing aids that
everyone's raving about.

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Meet the New FIT

The unique shape is so comfortable
you'll forget you're wearing an
In-The-Ear (ITE) device.

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MDHearingAid Fit

Doctor Designed,
Audiologist Tested

A low-cost state of the art hearing aid designed by Sreek Cherukuri, MD, board-certified Ear, Nose, & Throat physician, and tested by PhD Audiologists.

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Doctor Designed, Audiologist Tested Digital Aid

Doctor Designed  •  Audiologist Tested  •  FDA Registered

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All Digital Behind-the-Ear AIR
$299.99 ea.
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All Analog Behind-the-Ear PRO
$179.99 ea.
when you buy a pair
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New 2015 MDHearingAid FIT
$499.99 ea.
when you buy a pair
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It works 10

Posted by Anne B. on June 08, 2015

My family has been saying I need hearing aids for several years. When I found myself
missing dialog at the movies and on TV I knew they were correct. However, I didn’t want to spend the money. When I saw the ad in the New Yorker and realized I could return them
if I wasn’t happy, I decided to order them. The first day was difficult because every sound was
amplified. But by the second day I was used to them. I knew all was well when my husband
asked me to turn up the sound on the TV. Thanks for solving my problem for so little money.

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