MDHearing VIP Care

VIP Care provides comprehensive, clinic-level care in the comfort of your home from licensed hearing professionals. 

During your scheduled appointments, you will learn how to fit, wear, and optimize your hearing aids for your specific needs. These appointments are typically seen via video chat, similar to FaceTime. However, they can also take place via a phone call if you prefer to talk on the phone.

• Extended 2-year warranty
• Priority customer care phone line
• One-on-one fitting and onboarding from a licensed hearing professional
• Unlimited follow-up care with your licensed hearing professionals

 $400   $200


"Love the service and attention I get from MDHearing. Communication is great and the service is of the best."

—Bill E., Ohio


The clinic experience, reinvented 

The clinic experience, reinvented 

Visiting a hearing clinic is time-consuming and inconvenient. That's why MDHearing is reinventing hearing care. 

Say goodbye to long wait times and multiple appointments. Say hello to a new era of personalized care, where your hearing health is at the center of everything we do.


Unmatched expertise for 10+ years

Unmatched expertise for 10+ years

When it comes to your hearing, experience matters.

We’ve been helping Americans hear better for over a decade and have built a team of licensed, U.S.-based audiologists and hearing specialists to provide you with clinic-level care from the comfort of your home.


Affordable solutions, guided by experts 

Affordable solutions, guided by experts 

Exceptional hearing should be accessible to all. MDHearing offers a range of affordable, FDA-registered hearing aids, ensuring that cost isn’t a barrier.

Whether you need discreet in-ear devices or powerful behind-the-ear models, our experts can guide you towards the perfect fit for your lifestyle.


Take our free hearing test

Take our free hearing test
  100% free and takes less than 8 minutes
  Get instant results from the comfort of home
  Designed by audiologists, ENT doctors, hearing aid specialists, and sound engineers for maximum accuracy


"Excellent shipping, excellent support where you talk to real people, and excellent products backed 100%—just like old times, when people kept their word."

—Gary M., New York

Frequently Asked Questions

How does VIP care work?

VIP care provides you with clinic-level remote audiological services, such as fittings, onboarding, coaching, and follow-up care. 
Through video conferencing, email, phone, and text—you will have access to our hearing professionals in real-time to discuss your concerns and receive personalized care without the need for in-person visits.

Is telehealth hearing care as effective as in-person appointments?

Numerous studies have shown that telehealth hearing care can be just as effective as in-person appointments. Modern technology now allows audiologists and hearing professionals to provide hearing care, counseling, and hearing aid assistance virtually via email, phone, web chat, and video chat.

Who are the hearing professionals at MDHearing?

Helping Americans hear for over a decade, MDHearing has built a team of credentialed audiologists and licensed hearing instrument specialists professionals to provide you with clinic-level care from the comfort of your home.
All of our hearing professionals are based in the U.S., have years of experience in the hearing aid industry, and are passionate about providing the best care and customer support. Meet the full team on our About Us page.

What equipment or technology do I need for VIP care?

To make the most of your telehealth appointments with hearing professionals, we offer an easy, HIPAA compliant video conference that works with any smartphone, tablet, or computer equipped with a camera, microphone and internet access. No special software or apps required!

Do I need a hearing test?

You don't need a hearing test to purchase any MDHearing hearing aid. 

We do recommend you take a hearing test if you suspect you have hearing loss. We offer a FREE online hearing test you can take in a few minutes—all you need is a pair of headphones and a quiet room. Click here to take the test

Is financing available?

We’ve partnered with Affirm to offer financing options with rates from 10-36% APR. Simply select Affirm as your payment method during checkout. See full payment terms here.