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Get the hearing aid that everyone's raving about.

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MDHearingAid®AIR offers the same advanced technology and features of a $3000 hearing aid—for 90% less.

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What do the Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, ABC, FOX, CBS, NBC all have in common? They love MDHearingAid®.

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A low-cost state of the art hearing aid designed by Sreek Cherukuri, MD, board-certified Ear, Nose, & Throat physician, and tested by PhD Audiologists.

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Doctor Designed, Audiologist Tested Digital Aid

Doctor Designed  •  Audiologist Tested  •  FDA Registered

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Silverware clinks! 10

Posted by Marilyn B. on October 13, 2014

I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful PROs. Had a free hearing exam, the man said I had moderate loss in one ear, and moderately severe in the other. Suggested I buy two aids for an outrageous price. When I was able to quit laughing I thanked him and left. I already knew I probably needed aids, but have only a small Social Security income. So I ordered the PROs about 6 months ago, they took about 10 minutes to get comfortable with, and I have never looked back. Had forgotten that silverware clinks, birds sing, kitchen stuff clanks! I can hear on the phone, have quit saying “What?” I can now hear one person in a roomful of people, which is relieving the isolation that had begun to come from being lost in the unintelligible noise. Thank you so much!

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