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Product Reviews

Product Reviews

I bought both AIR and PRO. 10

Posted by Jim Borger on March 26, 2015

I bought the PRO analog set first, my first ever hearing aids, and took a few weeks to figure out the combination of domes and volume to fit my needs. I was very happy with the product so I decided to step up to the digital AIR and give them a try. I can recommend either.

The PRO uses a separate on/off switch, selects two settings also, so you don’t have to adjust the volume every time you put them on. For me I found that on either style I can turn the volume up until I sound as if I’m talking into a barrel and then back down slightly. I place my hand over my ear when I think I have it set properly and if I hear a squeal then I have it too high. The AIR has three programs and the one you want has to be selected every time it is turned on. The on/off and volume control is one control and must be adjusted by pushing a button every time it is turned off. There is a delay of several seconds when the AIR is first turned on and the volume can easily be turned up too much resulting in a loud squeal. It takes a surprisingly small, to me, amount of ear wax to block the tube. The first time I just thought that the battery had died but a new one didn’t help. The enclosed cleaning tool easily fixes that problem. When the battery dies in the PRO it just quits but in the AIR you get three beeps when the battery is getting weak. It will last for several more hours so you have plenty of warning. I alternate the two pairs as the battery needs replacement, about every three weeks for me. Why two pairs? I am on the road a lot and I like my aids so much I want a backup in case something happens to one.

Happy customer 10

Posted by Cheryl on March 23, 2015

I was skeptical when I ordered these hearing aids as I had been looking at hearing aids that cost over three times the price. These are wonderful. I did not realize how much I was actually missing until I started wearing these. They will whistle if they are not inserted correctly. They are relatively comfortable. I only wish they were waterproof. Thank you. I am so glad I found these!

great return policy

Posted by Clayton G. on March 23, 2015

MDHearingAid refund policy is above reproach.

The refund was given courteously, quickly, without hassle.

A pleasant experience.

awesome devise 10

Posted by Cherry H. on March 21, 2015

I spent $3,000.00 on digital hearing aids. Every time I put them on, the background noise was too high. Even though everything was louder I couldn’t understand the words they were saying on TV. After using them a couple of hours I would take them out because I felt like I was in a loud tunnel and needed relief from the noise. That pattern continued for about 5 years. Then I had a happy accident. I lost them. At first I was devastated to have lost something that cost me 3,000 dollars. I knew I could never replace them now that I am retired I couldn’t afford them again. I thought I would try the MD aids. They had good reviews. They were still pricey but only a fraction of the cost of the ones I got before. The first time I put in the first one I was literally shocked. I could hear the tv and understand what was being said instantly. So I put the other one in and the balance was perfect. Before you go spend thousands of dollars give these a try. You will be glad you did

been loving my aids

Posted by Dr. Kathleen C on March 18, 2015

Been loving my aids. Jumped right into them and wear them all day. Really amazing. Have tried 3 different sized domes, like Little Red Riding Hood, found the one just right. So far so good.

Outstanding 10

Posted by Jay on March 18, 2015

I have had these hearing aids only a few hours now and I cannot believe how well I can hear. They are much better than the expensive hearing aids they replace at a much lower cost. Thank you for this product.

overwhelmed with wonderful aid

Posted by Jo P. on March 15, 2015

I am overwhelmed with this wonderful hearing aid. I adjusted within 2 days. It is the most wonderful thing to be able to watch and hear TV and listen to music. I was at a place that watching TV was a chore. I had CC but could not watch the picture and keep up with the reading, so I mostly gave up. The same with music. I love music, but all I was hearing was bass and rumble. I had a hearing test done and was offered a sale price of $3000, or two for $3200. That was way beyond my means. I was at the place that I was uncomfortable with friends, especially a group. If they laughed, I laughed. If they frowned, I frowned, and so on when actually most of the time I had no idea what they were talking about, and being ashamed of asking “what” and “who” all the time.

I had wanted to buy your aids for over a year, and one day I decided to do it. I want to tell you I am one happy camper. I will be ordering another as soon as possible. I thank you so much for making this hearing aid affordable. I will pass the word along to others.

Bless you for such a great change in my life.

prices can’t be beat

Posted by Carolyn K. on March 15, 2015

I must say, I am very pleased with my purchase, and especially with the wonderful customer service, which to me, and many people, is everything. I believe I’ve communicated with you before, and it has always been a very pleasant experience. You, and everyone at your company that I’ve come in contact with, have been just great, and your prices can’t be beat

I appreciate you

Posted by Harold E. on March 13, 2015

​I appreciate your high quality product and reasonable prices. I highly recommend MDHearingAId and appreciate your service

They work wonderfully! However… 10

Posted by David N on March 11, 2015

I ran into two issues when I started using my set
First, while going through the adjustment period I was constantly moving through the program options to find suitable settings. The place I work at has an ever changing noise level. I wear glasses. My hair is a little on the long side. Hearing aid - glasses - hair behind the ear. While I am feeling through the layers for the program button I occasionally change the volume. Or did I just imagine I did? I ultimately end up removing the devices to look at the volume switch and then put them back on; hoping that I don’t accidently bump the volume putting them back on. A small addition of an indent to feel the increments on the volume would be absolutely stellar.
My second little problem, and I mention it only because it may help others is, “what is loud? “. I wasn’t sure how to determine what is normal. I resolved that issue by having my sweetheart and kids set the volume on the tv, and then I adjusted my hearing aids to their volume preferences - to set a baseline for myself.
I work around senior citizens daily. I hear constant complaints about hearing aids purchased for thousands of dollars. I also have an aversion to amplifiers. Your product is just amazing right of of the box. So amazing that after the first week we purchased another pair as a gift for a good friend that also thought hearing aids were out of reach. Thank you.

better than $2000 aids

Posted by Joyce C. on March 11, 2015

​I received my MDHearingAid AIRs 5 days ago and I just had to let you know how well pleased I am with them. I have been wearing hearing aids of one kind or another since 1980. The latest being Beltone that cost $200 each, which lasted 2 years and 2 weeks. Made in China and had a warranty of 1 year. They also did not have the quality of hearing I am getting from MD hearing aids. I am totally deaf in my left ear so I gave my left hearing aid to my son who has used hearing aids for 15 years. He said it was the best he has ever used. We have used them at church ad he at work. He plans to order one for his right ear as well. Be sure our friends and acquaintances will hear about MDHearingAId and be given the phone number. Thanks for being so prompt in shipping. I received them 4 days after ordering God bless you for everything.

Dont Purchase from MD Hearing Aid 1

Posted by Dorene S. on March 10, 2015

Be very careful about purchasing from this company. My elderly father, who survives on social security, wanted the hearing aids so I ordered them. He was in the hospital and when he got out and was able to try them he did, but they don’t work with his glasses. I tried to return them but missed the date by a few days. This company will absolutely not budge, the have a “strict” policy. So now my father is out 1/4 of his monthly income and stuck with a product that he cant use. Great Company!! Very Caring!! Don’t purchase from this greedy company, purchase from a customer friendly company. I am sure this happens to lots of elderly individuals. Also…keep spreading the word on social media to protect our elderly!!

MDHearingAId response: All of our orders come with a receipt on which our return policy and a contact phone number are printed. Our orders also come with an addendum in which our return policy is again prominently displayed; we highlight it and also include a table for handy reference. This information can be reviewed on the Returns page of our website. To see the highlighted copy, go to Receipt Addendum

This customer placed her order with us over the phone on January 6, 2015. Due to high demand for our product over the holidays, this item was on back order (the customer was notified of this when she placed her order). Once we received and tested new product, the customer’s order shipped on January 12 and was received on January 14. All of our customers who experienced a delay in shipping due to back order status(including this one), received an adjustment in the return period in their favor. The 45 days did not start until the product shipped on January 12. We want our customers to have the full trial period in order to best evaluate our product.

We had no contact with this customer until she emailed us on March 10, 2015 requesting a refund. March 10 was 57 days past the January 12 ship date and thus almost 2 weeks beyond the return window. We contacted the customer and advised her of this. Her response was similar to the review above. Had the customer simply contacted us sometime in the 45 days following January 12 and explained her situation, we would have been more than happy to work with her on addressing her specific concern in order to reach a mutually agreed upon solution. We have done this many times with our customers through the years.

great hearing aid 9

Posted by Reg P on March 09, 2015

I had a previous hearing aid which was fit to my ear. That hearing aid would not stay put in my ear and I finally lost it twice. The second time it was not able to be replaced. I read about MD Hearing Aids. I was given one and have been wearing it and enjoying the fact that I am able to hear better than the previous hearing aid. There is no comparison. It is outstanding and I recommend MD Hearing Aids to anyone who asks about my hearing aid. Thank you for making a great hearing aid for people to hear better than those expensive ones.

great at an excellent price

Posted by John P. on March 08, 2015

I had hearing aides previously but lost them, probably because they were poorly fitted. Even insured they would cost three times what you charged to replace. New they were over $4,000. I checked with Miracle Ear and theirs were even more - between $5,000 and $8,500. I am enjoying my two MDHearing Aids immensely. They arrived promptly. They were easy to assemble and choosing the right fit for my ears even easier. I like that I can turn them up and down especially when around loud music or noisy people. MDHearing Aids are great at an excellent price point. I am telling everyone I know that needs hearing aids to go to you. Thanks

I’m sorry 10

Posted by Philip W. on March 08, 2015

Sorry… I put them in for the rest of the day when they arrived on Friday… then all day Saturday… then turned the volume up this morning and plan to get used to that (all day)… I’m sorry I couldn’t just do the progressive “wearing” thing… I tend to jump right in… smile

oh… and… and… I’m also sorry .… but… you cannot have them back!

one happy 80 year old… loving my whole new world of sound…. I thank you (and my wife really, really thanks you)


Best Ever 10

Posted by Ken A. on March 07, 2015

I am 85 years old and have spent over $15,000 over the years for suitable aids… all of which had unsolvable problems. Upon the receipt of your aids and using them for the 21 days pus period, my hearing is better than ever in all situations. Other aids I had to frequently adjust to find a comfortable experience. With your aids, the sounds are so natural, I sometimes forget they are there.

Great to work with 10

Posted by Don C on February 25, 2015

Thanks very much for your help. I would also like pricing for the AIR aids. I have been considering them for replacement. It’s great to work with those who take care of customers.

A Big Thanks

Posted by David J. on February 24, 2015

I received my hearing aids 2-19-15 ,I selected the open ear piece,installed batteries,set the program in 10 minutes & I was hearing great .Great price!!!

A Big Thanks

same sound quality as expensive aids 9

Posted by Christine Y on February 24, 2015

I have been using top of the line hearing-aids from a Denmark brand name for a few years. After reviewing the comments from your web-site, I have always wanted to try your product as a back-up in case there are mishap to my present ones. But since I have small head and small ears, the FITs are too BIG for my ears! The left FIT can just barely sit in the ear, with the receiver stuck into my canal, I can hear the sound quality the same as my expensive ones. The right FIT is simply too big and can never wear it.

I showed your FITS to my audiologist ( the Denmark brand ) in Hong Kong. He tried and found the FIT performance is satisfactory ( talking about at a price of only US$1000 for a pair !! ). He also took a photo of your product for his future reference. I showed him your website and asked if I should ordered the AIR, in hope of the dome can sit in my ear. Then he said the AIR TUBING is different from the wire that I am using from the Denmark brand, and AIR TUBING might havethe sound distorted ( as sound volume is “squeezed” into the tubing, and
hence the distortion.) And since your website also said the FIT is the most advanced product ever, so I decided to stick to my present ones for now.

Even though I cannot be of your patronage , I would no doubt spread the word for you to those in need of hearing-aids. I personally think Dr. Sreekant Cherukuri is dong a good deed, to develop a hearing-aids that is affordable to the general public. As a hard-of-hearing victim, I can tell the benefits and the differences we can enjoy after wearing the aids. I sincerely wish Dr. Sreekant Cherukuri, and your team a prosperous year of the Goat and the the years to follow !

extraordinary service 10

Posted by Laureano G. on February 23, 2015

Extraordinary Service. Early today I had your package in my postal box at home. Thank you very much


Posted by Carolyn T. on February 21, 2015

I actually can’t believe how much I really love these AIR hearing aids. I have needed something for about 5 years now, but just heard so many bad things about how people stopped wearing their expensive, in-the-ear aids because of one reason or another. The cost was so affordable that I figured I would go ahead and try these, and if I didn’t like them, I at least had 45 days to return them. Well, right away, I loved them. I forgot I was wearing them after just a few minutes of wear. The people around me are thrilled that I have stopped saying, “What?” every few minutes. All I can say is don’t wait another day. Just go for it and start enjoying life better.
(Yes, I’m a REAL user and love them THAT much!)

Easy Quick setup-Hearing Great 10

Posted by David J on February 21, 2015

I did not know how much I was not hearing on high pitch sounds . I am using the open ear tubes.In just a few days I can tell the my hearing is better . The price is great for a top of the line product. I was getting pricing from $2500 to $1800 per set for other brand hearing aids.
Thank you

wonderful product 10

Posted by Ellen R on February 21, 2015

I have had my pro for 3 weeks. Can’t tell you how wonderful it is to hear again. I have constant ringing in my ears. TV was troublesome and conversation in restaurants. I now can hear . What a blessing at an affordable price. My next purchase will be the air. Thank you.

20 star rating 10

Posted by Margaret M. on February 20, 2015

Thank you for such prompt service, I received the new aid today. It’s working just fine. I will mail the broken one Sat. morning Insured for sure. Thank .you again for all your help. Really should have a 20 star rating instead of a 5 star have a great day.

Can’t thank you enough 10

Posted by creth on February 19, 2015

After pricing other hearing devices for what they offer for the price IS NOTHING COMPARED TO THE MDHearingAid. Thank you for opening up a whole new world for me. I’m in sales and have been my entire life and one of the most important things in what I do is LISTENING and HEARING and UNDERSTANDING what my clients say. To get to be the best at what you do takes everything you can use to your advantage. And Thanks to the MDHearingAid you have changed my life for the better. Again thank you.

Very Pleased 10

Posted by Ron W on February 13, 2015

I had used the MD Pro previously and was pleased, but when it was time to replace, I tried the MD Air. I was amazed at the improvement. The settings can now be adjusted for rooms with a lot of noise. I am now able to go to meetings and hear everything being said around the table. Also, customer support is great. I had also tried hearing aids at an ENT clinic which cost over $7600.00 and did not work as well as the MD Air. I highly recommend this product to anyone needing to improve their hearing and recommend getting both left and right aids.

$3000, $4000 Hearing Aids 1

Posted by Stan S on February 11, 2015

For you folks that bought those expensive hearing aids what have you done with them now that you have purchased these MD aids?

Very happy with your hearing aid 10

Posted by William H on February 10, 2015

I have had age related hearing loss for many years and have tried various hearing aids without good results. First very expensive unites ,then lower priced ones and also cheap ones.
Finally found your ad on line and decided to buy a pair on a trial basis because I doubted that the MD Hearing aids would be much better.Your hearing aids are great and are reasonably
priced. I can now follow conversations indoors and outdoors and enjoy music again. Will certainly keep these and recommend them to all my friends.
Thank you for helping me, Bill H

great service 10

Posted by Marjorie T on February 09, 2015

Received the tubing a couple days ago and just wanted to thank you again for the quick service and great customer service.

first class company

Posted by Henry W. on February 05, 2015

on 02/03/2015 I returned my defective hearing aid. On 02/05/2015 I received a replacement aid. I cant begin to tell you how impressed I am with your service and customer support . From my phone call to your return call, your professionalism has been first class. I want to thank you very much for being an impressive American company.

10 stars would be more appropriate! 10

Posted by Tyson M on February 05, 2015

I’ve been so delighted with mine several months and this is my third review to share my experience in order to help other people make an informed decision. Don’t let traditional marketing of hearing devices discourage you from trying this approach because there’s no risk involved other than tying up your money for a period of time with 100% moneyback guarantee. I anguished for several weeks over whether or not this was a good decision and investment which was a complete waste of time and now I am compelled to share how glad I am that I took the steps to order them and you still can’t have them back! So for all of you out there still pondering whether or not they work .....? just go for it!

Awesome hearing aid 10

Posted by Sandra Stephan Richards on February 03, 2015

I’ve only had this about a week and already like it better than the one I paid $3000 for. I would recommend this to anyone looking to purchase a great hearing aid.. Thank you for a reasonably priced hearing aid and my hearing back..

No regrets 8

Posted by David K on February 03, 2015

I am 82 years old, living in Hastings New Zealand. Hearing in my right ear had been poor for many years, but my left ear had excellent hearing, so I was not too concerned. About fifteen months ago I woke with virtually no hearing in my left ear. After the usual rounds of doctor, audiologist, specialist, and brain scan, the best offer from the audiologist was $4000 including our government subsidy, for a pair of aids. This was way out of my league, so I started searching the Internet, and the most promising for me looked like MD HEARING. I now have a pair of Air aids, and have no regrets. I cannot make a comparison with other aids, hence my four star rating, but I can say the customer service is five stars plus.

keep on

Posted by Glen B. on February 01, 2015

YOU are doing a grand thing helping us poor people afford a hearing aid….keep on and God bless you.

What a Great Product! 10

Posted by Randy M on January 29, 2015

I have got to let everyone know how great this hearing aid is. I am going into my second week but I already know I will be keeping this unit. I had my ear checked and was experiencing a loss in my left ear. The tone was for children and women’s frequency. I thought that’s not really a problem then : ).. But my grandson changed all that. He has been staying with me since the holidays and I decided to get a hearing aid. After reviewing my options and not wanting to take out a second mortgage, i ordered the Pro. I have not removed it except at night, since I received it. If you know you have a problem and are thinking about a hearing aid, I highly recommend this unit. It works for me and I never write reviews.

Great Hearing aids 10

Posted by Barbara J on January 27, 2015

Thank you for making such a wonderful product. Could not afford the expensive hearing aids, and had tried different aids, but those did not work at al. Saw your ad about a year ago and bought the Pro for both ears and love them. Keep up the good work.l

fabulous find

Posted by Jenifer K. on January 24, 2015

I have now had my hearing aid since November, and I LOVE it, I am so thrilled that I can hear so well with it. I had previously had an expensive hearing aid from Beltone, which NEVER gave me the clarity of hearing like my mdhearing aid. I will definitely recommend this hearing aid to anyone who is in the market for one. The price is so affordable compared to my $2000-$3000 previous buys. I hope you will keep the prices in this reasonable bracket. I am retired and on social security, and this is a WONDERFUL find. Thank you sooo much, I love your product.

Sincerely, an extremely satisfied customer,

buy extra to always have a spare

Posted by Roger S on January 23, 2015

I want to say “Thank you” for making and selling the Pro hearing aid. I love it. It works so well. It is without question the best device I have used in 25 years. I can actually hear rain falling and birds singing now, sounds that I have not heard in a long time.

I had just been told that I needed a very expensive new aid ($8,500), before I shopped online and found MD Hearing Aid for $179. Last year, my aid “went out” on a trip, and I was almost incommunicado for the rest of the way home.

The customer support was really nice. The repair was only $49.00. That is a bargain, as any repair, even if only a cleaning, of my old aid was $300.00 and a three-week wait time. I bought an extra new MD Hearing Aid Pro when I had the other one repaired, so that I would have a spare with me with me at all times. I encourage people who want a good aid at a very low price to buy two of these at a time, so that you will always have a spare.

I have referred this company and this aid to many friends and relatives in Florida, Alabama and Texas, as well as those I happen to meet who are having difficulty with their present aids.

works very well 10

Posted by david g. on January 21, 2015

just as good as the $2,000 set.

Great customer service

Posted by Chris C on January 21, 2015

Thank you for your refund and prompt service. I have dealt with your company for over a year now and AM totally satisfied with your service and products.

But I am specially impressed with your customer service as one of the best I have ever used. Although this particular hearing aid did not work for me I am especially grateful for the service and quality of your company and customer service.

I would buy with confidence if you came up with another hearing aid that might work better for me.
To make a long story short I’m very happy with your company would recommend you to all my friends if they were in search of a hearing aid.

Didn’t Know What I Was Missing Out On 10

Posted by Larry S. G. on January 19, 2015

I really didn’t realize what I had been missing all the years. I took a hearing test and saw an ENT doctor before I ordered my FIT hearing aids. What a difference it has made in my life! I!! I can hear sounds that I hadn’t heard in many years. But best of all, I can understand my granddaughter when she speaks to me. Thank you for adding this back into my life!


Posted by SHERRON J on January 15, 2015

I am 72 y/o and have had hearing loss since I was 20. In Oct. of 2012, I purchased my MD Pro and received it in about 4 days. I put the hearing aid in my ear as I was on my way to conduct my sister’s funeral. From that time on I put the hearing aid in my ear when I got up in the AM, and wore it until I went to bed. I have worn numerous other hearing aids through the years (name brands) which I am not knocking, but the MD hearing aid gave me the best quality hearing I have ever had with any other aid. I have only one ear which I can hear with.
I highly praise the Pro, however, do not take a shower with it in your ear. I have this date ordered a new MDHearing Aid - Air. Thanks MDHearing Aid!

My husband’s AIRs are wonderful

Posted by Patricia F on January 14, 2015

Thank you for notifying me of receipt and refund of your great product. Although I returned one, that I ordered for my Mother, the pair of Airs I ordered for my husband, is working out wonderful. He loves them. Had been using a loaner pair from our local Audiologist, and had time to compare MDHearing Aid, before having to return the loaners [$4000] pair. He is a happy camper, as your product proved to be equal to if not better, for the adjustments he could make himself, without the cost going up, up,up. I have given your web site to a couple of people. Hope they realize the gift your company provides.

Amazing Difference, Unbelievable Price, 10

Posted by Pat C. on January 13, 2015

I am so impressed with the difference the MDhearingaidPro has made in my hearing. I have had age-related hearing loss for some time but just could not afford the hearing aid prices plus I knew that insurance did not help a lot in the purchase of hearing aids. I had also seen many people that buy the expensive aids and then they end up in a drawer somewhere.

. I came across the MDHearingAid ad. After looked into it and comparing the different options and prices and because of the 45 day money back guarantee, I decided to try the PRO style.I have had mine for almost a year and I have not regretted it. It has truly helped so much and most people do not even notice that I have it on. I usually use the traditional tubing as it works best for me.

I am so pleased with the product that I have no doubt that if these stop working I will probably order another set. Because of the comfort, the price, the great customer service, I can not see a reason to go anywhere else.

Thank you MDHEARINGAID for such a great product at an affordable price.

Great affordable option to crazy-expensive hearing aids 9

Posted by Ashley M on January 10, 2015

I have hearing loss in one ear and have used a Widex Diva for a number of years, but I have had sporadic satisfaction with it. I went to a national franchise audiology company for an updated audiogram and adjustment. I was told that I needed to buy a new hearing aid with the updated technology/etc. My wife was in favor of the idea and suggested I do it. The price was $4000!!! I just couldn’t do it and decided to research before purchasing.

I saw all the great reviews for the MD Hearing Aid and decided with the money back guarantee that I had nothing to lose…and I ordered the AIR model. This was a fantastic move!!!

I am only about 3 weeks into wearing the hearing aid and I am still experimenting with the various ear plugs/fitments. The AIR tubing is very comfortable and not very visible. I am using the traditional tubing right now, however, because of the opportunity to allow just a bit more volume in (larger tube and fits very much like ear buds).

I have another month to try it out, but at this point I see no reason for everyone who has a relatively “level” hearing loss to at least give this a try. I have moderate to severe hearing loss in one ear, and this has been wonderful. Perhaps my Diva could have been adjusted, but I have to also say that the AIR is more comfortable and less worrisome for me than the in-ear Diva.

I rarely give reviews on products, especially this wordy, but I think for the price you pay for this and the fact that insurance will not assist with the purchase of hearing aids, it is a must to try this and see if it works for you. If not, just return it and go get that programmable aid from an audiologist. (By the way, if you must go that route, do your research online…there are some great options for the purchase of those as well so that you are not looking at $4K/ear like I was!)

Happy hearing! Thanks MD Hearing Aid for providing this wonderful alternative!

Excellent product!  Over the top customer service! 10

Posted by Jim W on January 10, 2015

When I first tried the MdhearingAid Air I was immediately impressed with the performance. The choice of programs is invaluable and gives you a personal choice of what you want to hear. The sound quality is any product out there.
As a retired sound contractor having dealt with sound most of my life I am totally impressed.
Any questions or requests I made through customer service were handled quickly and professionally . Unfortunately, because of medical reasons, I had to return the Air and can say that my return and refund were handled the same way. Very prompt and professionally!
Thank you MDHearing!

Happy Hearing 10

Posted by Elizabeth H on January 09, 2015

I purchased MDhearing aids air in September and i love them I’ve had a great time being able to hear again and no problem with them at all. I just put them in and started hearing. It’s great. It was a great gift. I don’t feel so alone and outside any more I’m part of life again I can hear whats going on. I recommend them to everyone. My Sincerest Thanks

Great product 10

Posted by Darin on January 08, 2015

Not a lot to say but I am very impressed at the hearing aids I received from here. I have significant hearing loss from my childhood and have worn hearing aids for most of my life. I was getting tired of paying so much for them when someone told me about this hearing aid and when one of my super expensive models broke and the cost to repair would purchase me 2 PRO’s, I figured might as well give it a try and I am not regretting my decision one bit.

High Quality, Great Price! 10

Posted by Simon C. on January 04, 2015

I finally acknowledged to myself that I could benefit from hearing aids for my (so far minimal, uncomplicated) hearing loss. But I was absolutely appalled at having to pay $2,000-$4,000+ for a pair. Then I saw the advertisement for MDHearingAids. I ordered a pair of PROs and I’m very, very pleased. I’ve recommended MDHearingAids to all my fellow aging baby boomer friends!

Best thing that has happened to me! 10

Posted by Theresa on January 03, 2015

I have a new lease on life! I am a teacher who has developed trouble hearing her students. After having my hearing checked, I began my search for a hearing aid that I could afford. MDHearing Aid Pro came to my rescue! For the first time in years I am able to hear my individual students and carry on conversations without asking for someone to repeat what they said! Thank you for much for allowing me to enter into a hearing world again without costing me more than I make!

Good sound! 9

Posted by Adolph F on December 30, 2014

I decided to use the FIT with an ear dome after not being able to prevent whistling without it. All is very good! For me, the sound of voices is better and more clear than even the AIR, which I also have used previously. The AIR is now my backup aid. The FIT fits nicely in my ear, and I have had little difficulty to get used to it positioning. Overall, I am very pleased with the product.

I hear what I’ve been missing. 10

Posted by Kenneth N on December 30, 2014

I tried some cheaper hearing aids and didn’t care for them at all. The sound was poor and they wouldn’t stay put. I got the MD hearing aids and put them on and never take them off except at night. They keep the background noise down. My wife enjoys them because I don’t have to ask her to repeat. I listen to a lot music and I am hearing sounds I didn’t know were there. I can hear the blinkers on the car, silverware clanking and understand kids talk. What a blessing. Thank you and you can’t have them back.

Excellent Value 9

Posted by David S. on December 28, 2014

I lost my $5,000. hearing aids. I ordered MDHearingAid AIR. They were a fraction of the price I paid for my original ones. They allow me to adjust to different situations without going to an office for adjustments. The only negative side is the size. They are not as discreet as my original ones. I would like to see them reduced in size, otherwise they work great.

Best customer support 10

Posted by Walter L on December 26, 2014

Just got off the phone with Erica and Brent. We had purchase a MD Pro originally 2 years ago for my mother who has had hearing loss for the last couple of years. the Pro was basically a test to see what could help and this was the best roll of the dice with limited funds. This device was extremely helpful so we saved up and have decide to upgrade to the FIT. The staff of MD was very helpful and knowledgeable. It is unfortunate that this industry really doesn’t reach out to people that really need the help Thanks to MD and its staff for at least trying.

Recommend 10

Posted by Cindy on December 26, 2014

I ordered these for my boyfriend without his knowledge. He was hesitant to try anything assuming he was used to living with his hearing loss and honestly didn’t want to wear a hearing aid. I ordered both right and left based on this sites recommendations I read from others. He at first just wore the right side which was the side he felt would be the most beneficial. After a week he also tried wearing the other side as well. He said he had no idea what he was not hearing. I highly recommend this product.

My FITs 10

Posted by Tom P on December 25, 2014

I have worn behind the ear aids for several years. I had always wanted to try an in the ear aid but didn’t want to block my ears from hearing the sounds I could hear without hearing aids. These aids let me do that. I do not need a dome so I am able to hear with my natural hearing in the lower pitches and with the hearing aids in the higher pitches. These aids are as good as my $6000 ones. I even hear better in background noise! Thank you MDHearingAid!

FIT is Great. 9

Posted by Tom U on December 18, 2014

I have had the Air hearing aids for two years and thought they were great. Now, I have had the FIT aids for three days and what a delight. Instant fit and a more natural sound. I could not be happier.

My fits 10

Posted by Melvin H on December 17, 2014

First let me say that my fits fit. I have owned in the ear aids before and they worked okay until they broke (the plastic cracked apart). After my initial difficulty with the small battery installation everything went smoothly. I did have to use the little ends to stop the feedback. I have the largest one installed now and my feedback is no worse than my old aids. Getting use to the fit was not a problem for me because I had to do that before. Needless to say they work great. I had them in for four plus hours the first time, took two hours off and back in for four more. They work great and compared to my old broken ones they are as good or better. The four programs work as advertised and I believe I’ll keep them. Birds sound wonderful again.


Excellent Hearing Aid-Excellent Price 10

Posted by F. Bruce W. on December 15, 2014

I recently purchased my first pair of hearing aids from I received them both in approximately four days. Putting them together and installing the batteries was a breeze. Tried the closed domes first and then tried the open dome which I liked a lot better as they allow some natural sound to pass through. While it recommended wearing them for short periods initially, I found them so comfortable that I wore them all day and continue to wear them all day every day. After comparing pricing and determining that these were the only ones I found at a fairly reasonable price I strongly recommend you try them. I found I don’t say “HUH” much anymore except maybe to my wife!!

Thank God! 10

Posted by Ellie on December 05, 2014

So I opened it up followed the directions and put them in for the ride to work. You are so not going to believe this but I could hear the directionals in the car! no more frustrated drivers angry at me! So then I had to walk across the street and guess what I heard the traffic! Boy, I coulda been killed before. So then I’m remembering I have the reentry center tonight…I’m gonna be able to hear them without annoying anyone! I had no idea my ears were so bad because I lost them gradually so I didn’t notice it so much. This gift is going to enable me to serve in other areas I only dreamt about.

Great bargain for a good product. 10

Posted by Jim B on December 03, 2014

I have a high frequency loss that makes it hard to hear over the phone, especially female voices, and in situations where there are several people talking at once. If a TV is on in the next room I can hear it better than a person talking in the same room I’m in. I got two MD Pro hearing aids several weeks ago and they are great. I use the thin tubes with the open domes. I tried the closed domes first but I didn’t like the “plugged” up feeling. The open domes sound much more natural. It took a couple of weeks experience to figure out what works for me. I select the “H” setting and turn up the volume until my voice starts to develop a hollow sound and then turn it back until I sound normal to myself. The kit came with a year’s supply of batteries.

Mr Robert G 10

Posted by Robert G on December 03, 2014

I have had a Phonak Hearing Aid for my right ear for the last 18 months. It cost $3000. When my Audiologist said my left ear is getting to the point of requiring a hearing aid I decided to give MDHearing a try. I have been using the $349 MDHearing aid for two weeks and it works better then the $3000 Phonak!! I do not need the 45 day trail period to know! The Phonak is slightly smaller but the MD Air is still small enough to be invisible behind my ear. For $3000 the Phonak does not even have anyway to adjust volume or even to turn off. To turn off one must open the battery compartment! (for $3000- it should jump into my ear on it’s own!) When the Phonak dies it will be replaced by an MDHearing Air.
No regrets making this purchase and highly recommend it to anyone.

Amazing…. 10

Posted by Amato D. on November 30, 2014

It has been 30 days since I purchased these amazing hearing aids. I had needed hearing aids for nearing 5 years but I have been against purchasing them because of the high cost. The MDHearingAid Air have changed my whole home, social and work outlook. I am no longer asking people to repeat what they have just said. The product is just outstanding in quality, performance and appearance. One of the nice things is the battery life, I have changed my first set of batteries after 21 days. It has taken me a few weeks to get comfortable in wearing them and determining what setting to use in different cases. I am so pleased with the hearing aids and have recommended them to family members and friends.

More than pleased! 9

Posted by Max O on November 30, 2014

Bought my first hearing aid about four years ago at a price of $2,200.00, which is considered inexpensive for a hearing aid. After three years, that hearing out stopped working. I was then faced with spending a great amoun of money again, which I dreaded. Then, I found MD HearingAid on the net. A little skeptical at first but went ahead a ordered the hearing aid. What a great surprise. The features and quality of this hearing aid far surpass that of the one I purchased for the $2,200.00. Very, very pleased with this device. Try it, you too will discover that you purchased a great hearing aid for a very affordable price.

Superb 10

Posted by Ray on November 22, 2014

I put up with 50% hearing loss for years because I couldn’t afford well-known hearing aids. I am so glad I tried MD Hearing Aids! Life is much easier and more enjoyable now. The quality of the devices is superb. I enthusiastically endorse this product!

Very Pleased. 10

Posted by Fran E. on November 21, 2014

The MDHearing Aid Pros arrived in a timely manner. After rereading the manual and making some adjustments, they have been working well for me. I previously had an expensive in-ear hearing aid, so I knew what to expect as far as sound quality, and these have been as good or better. (I got two this time because I was told in my last exam that both ears needed hearing aids, and I could tell that one ear wasn’t hearing as well as before.)

The Pros stay on well during tai chi exercise, walking dogs in the park and other activities. TV listening is better, and I don’t have to strain to hear people with softer voices. (I use the “H” setting on 2.) The only problem I’ve had is a buzzing in the phone handset (not the hearing aid), so I use the speaker on the phone instead. I wear glasses and had the ear pieces adjusted for the hearing aids. I’m very pleased with the MDHearing Aid Pro.

One week later ... With ‘AIRS’ 10

Posted by Tyson M on November 20, 2014

I really feel like this needs to be addressed… I’ve had my ‘AIRS’ about a week now and it’s taking a little bit of time to figure out how to adjust them for the best hearing in most situations. A small price to pay when I can confidently go to work now and not worry about customers complaining to management that they don’t want to work with me because they got tired of repeating themselves and at slowing down the process of making a purchase at our dealership. Not only am I selling more cars but I’m having a lot more fun because of the reduced anxiety that I had without my Airs…. My coworkers and managers apparently like them even more than I do! So go ahead and place your order; stop procrastinating and taking your stubbornness out on other people around you. you’ve owed it to them if not yourself long enough!

Comfy, convenient and sounds great! 10

Posted by Bill S. on November 19, 2014

I’ve been wearing the MDHearingAid FIT for three months and I love it. It’s so easy to put on! I’ve worn a BTE in the past and this FIT is much easier to put on in the morning. It’s easy like slipping on a pair of flip-flops instead of putting on lace-up shoes. The sound is great. People’s voices sound clear it’s easier to understand what they are saying. I’m not distracted by the whistling or background noises like I was with my old custom hearing aids.

These are great!

Customer Service speciallist 10

Posted by Parvin on November 18, 2014

Jumped in the pool with one hearing aid on and realized it immediately and dried it and put it in a ziplock that covered it with rice.After a few days I tried it with a new battery still did not operate. Tried again a week later still didn’t work . Finally I called customer service and spoke to a man named Will who walked me through an easy procedure and got it working perfectly.
Thanks Will and MD hearing Aid. I purchased two in August 2013 and have been very pleased.
I definitely recommend this product and company..

Received today and I don’t want to take them out 10

Posted by Joanne C on November 17, 2014

Today I received my MDHearingAId Air Plus Pack and IMMEDIATELY I could turn my tv volume from about 70 to 24. I am hearing sounds that I have obviously missed for a very long time. These are not being returned! they are comfortable and I don’t want to take them out! What a gift to the hearing impaired people. THANK YOU.

You can’t have them back!!!! 10

Posted by Tyson M on November 14, 2014

This is not an ad… this is really what just happened. I just left a sales meeting and it was the first time I heard every word from managers and other salespeople in the room. I know there is a 45 day free trial period with $$$ back guaranteed; but I won’t be using it. I had these thing in my ears yesterday on my day off and it took my girlfriend about four hours to stop raising her voice. I went to her sons house last night and could hear all the conversation over the kids and the TV. If you are reluctant because of vanity here is one more clue… I’m now sitting at my desk at work after the meeting in the showroom at Riverchase Kia and nobody has even noticed that I have them and I’m listening to conversations over the radio not trying to figure out if they’re talking to me or someone else. If you have experienced isolation, confusion, frustration, embarrassment, or seen other people sharing many of the same emotions and not wanting to deal with your asking for clarification time and again remember this… when my sales manager said ” He CHS” to another manager that was the ‘tipping point for me’. It’s tiny, barely noticeable, has enough features for almost anyone to at least give them a try. What heck???? Is it worth risking a trial to find out? THE ANSWER FOR ME IS .... YOU CAN’T HAVE THEM BACK!

Amazing! 10

Posted by Frank L on November 11, 2014

When I ordered I was very skeptical, but after the first day I became a believer. After my audiologist recommended hearing aids I showed him the information on MDHearingAid AIR. He said he was not a fan of hearing aids purchased from the internet, but they would probably help and if not I could return them and come back to him. I order the aids on a Friday and they came 3 days later on Monday. I have used them for a week and I am amazed! Can’t believe the features and performance for only $599. I should have ordered them last year!

MD “AIR” 10

Posted by Gerald L. on November 10, 2014

I had not had aids prior to the purchase of a pair of “AIRs” . I had been tested and was in need of aids.They have been very easy transition to make. I wore them to church the very next day after receiving them,what a difference they made. I can understand every word when watching TV , Now it’s my wife that is asking me to “turn it up a little”. In my opinion this purchase was very good choice for me.They are just as you described in your ad. Thanks for making it affordable for me.

I can hear my children! 10

Posted by Sara on November 07, 2014

I have always had a hearing problem. People would talk to me and I never knew it until they yelled my name. Nothing severe, just always thought I was distracted. At 16 they were surprised that my hearing was comparable to someone in their 70’s. At 23 now, I went back in because I can no longer understand what people say. I don’t hear people come in the room. Its alarming.
Today I received my AIR hearing aids and instantly I was stunned by all the noises. I could not only hear my child, but i could understand her clearly from two rooms away! Oh, and apparently our dishwasher and coffee makers really do make quite a bit of noise. It’s an adjustment for sure but it’s worth every penny! To hear my babies speak is priceless for me. Prayers answered!

Changed my mind 9

Posted by mary jo s on November 05, 2014

just got off the phone with Will from customer service. I have to say that the experience restored my faith in my fellow man. I was about to give up my MD AIRs because of problems with hearing too much! I was given the return info in such a way(clearly and no questions) that I reconsidered after I hung up and called Will back and cancelled the return. There was never a problem with the aids themselves, they’re all they said they would be. The problem was me, too lazy to give myself time to get used to hearing things again that most people take for granted. All the sounds at once were over stimulating I guess. I will give it time and not try to wear them so long till I get used to them. The family had better not talk about me at the dinner table this Thanksgiving! Thank you MD and thank you Will!!

Well worth the price 6

Posted by Thomas F on November 01, 2014

Let me start off by saying that hearing loss sucks! I tried the expensive brands and was never satisfied - especially not considering the price. The main advantage for me with MD Hearing Aids other than price is the separate volume controls. On the down side, I do have one specific complaint. I have moderate hearing loss, so I like the benefit of using the open fit ear domes, which let more of the natural sound in. Unfortunately these hearing aids have horrible feedback issues when using the open fit domes. The solution, of course, is the closed dome. But these make hearing on the phone quite difficult. All in all, these hearing aids do help a lot, and - like I said - having control of the volume is a big plus.

Works as advertised—I’m real pleased 10

Posted by Hespereos B on November 01, 2014

I bought expensive, inexpensive and government approved senior’s subsidized hearing aids. The MDHearingAid AIR aids work better and simpler. I took a ‘What have I got to lose’ chance on MDHearingAid Air because the government approved senior’s subsidized hearing aids sat on my desk doing nothing most days.

Right out of the box, I could hear clearly with the MD hearing aids. Next day, I happened to walk past the nearby school at recess, and by golly I could hear the children make their schoolyard noises.

I had a problem with feedback and whistling on one side. Lowering the volume gets rid of the feedback.

Just what I need 10

Posted by Rick I on October 29, 2014

I’ve only had the hearing aid for a day, but it’s awesome! A surprisingly natural hearing experience with the open ear pieces. I had bought a really cheap hearing aid from another company, which I lost, and frankly I would still be using. But now, I’m happy I did lose it and got the MD PRO. I’m very happy!


Posted by Clarence L on October 25, 2014

These hearing aids are amazing! I have worn hearing aids for about 10 years. One of my aids needed repair, so I took it in, and they told me that because it was so old, it would be a minimum of $500 for the repair, no matter what was wrong with it. I priced new aids comparable to the ones I had…$2500 and my co pay would be $900. I started to look online and discovered the MDHearingAid Air for $599.99 per pair. I, like some others have mentioned, was skeptical but I decided to try them. WHAT A GREAT SURPRISE!! I have had the Airs 2 weeks today and they are better than my old $2500 ones, and more comfortable. THANK YOU MD Hearing Aid for such a bargain.

MD HearingAid Air 10

Posted by Donald G on October 23, 2014

I purchased Oticon Hearing Aids for $4500 a pair. I returned them as they did not help my hearing problem as well as expected. And the cost was unreal! I have now purchased two MDHearingAid Airs. I not only hear better than the Oticons, but I have more adjustments available without having to go to the hearing clinic every time something has to be changed.MDHearingAid AIRs are the best and they are most affordable.

I will shout it out! WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL!!!!!!!! 10

Posted by Mr. Lee Q on October 23, 2014

I will shout it out! WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!

They work great and at a great price.

What a sad thing that other companies do to unsuspecting hearing impaired people.

I tell everybody about your product because I have them and they can see them. You people are wonderful for offering this wonderful product!

Hearing once again 10

Posted by JOHN E on October 21, 2014

Greetings Dr Cherukuri, I wish to thank you for your product. There is so much that people take for granted that can hear. But with the Air Plus I hear words not just voices, And this is only day 2 wearing them. I don’t need a headset to listen to T V This is the best I have heard in years. I also wish to thank Mary in Customer Service. Thank you both for your Outstanding Service. and Exceptional Product. ,

Tthank you MD Hearing aid co. 10

Posted by Ned G on October 15, 2014

Have worn my PRO model hearing aids for 2 weeks and am very happy with them,what a difference! I’m impressed at what a good hearing aid for the price. If I had to pay what ear doctor wanted I would not have hearing aids. I was recommended to MD Hearing aids by a friend and I will do same for others..

Amazed from someone who has worn hearing aids for 30 years! 10

Posted by Deborah B on October 14, 2014

I only wish that I could place a billboard advertisement across the United States for MDHearingAid. When I was 30 years old, I began wearing hearing aids. No idea how much money that I have spent over the years. In the last year, I spent $4,350 for two hearing aids. Unfortunately, I lost one of those hearing aids recently. The hearing aid was insured and was replaced. However the terms of replacement stated that if the hearing aid was found the company would no longer repair that hearing aid. In addition the initial three year warranty was null and void. I did find the original hearing aid. The hearing aids had been in the the repair shop as often as they had been in my ears over the last year. Both the original hearing aid and the replacement needed repairing at the same time. I found MDHearingAid while searching for a repair company. I admit to being skeptical when I read about MDHearingAid but thought what the heck. So much money had been practically thrown away over the past years that I decided to give the hearing aids a try. Wow! I just cannot believe it. I know that it sounds unbelieveable because it is hard for me to believe but I am more satisfied with the hearing aids from this company than with any I have ever worn. I hear better with these hearing aids than with any that I have ever worn. There are more features for hearing with these hearing aids than with any I have ever worn. How do I express my thankfulness for this company who has made hearing aids affordable with unbeatable quality. All my friends have noticed that I hear better with these hearing aids. Thanks to MDHearingAid Company.

Excellent Affordable Hearing Aids 8

Posted by Lawrence L on October 14, 2014

I bought a pair of AIR Hearing Aids about a year ago, and I have to admit their quality rivals that of far more expensive hearing aids. Initially, I had wanted to return them. But, as I used them more and more, I like them so much I decided to keep them, and I have recommended your MDHearingAids to my friends.

MDHearingAid AIR for husband 10

Posted by Faye H on October 14, 2014

I’ve never written a review before, so I want to be very right in what I say.

My review is a wife’s perspective of a husband who had been dealing with hearing loss for a long period of time, but denying his hearing loss and refusing to consider using hearing aids. However, after his dealing with several strokes and thus numerous doctor visits and having to submit to receiving some care from his family, he finally agreed to having a hearing test and consultation for hearing aids. Confirmed that he indeed had moderate to severe hearing loss, he agreed to the consultation for hearing aids, but balked at the high cost of nearly five thousand dollars for two. “Absolutely not!” was his answer, so I returned to the usual loud tv that blasted the entire house even with the room door closed. Let me quickly add that he is absolutely not a disagreeable person…just the opposite, in fact. Married almost fifty-two years and we’re looking for at least another twenty five years, I can tell you the man is greatly loved by all his family…he’s just stubborn at times about some things. I had already spent a small fortune buying headphones for the TV, and small in-ear amplifiers, but they never satisfied his need, So I started searching for a way to work around his objection to the high cost of “something so darn little costing so darn much”. And I found an ad in a magazine that led me to your web page and the reviews.

It took me a little while to convince him to let me order, but he didn’t balk at the 699.99 price of the MDHearingAid AIR 2 plus package. I ordered them on 8/12/2014. They arrived a week later. After reading all instructions fully and carefully putting the aids together, I placed them in his ears and adjusted the sound. He liked their feel. But could I now lower the tv sound? HECK YES! Now, when he has his “ears on” as he calls them, his TV sound no longer blasts throughout the house…hardly a sound comes thru the room door.

Now, I would like to say that he wears his “ears” all the time, but remember I deal with a special mate who insist on having things his way at times, so sometimes the “ears” stay protected in the box, but what peace I had when I would ask: “Honey, do you want me to send them back and get a refund?” ....and his definite answer “NO, NO I’ll wear them when I really need them” came back.

So we can’t really compare them with other hearing aids, because he would not pay the high cost for others, but I can tell you THIS wife… who hears very well… is very pleased with his hearing AIRS “ears” even if they do sometimes stay in the box. Let me add that I know of two owners of very high priced hearing aids that also leave their aids in the box sometimes, afraid of either losing them, or damaging them, or dealing with loud background noise during certain activities.

So, if you have a mate like mine who balks at the high cost of hearing aids, but really needs them, I can recommend you to the reasonable cost of these MD Airs. They have given MY HEARING a peaceful quiet time, and my husband brags on the good deal I found for him.

Thank you, MDHearingAid AIRs!!!


Wow 10

Posted by Mark G. on October 14, 2014

I’ve worn behind-the-ear hearing aids in the past and I was skeptical about an in-the-ear aid but this FIT is wonderful.

With my old aids every time one of my young children came over to me for a hug, my old aids would whistle until my child let go. With these FITs there’s no whistling with a hug!

Another thing I really like is that these don’t interfere with my glasses at all since there’s nothing to tuck behind my ear.

I also like that they look high-tech. I’m in my early 40s and these make me feel tech-savvy rather than hearing impaired.

MD Hearing Aid Air 10

Posted by Joe B on October 10, 2014

Thank you. I received my hearing aid in just 3 days. I purchased other hearing aids and they was far more inferior than the MDHearingAid AIR . My wife is also very pleased. Says she can hardly notice that I have them on..thank you again Joe

amazing Air hearing aids 10

Posted by Armand on October 06, 2014

For months now I had been reviewing many types of hearing aids from On-line information sites. I went to my HMO audiologist and they gave me another hearing test and said yes you need hearing aids. The hearing aid store that they have through my HMO said that the hearing aids there cost between $1300.00 and $4000.00 for each ear. They also have refurbished hearing aids previously owned by someone who is deceased. I don’t think I could handle wearing a hearing aid from someone who passed on, but that’s just me.
I pondered the question of MD Hearing aids for many months. Finally I thought I would buy them (MDHearingAid AIR). I just received both hearing aids, one for each ear, this past weekend. Well I can tell you I have never been happier with my decision to buy them. For any of you folks out there who wonder (should-I or Shouldn’t I ) All I can say to you is DO IT. You won’t be sorry. I can finally hear people talking to me and hear me talking back. I go to the store and I can hear the clerks asking me questions and giving answers etc.

Great for emergencies, be careful with the domes, they take some experimenting. 6

Posted by Charlie D on October 05, 2014

My MD Hearing Aid Pros serve as a great backup to my 3,000 Siemens. When those need to go in for repair, the MDs are great stand-ins, at a much lower price.

Most appreciated MDhearing Aid special feature. 9

Posted by James S on October 04, 2014

Individual volume controls. When driving I turn ‘her side’ (Right) up and the street side (left) Down. In Church I ‘down’ the loud music and ‘up’ the speaking side. In restaurants the side I want to hear is up and the noise side down. This is a BIG advantage over the usual coordinated balanced or equal volume found on most other brands.

I never expected this…... 10

Posted by Carolyn C on October 04, 2014

I have had my Airs from MDHearingAid for about a week now. I have been hearing aid needy for 20 years because of damage done to my hearing in service. I just couldn’t bring myself to give in to wearing devices until….... Within the previous months I caught myself saying, “What?”, “Huh”, or totally misunderstanding what was said (which created embarrassment more than several times) much more often than usual. I also felt myself pulling in more socially. I was avoiding gathering with friends. I was making excuses to not attend functions. My life was becoming miserable. I had downloaded and read the manual when I ordered my devices. I followed the steps put the MD Airs in as soon as I received them. I was amazed at what I was hearing, the clock ticking, a bee buzzing, the AC running, and the list goes on and on. I have only told one person that I have hearing aids. I enjoy seeing the surprised look on others’ faces when they are expecting to have to repeat what they said to me but instead, I respond to them. I am loving my new status.


Posted by Fred G. on October 03, 2014

I have had units for many years. One decided to take a hike and get lost. The other died of old age. For financial reasons, I did without. This summer my son thought a pair would be a good Father’s Day gift. I must say, I was skeptical. They were delivered as promised and calls to the office to clarify instructions and answer questions were handled promptly, courteously and with concern to my needs.

I cannot say thanks more than to say THANK YOU for what you do and how you do it. I have made it known to others about your products and my opinion of them.

The price was more than right! I won’t ask how you do it. Just keep doing it.

Amazing 10

Posted by Earl A. on October 02, 2014

I must start by admitting that I was skeptical of MDHearingAid Air advertisements. I did a great deal of research and tried very hard to find something negative about the company, or the products. I failed. I also took my most recent audiogram to my physician and talked with him at length about my hearing loss. He once again, advised me that I needed to try something. I had some analog aids from a major vendor that cost a lot of money and sat in the drawer for years because they were useless and annoying. I faxed my audiogram to MDHearingAid and called them to see what they would tell me. The person I talked with was helpful and the information I received indicated that the Air aids would help.
What a surprise! Yes, it takes some time to adjust to them, yes, you have to fiddle a bit to get the fit just right, but the results for me have been amazing. I can now enjoy dining out and participating in the conversations, even when women are talking. (I have high range loss) I can understand my wife and daughter, even when they speak to me without looking at me! A local vendor wanted just shy of $6000.00 and I purchased two devices with the warranty and battery package for $700.00 from MDHearingaid. Nothing is perfect, nothing works for everyone, but the Air system I purchased works exceptionally well for me!

Top Quality Product at such a reasonable price! 10

Posted by annette h. on September 29, 2014

My hubby is 89, has moderate to severe hearing loss in his right ear, and almost no hearing in the other ear. We researched hearing aids locally and found they cost thousands of dollars. Then I found MDHearingAid AIR and read all the glowing reviews. I ordered the MDHearingAid AIR for him and he has been so pleased! The sound quality is wonderful, and the AIR is perfectly comfortable for him to wear.

Before we got the MDHearingAId AIR, he was very frustrated and not able to enjoy his favorite TV shows, or even participate in conversations when kids and grandkids come over. The difference has been like night and day. The whole family is so happy that “Grandad” can hear so much better, and he has a smile on his face again.

I highly recommend this great product. It is a quality device and works so well at an amazing price.

Best of the bunch 10

Posted by Fred B. on September 29, 2014

I’ve tried all three MDHearingAid models. The FITs sound is the best of them all! I wore these aids longer each day than I did either of the other two models because it is so comfortable. Plus the annoying sounds like cars and even the sounds of my own footsteps in the background were gone!

The biggest surprise was that my wife didn’t notice I was wearing them until she saw me taking them out at night! They are so comfortable I sometimes forget I’m wearing them myself.

Customer Service 10

Posted by Jan on September 25, 2014

My mother ordered these hearing aids. They did not work for her. I believe the problem was her age. At 85, she did not have the patience to work with them, nor do her fingers have the ability to handle the adjustments.
That said, I contacted the company for a return authorization and they were GREAT! I explained the problem, and they sent me an authorization right away.
I returned the hearing aids and the day after they received them, I had an email that her account had been credited for the full refund amount!
When they say ‘satisfaction guaranteed, they stand by it! What a pleasure to do business with a company that does what they say they will!! THANK YOU, MDHearingAids!!

Sorry I wasted $4,000. 10

Posted by Donna on September 24, 2014

I must say that I am absolutely thrilled with the results of these aids. My only regret is that I spent over $4,000. and many appointments over the past 2 years trying to get the newest, most expensive hearing aids to fit and work properly, and finally gave up and found your site online.

I would definitely recommend these “Air” aids to anyone, especially if they have mild to moderate hearing loss. The employees at MDHearingAid have been extremely helpful and quickly solved my unique fit problems.

How can I compare less than $1,000. to over $4,000. and have my hearing back? No brainer.


Posted by Barbara G. on September 22, 2014

Let me just say, I am a 43 year old woman, who wears two hearing aides since second grade, and who works in a hospital as a Phlebotomist. So I needed to hear my patients and co-workers. Also I am considered severly hard of hearing, born this way. My insurance does not cover hearing aides for adults, only for children. So my husband said, with this company offering a 30 day money back plan in place, go ahead and try them. My old hearing aides were inner ear ones. So this is my first time wearing outer ear hearing aides. THEY WORK GREAT. I THANK GOD FOR THIS COMPANY. We brought them a year and half ago. Anyone who is new to hearing aides, yes you do have to get use to them, but it is so worth it. When my patients or staff ask me about hearing aides, I always give them MDHearingAid website information, that is how strongly I feel about them. So with that being said, if ever this company wanted to use its customers as a spoke person for their products, I would gladly be one of the first to sign up. Again, Thank You MDHearingAid.