Product Reviews

Product Reviews

A wonderful value!  I can hear again! 10

Posted by Robert S. on October 05, 2015

Thanks MDhearingAid !! I’ve had my MD Air for about two weeks and it’s simply amazing.
I have cut the TV volume in half and I can now hear what my family and friends are saying with out everyone having to repeat what they said.
The MD Air is even smaller and lighter that I had imagined and I forget it’s even there sometimes.
This hearing air is a great value especially for retired people like myself that afford $2000.00 for one. Thanks for helping so many people like myself !!

Love the ComfortTips

Posted by Joyce H. on October 03, 2015

​I recently called and talked to someone about my hearing aids.After doing a few things he had me do, I was told I should send it in for repair which I did. Thank you so much for the fast turnaround! A day later my other aid quit working completely. I could not hear anyone. It was awful!

What a pleasant surprise when I got it back. The new Comfort tip works so much better. I had tried every one of the domes that came close to fitting. None were really good. I even went to the big tubes and they were better but still came out no matter what size dome I used. They were my first hearing aids so I didn’t have anything to compare them to. All I could say is that it was better than before. At least I could hear better with them.

I am here to tell you the Comfort tip is a huge improvement! No problem with them slipping out. I can hear so much better. No more fighting to keep them in my ears! The small tubes work great now! Thank you, Thank you Thank you!

Excellent Service

Posted by Leon D. on September 30, 2015

​Thank you for standing behind what you sell. Still getting used to wearing these, but they are everything that was advertised. I appreciate your response and excellent service

Excellent 10

Posted by Tony B. on September 26, 2015

I am age 64 and have had hearing loss for over 20 years. I am an expert witness in litigated cases and found that I was having significant difficulty hearing the attorneys and judges, especially in large courtrooms. I bought two of these aids and they have prolonged my career. The price is the selling point, but the quality will impress you. Get these if you have hearing loss and do not want to spend the price of a good used car on aids. Cheers.

Favorable 10

Posted by Shirley B. on September 21, 2015

Have had my MD Air hearing aids for a year and am completely satisfied. Tried more expensive ones which needed lots of service and did not have the variety of settings and ease of operation. Love them and have told others about them.

Love my new hearing aids 10

Posted by Ray Y. on September 19, 2015

This may be an early review as I only received my hearing aids two days ago, but from the first time I put them in, I loved them. I had had my hearing tested about a month ago and knew I needed hearing aids but did not want to spend a lot of money. I received a brochure regarding the MD Hearing Aids and I thought what can I lose since there is a money back guarantee. Anyway I love the hearing aids. The sound, even music, is very natural. Buy them and enjoy them.

Thank you support

Posted by Bhirom B., MD on September 17, 2015

​I recently had my hearing aids repaired 3 times and I have to thank the support service immensely. The job was well done and both of my hearing aids are now functioning great. I appreciate that the last time of the repair service was way beyond my expectation because this particular instance was due to the fact that my hearing aid was dropped on the street and was stomped over by a car tire. The damage was way beyond repair and I did not expect that the support service would repair it but I took the chance by sending it in. I was very impressed that they serviced it and sent it back to me. By the way, I have to say that I used to spend on the other pairs of hearing aids, costing me over $5,000 each and I can say that I value the hearing aids from MDHearingAid better and I paid only a fraction of what I used to spend. A lot of gimmicks by the hearing aid companies!! Because I am going to spend time overseas for many months, I have bought another pair from MDHearingAid so I can use if one of them fails while I am overseas. Thank you so much all the staff of MDHearingAid.

Outstanding customer service

Posted by John H. on September 15, 2015

​Thank you for your quick response concerning my MDHearingAid repair/replacement. I have used several hearing aids from various manufacturers over the past 25 years. I’ve had various problems, but primarily with failure due to sweat and perspiration with every hearing aid I have used. Usually I have waited 3 to 6 weeks to get my hearing aids repaired and returned, with the exception of MD Hearing Aids. Your customer service is outstanding and your product works as well or better than many hearing aids I have paid $4000 to purchase.Thank you for a great product and great customer service.

Satisfactory Aids 8

Posted by Dixie B. on September 15, 2015

I have been wearing the FIT aids since March 2015 and am just now writing a review as wanted to be able to review them after wearing them for some time. I previously wore ITE aids for over 5 years which cost over $3000 and was told by my audiologist, after breaking one, that I needed new ones and he was going to fit me with the OTE style. I don’t like the looks of the OTE or the tubing involved, so decided to try the FIT. In comparison to my other aids, my ears don’t feel “plugged” with the FITS as with my previous ones. My right ear canal is smaller than my left and I had to have my previous aid custom made to fit. With the FIT aids, I tried a dome with my left and felt it was uncomfortable so switched to the custom softwraps that came with the aids and they work well to eliminate squealing and feedback. I don’t require any dome or softwrap with my right aid. I like the fact that you can adjust the volume for various surroundings. I do wish the dial that adjusts the volume was a little tighter, as it moves so easily that it can accidentally be moved. Other than that, I have been having good results with these aids.

great customer service

Posted by Billy D. on September 12, 2015

I have had my MD-AIR hearing aids from MD for almost three years. One failed lst year and replaced under warranty within 4 days - no questions asked. Another developed a problem a couple of days ago. I sent a request to customer service last night at 9:00 P.M. MDT describing the problem and asking if it could be repaired or needs to be replaced. BELIEVE IT OR NOT- I had a reply waiting in my inbox of my email this morning at 6:15 A.M.. We do not know what the suggested solution is yet but is that great customer service or not?? I am very pleased with the MD Hearing Aids I have and the programs built in the AIR product. I have used them with telephones at work and in most other activities

Excellent hearing aids 10

Posted by Wallace S. on September 10, 2015

I ordered a pair of these hearing aids about a year ago and I have been very satisfied with them. In fact I can hear better with them than the ones I paid over $4000.00 for a few years ago. The price is unreal for what you get and I have been recommending them to all my friends. Thanks MD for putting these on the market at a price I can afford. Excellent Aid and excellent price!!

I’m enjoying my FITs

Posted by Anthony F. on September 02, 2015

​Thanks! I really am enjoying my new pair of FITs, wearing them 12 hours a day with no big issues. In my case, I find that the best dome for me is the smallest one but it is nice to have the full selection in order to switch if necessary.


Posted by Jim on August 31, 2015

Dear MDHearing,

I received the new air tubing and domes last week and have to tell you, I am delighted with them.

When I purchased the device last year, it came with several domes of different sizes, even though I tried everyone of them, largest to smallest, none of them stayed in my ear, every few minutes, I was having to push it back in my ear all day long.

Since I received the new tube with a new dome, I put it in my ear at the start of my day and that’s it, it stays all day with no issues, what a pleasant surprise.

thank you,

The extra warranty package is worth it….. 10

Posted by David O. on August 29, 2015

I purchased two MD “FIT” Hearing Aids just under a year ago. I accidentally broke the battery door on one of the units. I emailed M.D. Hearing Support, for repair information. I explained, I purchased the MD extended warranty. The very next morning MD support staff let me know that they had shipped a new replacement aid “No Charge”. I have purchased pairs of MD’s “AIR”, “PRO” and “FIT”. I gave a pair of the “AIR” to my sister six years ago. (They still work fine) I am very happy with all hearing aids I’ve purchased. I recommend MD Hearing Aids to all my friends…..I’m a musician….Yea, I can hear again!


Posted by Michael B on August 28, 2015

I am really enjoying my new hearing aids. I am delightfully surprised and
can’t wait to get them on each day. As a pastor, you can’t imagine how happy
I am at hearing others and even hearing my own voice differently.

Seem to be Fine 9

Posted by Gaines on August 27, 2015

I have worn hearing aids for about 2 years now. I recently lost one of my very high priced originals (over $4,000 for the set). When I called my audiologist about whether my insurance was still in effect, I was told it ran out in March and the best that they could do was give me a 10% discount on a replacement. So I started looking around and found the MDHearing Aid Airs. The price was certainly a lot less. I have only worn these for a day now, but they are quite comfortable and seem every bit as good as my expensive set. I’ll know more as time goes on. But if these last a year, I will still be money ahead. Very satisfied so far.

Best hearing aid, period. 10

Posted by Don B on August 25, 2015

I bought the MD Air Hearing aid two years ago. It is still functioning like new. Clear sound even in crowded noisy areas. One just presses a button and switches programs to block out the noise and still carry on a conversation. I’ve owned hearing aids costing $4,000.00 that did not have volume or programs that one could adjust but had to be taken in to the audiologist for adjustment which is very inconvenient.

These are amazing!

Posted by Dennis A. on August 24, 2015

I ordered a pair of airs. Love the high frequency tuning. Sent back the pair of pros. I am now an evangelist. These airs are amazing.

a great hearing device 10

Posted by Michael D on August 22, 2015

I’‘ve had the expensive hearing . and I was having doubts about these hearing aides . I received them on the 10th of august put them together they worked like a charm . I had no problems as I had hearing aides before . I highly recommend them . affordable to everybody I know see the difference .thanks for a great product

no adjustment period

Posted by Jean D. on August 20, 2015

I got the “Fit” late yesterday. I had no problems at all with it. Since

I am used to hearing aids, this was an easy experience. I absolutely love
it. I just went shopping so I could talk to strangers so I could check it
out. I actually had no adjustment period at all. I have had the “very
expensive” aids in the past. Three sets in all…..Widex and two other
brands. I now have a PRO and a Fit and like these the best of all. Thank you
for making my world a better place. Thank you for your integrity in
making such a good product at such a good price. God bless you.

Amazing 10

Posted by Mary on August 20, 2015

I agonized over ordering these aids. Read every review I could find. My audiologist wanted me to wear aids that were almost $7,000 and being on a fixed income I just couldn’t find a way to do it. I finally got so fed up with asking people to repeat themselves, misunderstanding callers on the phone and blasting my tv that I ordered the AIRs. MDHearingAid was the only company I could find that offered 45 days to try them out with a full refund if I didn’t like them and at a cost I could actually afford.

I knew the first day I wouldn’t be sending them back. I’ve been wearing them for about 2 1/2 weeks now and am so happy with them. When my son came to visit HE COULDN’T HEAR THE TV!!! I was thrilled. He had to turn it up louder. He was amazed too. The first day I wore them to go shopping I stopped dead outside to listen to sounds I hadn’t heard in so long they were almost alien. I don’t hear them so much anymore as my brain is filtering the sounds better but it was really amazing. I do recommend that you go to 4 beeps before you vacuum. Yikes!

I noticed that someone mentioned the battery life. I am still using the first batteries I installed over two weeks ago and they’re still going strong. I carry around extras with me because i can’t imagine the first set will last much longer but I’ve been impressed so far.

If you’re hesitating about ordering these aids, take it from me, they’re worth every penny and more. To be able to hear again for such a relatively low price is just wonderful. There’s a full refund if you don’t like them or if they don’t suit you so you have nothing to lost but potentially a lot to gain.

they are wonderful

Posted by Larry M. on August 20, 2015

I have bought two of the MDHearingAid “Air’s”. I highly recommend these to anyone who has hearing problems.

My hearing was damaged from working around jet engines while in the U S Air Force and I can not hear high sounds such as birds singing. I used a custom made hearing aid for over 20 years which cost over $3,000 dollars. Since I found out about MDHearingAid a few months ago, I tried them out on a 45 day trial, and now I am totally satisfied. It is so nice to be able to hear birds singing again and to be able to hear and understand when people around me are talking. My two “Airs” hearing aids cost me less than $700 and they are wonderful.
If you have a hearing problem, then I recommend you contact MDHearingAid and see what they can do to help you, they have different models to fit your hearing needs.

Either Rayovac are the poorest batteries in town 2

Posted by Steve U. on August 19, 2015

I bought the MDHearingAid - Air. These are great hearing aids and much cheaper than the $6,000-$7,000 the local doctor was trying to fit me with. No one sees them, they work like a charm with all four adjustments but they go through batteries that cost alone is going to be a constant drain on it’s own. As I realized that the years supply was going to be gone within a couple of month I contacted the MDHearing Aid Center and they provide a second round of batteries… HOWEVER, following every detail to the letter, these batteries are not lasting any better.

I can hear!

Posted by Joyce L. on August 19, 2015

Went to the ear doctor yesterday to have ear cleaned out. He was really surprised when he pulledmy hair back and saw the nice hearing aid. The first one I purchased was from him for $3000.00. And I have to go 9 years without one because of the price.I intend to keep a small stock on these now. I love them and most of all I can hear!

I’ve been bragging

Posted by Darlene L. on August 18, 2015

I am very satisfied with my new hearing aids which I have been wearing since Saturday. I was bragging about them at church Sunday and two people were interested and I gave them the information and am sure they will be calling you. Thanks again!!

outstanding customer service

Posted by Joseph B. on August 17, 2015

Thank you for the outstanding customer service,; I really appreciate your kind attention

Feel Human Again 10

Posted by Samuel G. on August 16, 2015

I can’t say enough good things about my MD Hearing Aid Air. I worked in a textile mill for years as a loom tech. We only had the little foam ear plugs. Needless to say I don’t have much hearing left. I couldn’t afford Four thousand dollars through a specialist , so your hearing aid has been like a miracle for me.
People can be very cruel and make fun of you when you answer what you thought they asked. My granddaughters didn’t understand why I couldn’t hear.
After retiring ten years ago because I had a heart attack, needed four bypasses, pacemaker, and over the years several stents and not hearing what the doctors and nurses were asking me made life very hard..
Having the TV up as far as it would go and still not hearing it was hard on my family.
After my hearing aid came they couldn’t hear the TV because I had it turned down so low! Thank you so much for my MD Hearing Air.

you really stand behind it

Posted by William L. on August 12, 2015

It is very gratifying that MD is willing to forcefully stand behind their product.

I’m still in love with the ones I have had, except for the defects on the one which

can arise with any manufacturer.

I will recommend it to anyone who I know is looking.

better than $1000 aids

Posted by Al N. on August 11, 2015

Hearing aids arrived and are being used. They are working fine. My wife says they are much better than what she had that cost us $1000.00 each. Thanks.

this is a great buy. 10

Posted by Michael W. on August 07, 2015

I have had this for 3 years now and it’s the best thing I have ever owned. NNo problems and it’s just great. Thank you, but don’t get caught out i the rain, it doesn’t like the water. The product is really good though. Again, thank you.

“What’d he say?” 10

Posted by Mary H. on July 30, 2015

I had my hearing tested two years ago and learned I needed hearing aids. However, I am a retired teacher and live on a fixed income. I just could not find the thousands I was being urged to spend for hearing aids. So I researched! MD seemed to be highly recommended, not only by clients but by independent evaluations as well. I liked that a doctor had invented them, that they were digital and small, and that I could afford them. I decided to try the MD Air, fully intending to return them if I was not completely satisfied. These are my first hearing aids. I put them on and loved them instantly! I wore them all day right away, and learned to change programs and adjust volume just as quickly. These marvelous, affordable hearing aids are to my hearing what cataract surgery was to my eyes: I have restored the joy of sensing!Also, My family is delighted that they can watch tv without my constant question: “What’d he say? I missed it.” Thanks, MD!

speedy service

Posted by Steve P. on July 30, 2015

​I received the replacement aid yesterday and was amazed by the speed of the service. I am returning the defective aid today. I am very happy with these hearing aids and am glad that I found your ad in my American Rifleman magazine. I have had some other aids that cost way more than the MD aids and have to say that the MD aids are, to me, superior to the ones that cost me $5000 three years ago. Thank you for the quick service and for a great product!

new 8

Posted by Lionel B on July 27, 2015

First read every thing you send to understand the pros and cons.
Installed the units and within 30 minutes was very happy. Don’t understand why even one week is needed to get accustomed. I am 87 and very active. Still work with auto-cad engineering.


Posted by Art G. on July 20, 2015

My nephew is 64 years old and was either a policeman or sheriff’s deputy for a lot of years. He had to look at the person speaking to him to understand what was being said.
I just bought him two of the top MD Aids and his comment to me last night was. “I went to a wedding, next morning went to Sunday School and Church and heard and understood every word that was spoken.
I use mine for outside use.
Got great praises from my nephew’s wife. She said thet they actually had a conversation in the car.
Thanks MD Hearing Aids

Great Aids & Customer Service 10

Posted by Robert C on July 14, 2015

I’ve used the Air for several years now, Had a problem with aids and Customer service helped me get aids repaired and now I’m back in business with good sounding aids. I’ve been using aids for over 30 years and MD aids are the best yet.

This is an end to high note deafness for me. 10

Posted by James H on July 09, 2015

My wife and I have spent thousand on hearing aids. None worked. We both took a chance and ordered MD Air aids and as God is my witness, it was night and day. High notes, like the microwave makes in the house, wind chimes in our patio are suddenly something we hear. I used to watch the chimes bang together but heard NOTHING. Now, I hear it all. These people offer a guarantee, but you won’t need it, Just read the instructions and select the right size dome to fit your ear and you’ll be, as we are, back in the game. Thanks MD.

my wife is happy

Posted by Fred T. on July 07, 2015

Thank you so much. I will be sure to let all my friends know how great the hearing aid is and how your customer

service is exemplary (my wife is happy again!). Thank you again.

I appreciate great service

Posted by Sylvia S. on July 07, 2015

Thank-you for your quick response.

I do appreciate the great service that I’ve been receiving and will not hesitate to refer anyone to try your product, even though it was not suitable for my mother.

Love my Air Aids 9

Posted by Rebecca F. on July 06, 2015

I have had many different types of aids over the last 30 years. Full in the ear aids and behind the ear aids. Analogue and Digital. No insurance ever, and watched the price for new aids continue to obscenely escalate year after year. I work a job where aids are very necessary to be able to do my job. I have to hear. My stomach would churn each time I knew my aids weren’t going to last much longer. The price out there is prohibitive and I’m surprised this is allowed to continue. I’m at a point in my life that I want to start planning retirement, I’m close but still need a few more years. The last thing I need to do is take a loan out for $6,000 for new aids. I began researching online aids a year ago. I kept coming back to read all the positive reviews. I showed my husband the research I dug up, and talked him into buying a pair of MD Airs 6 months ago for his more mild to moderate hearing loss. The aids worked out great for him. What kept me from ordering earlier is I do have moderately severe hearing loss that is said to be almost profound in one ear. MDAir does not promote their aids for the spectrum of loss I’ve been advised I have. Despite this possibility, faced with aids I knew were winding down to the point of one morning I was going to put the aids in my ear and I would not hear any thing, I decided to order a pair of MD Aids. It was either order these and pray the pair worked, or go without aids and have to retire earlier without the benefits I stand to gain by working a few more years. When the aids arrived I put the pair in, and I could hear very well. Not only that, the sound was balanced, and with the not yet on site new comfort tips the aids were very comfortable with no whistling (like my older aids did). Overall the MDAirs are more comfortable than any aids I have purchased in the past and offer just as good hearing as the last paid of aids I spent almost $2,000 a piece for 5 years ago. One aid doesn’t quite seem to have the volume of the other aid, but it may be I need a time of adjustment, although I still think it is the aid. However, I Know MDAir has great customer service, and will make good if that ends up being a problem. To be fair I am going to give it a little more time and I really don’t want to be without either Air for any period of time. I contacted MDAir because the tubing for the aids are a bit too long for my ears. They were right on it, I received a shorter set of tubing in the mail today and now the tubing is perfect for my ears. Thank you MDAir for offering this service, please continue to make strides in technology and offer prices we can afford. It’s time the world of hearing aids has competition.

I am amazed

Posted by Vera O. on July 03, 2015

have had the aid since March…so far so good. It is working. I am amazed as I expected a lot of problems with it being so small. I hope it continues the way it is now…I will then be happy. Thank you.

Excellent Product and Greate Customer Service 10

Posted by Linda M on June 29, 2015

I ordered the Air hearing aids for my dad over a year ago. He loved them right away, but the tubes needed to be longer for better comfort. I contacted customer service and they could not have been nicer or more helpful. They sent longer tubes right away; the only request was that I let them know how the longer tubes worked out. My answer: Great! I just re-ordered tubes by phone and again, the order taker was friendly and helpful. I recommend these to anyone asking about hearing aids.

Excellent Hearing Aids 10

Posted by Roger P on June 26, 2015

After using and enjoying hearing aids that cost over $3000 for five years (2009 - 2014), one aid quit. I purchased two MDHearingAid Air units in Oct. 2014 - for 80% cheaper than my first aids!! As a 72 year old professor, it is necessary for me to hear well in class in order to interact meaningfully with students. Having used them now for eight months, I could not be happier. In addition to the amazing price and excellent clarity, the batteries last about twice as long as in my previous units. It is a pleasure to give my enthusiastic recommendation for these hearing aids.

Super Product 9

Posted by John M. on June 20, 2015

I had gotten damage to my hearing almost fifty (50) years ago working in a shipyard for the U.S. Coast Guard. I was diagnosed with a high frequency loss in 1986. At that time the Federal Government compensated me with one (1) right ear hearing aid manufactured by Siemens. I never got used to wearing the aid; I was still working in the shipyard and I definitely could not use it on the job. I would wear it occasionally going to the movies; watching tv or socializing. It was the in the ear (ite) type and very unpredictable and uncomfortable. It cost around $1000 at that time and was molded for my ear. Then in 2001 I submitted a claim to be re-evaluated and have the aid checked. The Government was very generous and allowed and paid for two aids this time since I was working in an office setting at the time. The second set were molded ite aids that were digital and manufactured by Rexton at a cost of $5000. I must have gone to the audiologist for six months; he would connect them up to a computer while I was wearing them to customize the frequencies just for me. Needless to say I hated those aids; I don’t think they were ever adjusted to my liking and I would just wear them when I went to meetings.

I told you that bit of history so you know that I am not new to hearing aids. A friend of my wife purchased a set of the air Md hearing aids about a year ago. My wife kept telling me how much he liked them and brought home an add from where he purchased them. I did not want to go through the painstaking chore of aids ever again after two failures. About two weeks ago I decided I would give the Md aids a try; wife says; “if you don’t like them send them back for a full refund.” Today is Saturday 6/20/15; I received them Thursday the 18th; now get this; yesterday was my first day to wear them all day. I wore them to the Bowling Center; at first I thought it would be noisy; but guess what? The noise cancellation setting works great I was able to participate in normal conversations with everyone without saying…What? Huh? Later that evening we went to a noisy sports bar; I was able to adjust them and hear all conversations around the table with the noise cancelling setting once again.

I would have never guessed in a million years that I would be loving hearing aids so quickly. The hardest part I found for me was selecting the correct domes for the ears. The aids come with ample sizes of domes and types being open and closed. I am leaning towards the open type because it does not sound as if you are in a barrel when you talk. I am still experimenting but I think with a little patience they will work perfectly.

I know this is lengthy; but in conclusion; if you are experiencing being left out of conversations and pretending to hear what others are saying and want to be included; don’t wait another day. Order them today and in less than a week you will be ranting and raving as I am.

P. S. Thank you Md Hearing Aid and all the Md’s that worked to make this a wonderful product God Bless you all!

A review from a newbie…........... 10

Posted by Al S on June 19, 2015

Well how do I start this????? Well first off I have never had hearing aids and as such this should be a pretty unbiased review. I have had many jobs in life that have punished my ears tremendously. I suffer from extreme high and low loss according to the tests and also have tinnitus. I happened across the MD hearing aid company by chance on a web search for hearing aids. I was traumatized when I saw the prices of the competition and said no way could MD do this at that low a price. It has to be a scam but I finally said I have to do something. My hearing loss was affecting my life in many ways that were more than I could bare. So I ordered a set of Air style aids after sending my audiology report to MD. Now I didn’t know what was in store for me but I have wasted more money than these cost on frivolous stuff at one point or another in my life so I made the plunge. First i have no experience in fitting or making these work in anyway. Almost blew my ears off on first attempt LOL!!!! Next I had to choose a smaller ear bud so they’d stay put better. I walked outside and heard things I hadn’t heard in years…..... birds chirping and singing in the trees. Loud enough it called for another reset in volume. I wore them for 2 weeks in my office before anyone even noticed I had them on. I no longer had to laugh when others laughed. I never sit in a meeting not able to hear but just sit there and nod. I turned the TV down to a level that didn’t run others out of the room. I could hear the voices of my grand children without them having to repeat it louder. My friends have asked me where I got them and what was it like and how much did they cost. Their jaws drop when I tell them. Do they take time to get used to? Yes they do. Do you know they are there? Yes all the time. Do you know when they’re not there? Yes even more. I have turned around several miles from home and gone back to get them just because I can hear with them. Am I grateful I tried them? More than anyone will ever know. My utmost gratitude goes to the founders of MD Hearing Aids. My family and close friends thank you as well….............. This is what the world should wake up and pay attention to. Someone who does something because it is right and not for how rich can I become…........... Thanks again for restoring my ability to hear and my faith in humanity.

Great Product and Service 9

Posted by Henry R on June 13, 2015

I was skeptical when I first saw your web page.. I got my first hearing aid through an audiologist
they were similar to what is available through MD HEARING AIDS. They cost about $3000.00
$1000.00 from my insurance $500.00 from ADP (ASSISTANCE DEVICE PROGRAM) GOVERNMENT, and $1000.00 from me. They worked OK but I lost one and they wanted another
$1000.00 for a replacement. That is when I decided to give MD hearing aids a try. They arrived about a week after I ordered them and they worked great. I needed to reorder some tubing and domes, but i messed up and ordered the wrong size. MD hearing aids resent the order without additional charge or postage, even though it was going across the border. I would recommend
MD HEARING AIDS to anyone requiring hearing aids. Great Product outstanding customer service.

appreciative 10

Posted by Duane on June 12, 2015

I recently ordered online some tubing which I thought would fit my AIR hearing aid. Well, because of my own carelessness I ordered tubing for the PRO system instead. It arrived and I soon discovered that it didn’t fit my AIR unit. I sent off a e-mail to the company explaining that the tubing must have been manufactured incorrectly. I didn’t really expect much satisfaction, but a day later a very polite e-mail arrived saying that I had ordered the wrong part since their records showed I had purchased an AIR system. The correct tubing was sent out to me at no cost. Wowww! What a great service - which is often lacking in today’s world.


Posted by Bob R. on June 11, 2015

A few yrs back I had a pair of hearing aids from another company that cost a couple thousand $ more. They turned out to be a piece of junk. I had no intention of getting hearing aids again that is until I saw your ad. I was skeptical at first but decided to try a pair of the fit. I have now had them for a couple of weeks & am totally amazed at the sound quality..I can hear a wide range of sounds that I haven’t heard in a long time. They fit comfortably in my ears & adjust easily. I would highly recommend the fit model to anyone debating which model to get.


Posted by Stephen R on June 10, 2015

Upon arriving in California, I spent $9,000,00 over a period of two years at the hearing aid to the stars store in Palm Desert. Naturally in a couple of years the warranty was gone and I was trying to get them repaired when the sales person suggested that I buy new ones.. I decided to try to go with an amplifier and after several try ended up with the MD AIR. I only have hearing in one ear and the Air saves the day. THANK YOU

I love the Pro 8

Posted by Beverly R on June 09, 2015

This has been my only way of hearing anyone or anything. I only have one eardrum so nothing willwork in that ear. But for the other one, the Pro has been fantastic. The batteries don’t last long would be my only problem. Thank you MD Hearing. I appreciate this very, very much and recommend it.

It works 10

Posted by Anne B. on June 08, 2015

My family has been saying I need hearing aids for several years. When I found myself
missing dialog at the movies and on TV I knew they were correct. However, I didn’t want to spend the money. When I saw the ad in the New Yorker and realized I could return them
if I wasn’t happy, I decided to order them. The first day was difficult because every sound was
amplified. But by the second day I was used to them. I knew all was well when my husband
asked me to turn up the sound on the TV. Thanks for solving my problem for so little money.

finally… 10

Posted by Donna B on June 06, 2015

I am a 53 year old woman and I have hereditary hearing loss. I have needed hearing aids for about 15 years but haven’t bothered getting them because of the expense and the uncertainty that they would work for me. I researched my options thoroughly and kept reading stories of people who spent $3000, $5000 and more on hearing aids only to end up frustrated and dissatisfied. About a year ago, I ran across an ad for these MD Hearing Aids and I started looking into it. I was certainly impressed with what I read—$$ back guarantee and the glowing reviews! But still I waited. Finally I just got tired of only hearing bits and pieces of conversations and saying “what??” to everyone who spoke to me. I got my new hearing aids on a Friday and my life changed that day!! I CAN HEAR!! There was really no adjustment period. They worked from the start and were comfortable. My husband can now speak in a normal tone and I can hear every word. It has been beyond wonderful!! If you are “on the fence” about these hearing aids, do not wait like I did. Thank you MDHearing—you have made a huge difference in my life!!

Unexpected timing Thank You!!! 10

Posted by Joseph on May 29, 2015

Hi I ordered a pair of the MD air for my mother in March 2014. The last pair she had before this set were $3000 and had fallen apart after years of use. I purchased them as a birthday gift. She stated they were the best that she had ever used and we would talk 4-7 times a week. Just after she received the hearing aids she was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s) I cannot imagine having to go through that, let alone not being able to hear while it is happening. I live in another state so we were able to talk a lot before she passed in December. Thank you so much!!!

Appreciate the fast service

Posted by Don W. on May 29, 2015

Received the replacement ear piece…It works great! We truly appreciate the fast service. Also, again, thank you for replacing it /fixing it at no charge.

We have told friends how pleased we have been and will continue to “sing your praise”!

May you have a joyful June.

Thanks for your prompt response

Posted by Susan S on May 27, 2015

Thank you so much for your prompt response to us. You did exactly what you

said you would and I so appreciate that. You don’t know for sure if what

you are told is what actually happens but in this case you did exactly what
you said you would and I commend you for your honesty and commitment. It
was a pleasure doing business with MDHearingAid.

Happy with my FIT

Posted by Faye B. on May 26, 2015

Thanks for your letter of thanks and support. I am very happy with my right ear Fit hearing aid. After reading the instruction booklet, I put the hearing aid in my ear and have worn it all day every day until I am ready to go to bed at night.

I am learning to adjust the sound to avoid the squealing noise. I am so happy with my MD Hearing Aid. As you have stated in your letter of support and on your website, I am amazed at how much I was missing out on by diminished hearing in my right ear.

Thank you again the for high quality hearing aid at a very affordable price.

Great Product! 10

Posted by Robert O on May 25, 2015

A few moths ago I purchased two Model AIR hearing aids. I am extremely pleased with their performance. These aids are comparable in features to those costing several times the AIR’s modest price. For the first time in years, I am hearing the sounds of birds and tree frogs. I have recommended them to other members of my family. A great product!

Take a chance

Posted by Carol B. on May 19, 2015

2 Years ago I took a chance on your Air model hearing aids and never took them off once they arrived. Looking for a slightly more refined experience I just ordered and received the Fit. Again, I put them in and never took them out(except to sleep and shower of course). Both were ordered online.

Years ago, when times were good I had custom ones costing almost $6,000 and felt a plugged feeling and rarely wore them. Eventually, the dog ate one of them. My hearing finally had gotten so bad that I began to search online for something I could afford. I was financially able to purchase 1 AIR but after such good results my company sprang for the second one for me and the rest is history.

I have always been delighted with your products and although the FIT is a little of a struggle due to its size for 69yr old hands with mild arthritis- just adding a mobile app which will raise and lower the volume and change the settings and turn off and on will do the trick. Hope that is coming soon.

I am one of those baby boomers who has had to continue to work and it is vital that I am able to hear the best that I can in order to stay relevant and vital.

Thank you so, so much again for making this affordable option. Keep going, I will be hoping for and looking for the next improvement!

Excellent Affordable Option! 10

Posted by Carol B. on May 19, 2015

2 Years ago I took a chance on your Air model hearing aids and never took them off once they arrived. Looking for a slightly more refined experience I just ordered and received the Fit. Again, I put them in and never took them out(except to sleep and shower of course). Both were ordered online.

Years ago, when times were good I had custom ones costing almost $6,000 and felt a plugged feeling and rarely wore them. Eventually, the dog ate one of them. My hearing finally had gotten so bad that I began to search online for something I could afford. I was financially able to purchase 1 AIR but after such good results my company sprang for the second one for me and the rest is history.

I have always been delighted with your products and although the FIT is a little of a struggle due to its size for 69yr old hands with mild arthritis- just adding a mobile app which will raise and lower the volume and change the settings and turn off and on will do the trick. Hope that is coming soon.

I am one of those baby boomers who has had to continue to work and it is vital that I am able to hear the best that I can in order to stay relevant and vital.

Thank you so, so much again for making this affordable option. Keep going, I will be hoping for and looking for the next improvement!

Excellent service 9

Posted by Karen A. on May 15, 2015

I Love the fit, comfort and the fact that I can hear and be more sociable with others again. Also customer service is excellent. I ordered a new tube and dome and USPS lost the package I went to the PO and they said they couldn’t help me so I called MD hearing aid to see if there was anything they could do to help and they sent out a new shipment at no charge. Thank You so much MD hearing!!!!

Awesome! 10

Posted by jody b on May 13, 2015

I would like to gear this review towards you turkey hunters out there who have a hard time or can’t hear the turkeys gobbling anymore…as you all know what is turkey hunting if you can’t hear the gobbling right? Well this has been my story for the past ten years…no more however! I honestly don’t miss a gobble anymore with these aids…my buddies get a kick of how i can now actually hear the gobbles. More importantly my wife gives these aids a two thumbs up! She notices a monumental difference….worth every penny!

Love my new MD Hearing Aids 10

Posted by Gerry H on May 13, 2015

I ordered 2 MD air Hearing aids on a Thursday and received them two days later. I was so happy to have them when my family came for Easter dinner. This was the first time in at least five years, that I was able to hear and understand the conversations going on around me. I also feel more comfortable at work, now that I can hear my customers and co-workers more clearly. I must say that my husband is happy that I have them, too. I can watch TV with volume on 10 instead of 60 or 70 . He’s also happy that I don’t make him repeat everything two or more times. I’m so glad I found your web site. I’m sorry I didn’t do this sooner. Thank You, MD Hearing Aid !


Posted by Rudolf K on May 12, 2015

Thank you very much for your prompt attention to the refund for my returned hearing device. Your company has to be commended for for decency in relations with customers. Thank you again

I feel appreciated

Posted by Harold E. on May 09, 2015

I received my Air hearing aids today and the tubes earlier this week. You have been so helpful and in my opinion kind as well. I love my hearing aids and really am enjoying them. My wife appreciates my improved hearing, too. I am so thankful I found MD Hearing Aids and highly recommend you. I appreciate top quality aids and your service is special, I have not encountered one bad experience. You all have truly made me feel appreciated.

Thank you.

doesn’t work with my tinnitus

Posted by Lonnie R. on May 06, 2015

I am returning this product as it doesn’t help with hearing people talking directly to me. I can hear, somewhat, background noises better but not someone right in front of me. Due to my severe tinnitus, I don’t believe any hearing aid is going to help me. However, I would like to note that I would recommend this product to someone with normal hearing loss as I do believe it would help them greatly.

Experienced Hearing Aid Wearer Makes the Switch to MDHearing Aids 8

Posted by Ann J. on April 30, 2015

I had been wearing Costco brand hearing aids for five years. After a seven month trip around the world, some of it spent in a tent, my hearing aids began to suffer from humidity problems. I began to look at what Costco had to offer when my husband handed me an MDHearingAid ad. I figured I could get a full refund if they didn’t work and the cost differential between MDHearingAids and Costco was significant enough to give it a try. I have to say I was very skeptical from the get go. But then the MDHearingAids (Air) arrived. I was able to try them in direct comparison to my Costco hearing aids that I had recently cleaned and reprogrammed for my hearing loss changes. Here is what I found: In the positive column for the MDHearingAids: Cost, clarity of sound in normal circumstances, ability to adjust volume on the individual hearing aid itself instead of using a remote control, comfort of ear tube, bluetooth program, batteries that last two weeks instead of one. In the positive column for Costco brand: better colors and smaller size, less feedback at higher volumes, a surround sound setting that is better in concert settings. I am able to afford either brand, but in assessing the pros and cons I chose to keep my MDHearingAids. I find in particular the ability to change volume on the hearing aid itself to be the most important element after clarity of sound.

But the reality is hearing aids should not cost more than an iPhone. I am happy to see some competition in the market but I am now waiting for there to be hip hearing aids at an even better price. But shame on you MDHearingAid, replacement tubes and ear domes should not cost 19.95!

This is awesome 10

Posted by Douglas B on April 29, 2015

I can not say enough about the AIR plus hearing aids . I could not even believe how much I can hear now after getting the $699.00 hearing aids . I could not hear at all for years . I decided to try these and WOW what a difference they have made for me . When one of my friends discovered that I could hear so well, he decided to order them too.. I would rate them a 15 plus .. I wear them every single day .

Thank you

Posted by Robert J. on April 28, 2015

Thank you for your prompt attention and excellent customer service

Love My Hearing Aids 10

Posted by Mary D. on April 20, 2015

I meant to write this review months ago but time has gotten away from me. I bought my aids from you last June and love them. They are better than three different sets that cost much more that I had before getting these. I love the way I can adjust them also. Thank you so much.

Awsome.  Way better than I expected and very reasonably priced 10

Posted by Paul R. on April 17, 2015

I am 69 years old and have been wearing hearing aids since about age 40. My last pair of digital hearing aids cost $5,500 and they lasted about 7 years. About 2 years ago I had some problems with them and had both rebuilt by the manufacturer for about $300 each. We recently moved to Haines, Alaska and to see an audiologist we would have to drive to Anchorage (750 miles) or take a 4 hour ferry trip to Juneau and probably spend at least 2 nights in a motel. I am also retired and don’t want to spend $5,000 or $6,000 for hearing aids.

My hearing problem is a precipitous high frequency hearing loss which basically means I have a hard time understanding what people are saying especially if any noise is present.

So, I was looking for an alternative and found these hearing aids in a national magazine I subscribe to. I decided to try them. I figured that even at $700 if they didn’t work, I wasn’t out a lot. The hearing aids arrived a week ago today and I have been wearing them all the time. They are not the same, but the quality is very good and I don’t plan to buy any others. I ended up using the standard tubes and attached these to the custom ear molds I already had and that was way better than the other ear buds. My custom molds have an extra hole to allow normal low frequency sounds to enter the ear which improves my hearing substantially.

I used to need hearing aids because my career was in emergency communications and hearing well was essential. These hearing aids are as good as the digital aids that cost almost 10 times as much.

I am going to order another set so that I have a new spare set.

I am glad I took the chance on the MD Hearing Aid Air.

These are worth every penny and provide more than adequate programming and flexibility.

Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!

incredibly good

Posted by Brian K. on April 14, 2015

I have used hearing aids for several years, but they were deteriorating. So

far, yours are incredibly good, at least as good as the ones I am

replacing, for which I paid well in excess of $2000.

I am so pleased

Posted by Juanita P. on April 10, 2015

​I just wanted you to know how pleased I am with my new MDHearingAid.

My doctor told me he would not advise anyone over 80 to get a hearing aid because they could not adjust to it.

Furthermore, I have one ear that has had surgery twice, and he said it would not help this ear.

Well, he was mistaken. I am 81 years old and have worn these hearing aids without any trouble adjusting to them. I can hear as well out of my left ear (which has had surgery twice) as I can my right.

I am so happy that I can hear things I have not been able to hear. My husband had to turn the TV up real loud for me to hear it and now it is turned up very little.

Thanks so much for making a hearing aid middle class people can afford.

Very pleased with customer service/support 10

Posted by Rich G on April 10, 2015

I ordered these hearing aids for my 88 year old mother. The product was very good, but I had to return because my mother has macular degeneration and she couldn’t see the controls. The good news is that you can really trust that the company stands by the product. I received a prompt and full refund. It is not when everything goes perfectly that you get a good feel for a product or company, but how it goes when it doesn’t work for you. MDHearing passed that test with flying colors ! When it comes time for me to get hearing aids, MDhearing is the first place I plan to look.

quick action

Posted by Byron B on April 09, 2015

Thanks so much for your quick action. I look forward to getting the new Left hearing aid. I will send my current non-working Left to the address you provided.

I am very impressed with how quickly you folks are dealing with my problems. Have a good day.

I can hear birds chirp

Posted by Euva F. on April 07, 2015

I received my hearing aid on March 28, 2015 and I can not tell you how much it has meant to me. It works just fine. I placed it in my left ear and went on the porch and heard a bird chirp! I haven’t heard that in a very long time. I praised the Lord for the Dr. who invented it.

I can go to church now and hear the whole service. Thanks so much. I have recommended it to our Pastor and our music director. They ordered them last night.

God Bless, keep up the good work.

Best hearing aids 8

Posted by lester on April 06, 2015

I liked them a lot.

speedy refund

Posted by Judy S. on April 04, 2015

Thank you so much for being so speedy with the refund.

I don’t believe there is a hearing aid that will help me as I have tried 3 times now.
I do believe that your hearing aids are as good or better than the ones that cost over $5000.
Your little book of instructions was 100 times better than any other instructions I have gotten.
Even though they didn’t help me I would recommend them to anyone needing hearing aids.
My advice, get a hearing test and aid as early as you notice a hearing loss. Waiting only makes it worse.
Again, thank you for everything

thank you very much

Posted by Joe B on April 01, 2015

Thank you very much. I just completed the order for my MDHearing Aid-PRO. The hearing aid has made a tremendous change in my hearing. I haven’t been able to hear music in stereo for about 40 years. I couldn’t find an affordable hearing aid until I saw your web page. I can’t find the words other than THANK YOU VERY, VERY MUCH. I will recommend this hearing aid to friends and family should they ever need a hearing aid.HAVE A BLESSED DAY!!!

5 star customer service

Posted by Carolyn E. on March 31, 2015

One of the main indicators of how good a company is, is how it handles returns. MDHearing gets five stars for outstanding customer service.
You issued a full refund the same day that you received my return. And
the customer service rep I spoke with was very professional and courteous
and made the return very quick and easy.

Beyond a doubt, your company has integrity and great ethics and deserves to be in business.


Top of the line 10

Posted by Judith & Ron H on March 27, 2015

For the past 25 years or more, my husband Ronnie has tried several hearing aids. Some have been fair, some have been much more expensive, some have allowed some hearing improvement but none have ever worked so well as the one purchased from Mdhearing aids.He is a minister and most times, was unable to hear even at church but now, he can hear just about everything. We are very thankful that I was able to find this site after searching the web for a more reasonable hearing aid. Three to five thousand dollars is to much to pay for one for many people. We were so pleased that we referred another family member, who drove two hours to try the one my husband purchased. You should have seen the look on his face as I placed it in his ear. You guessed it, he ordered one the same day. I wish to thank those who participated in making this hearing aid available for the average person, as you have surely made a difference in their life. God Bless

Thank you for your support

Posted by Peter W. on March 27, 2015

I thought I should take a moment to reply to this letter and thank you for

your support. The replacement hearing aid did make a world of difference
and the speed and extra courteous help will make a big difference in
garnering new customers for your company. Already, several of my friends have been
carefully monitoring how my aids performed and have been most impressed by
the cost. In time they will most assuredly purchase from you as well.
Thank you again for your excellent service and support.

I bought both AIR and PRO. 10

Posted by Jim Borger on March 26, 2015

I bought the PRO analog set first, my first ever hearing aids, and took a few weeks to figure out the combination of domes and volume to fit my needs. I was very happy with the product so I decided to step up to the digital AIR and give them a try. I can recommend either.

The PRO uses a separate on/off switch, selects two settings also, so you don’t have to adjust the volume every time you put them on. For me I found that on either style I can turn the volume up until I sound as if I’m talking into a barrel and then back down slightly. I place my hand over my ear when I think I have it set properly and if I hear a squeal then I have it too high. The AIR has three programs and the one you want has to be selected every time it is turned on. The on/off and volume control is one control and must be adjusted by pushing a button every time it is turned off. There is a delay of several seconds when the AIR is first turned on and the volume can easily be turned up too much resulting in a loud squeal. It takes a surprisingly small, to me, amount of ear wax to block the tube. The first time I just thought that the battery had died but a new one didn’t help. The enclosed cleaning tool easily fixes that problem. When the battery dies in the PRO it just quits but in the AIR you get three beeps when the battery is getting weak. It will last for several more hours so you have plenty of warning. I alternate the two pairs as the battery needs replacement, about every three weeks for me. Why two pairs? I am on the road a lot and I like my aids so much I want a backup in case something happens to one.

Better than nothing. 7

Posted by Mike C. on March 24, 2015

After several years of avoiding small group meetings. After several years of pretending to know what was said, laughing when others laughed, not knowing what was funny. Being yelled at to “turn that tv down” I had enough. Many of you have gone down this path.
I ordered an AIR. It helps me greatly. I can hear people talk and mostly understand what is said. My big complaint is listening to the tv. I still miss a lot from the tv. TV sounds like I am in a barrel. I can’t get the tv to sound right no matter what I try. My other complaint is sounds in a larger room drowning out a speaker. I hear people behind me making noise, I hear sounds coming from all over and these sounds drown out the speaker.
My last complaint is the batteries that arrived with my AIR were all DOA. None worked. I had to run out and buy batteries that did work so I could try out my AIR.
I now realize I should have bought two. Listening in mono is no fun. However my limited budget didn’t have enough fudge factor for two. My advice to new customers is: BUY TWO.

MDHearingAId response: Thank you for your feedback about your MDHearingAid AIR. We are pleased to learn that it has helped you take part in conversations again. We apologize that you received bad batteries.and will send you replacement batteries for your AIR. Please contact our hearing aid specialists at any time with concerns about how to get the best results from your new hearing aid. They can be reached at 312-219-8422 or email support

Happy customer 10

Posted by Cheryl on March 23, 2015

I was skeptical when I ordered these hearing aids as I had been looking at hearing aids that cost over three times the price. These are wonderful. I did not realize how much I was actually missing until I started wearing these. They will whistle if they are not inserted correctly. They are relatively comfortable. I only wish they were waterproof. Thank you. I am so glad I found these!

great return policy

Posted by Clayton G. on March 23, 2015

MDHearingAid refund policy is above reproach.

The refund was given courteously, quickly, without hassle.

A pleasant experience.

awesome devise 10

Posted by Cherry H. on March 21, 2015

I spent $3,000.00 on digital hearing aids. Every time I put them on, the background noise was too high. Even though everything was louder I couldn’t understand the words they were saying on TV. After using them a couple of hours I would take them out because I felt like I was in a loud tunnel and needed relief from the noise. That pattern continued for about 5 years. Then I had a happy accident. I lost them. At first I was devastated to have lost something that cost me 3,000 dollars. I knew I could never replace them now that I am retired I couldn’t afford them again. I thought I would try the MD aids. They had good reviews. They were still pricey but only a fraction of the cost of the ones I got before. The first time I put in the first one I was literally shocked. I could hear the tv and understand what was being said instantly. So I put the other one in and the balance was perfect. Before you go spend thousands of dollars give these a try. You will be glad you did

been loving my aids

Posted by Dr. Kathleen C on March 18, 2015

Been loving my aids. Jumped right into them and wear them all day. Really amazing. Have tried 3 different sized domes, like Little Red Riding Hood, found the one just right. So far so good.

Outstanding 10

Posted by Jay on March 18, 2015

I have had these hearing aids only a few hours now and I cannot believe how well I can hear. They are much better than the expensive hearing aids they replace at a much lower cost. Thank you for this product.

overwhelmed with wonderful aid

Posted by Jo P. on March 15, 2015

I am overwhelmed with this wonderful hearing aid. I adjusted within 2 days. It is the most wonderful thing to be able to watch and hear TV and listen to music. I was at a place that watching TV was a chore. I had CC but could not watch the picture and keep up with the reading, so I mostly gave up. The same with music. I love music, but all I was hearing was bass and rumble. I had a hearing test done and was offered a sale price of $3000, or two for $3200. That was way beyond my means. I was at the place that I was uncomfortable with friends, especially a group. If they laughed, I laughed. If they frowned, I frowned, and so on when actually most of the time I had no idea what they were talking about, and being ashamed of asking “what” and “who” all the time.

I had wanted to buy your aids for over a year, and one day I decided to do it. I want to tell you I am one happy camper. I will be ordering another as soon as possible. I thank you so much for making this hearing aid affordable. I will pass the word along to others.

Bless you for such a great change in my life.

prices can’t be beat

Posted by Carolyn K. on March 15, 2015

I must say, I am very pleased with my purchase, and especially with the wonderful customer service, which to me, and many people, is everything. I believe I’ve communicated with you before, and it has always been a very pleasant experience. You, and everyone at your company that I’ve come in contact with, have been just great, and your prices can’t be beat

I appreciate you

Posted by Harold E. on March 13, 2015

​I appreciate your high quality product and reasonable prices. I highly recommend MDHearingAId and appreciate your service

They work wonderfully! However… 10

Posted by David N on March 11, 2015

I ran into two issues when I started using my set
First, while going through the adjustment period I was constantly moving through the program options to find suitable settings. The place I work at has an ever changing noise level. I wear glasses. My hair is a little on the long side. Hearing aid - glasses - hair behind the ear. While I am feeling through the layers for the program button I occasionally change the volume. Or did I just imagine I did? I ultimately end up removing the devices to look at the volume switch and then put them back on; hoping that I don’t accidently bump the volume putting them back on. A small addition of an indent to feel the increments on the volume would be absolutely stellar.
My second little problem, and I mention it only because it may help others is, “what is loud? “. I wasn’t sure how to determine what is normal. I resolved that issue by having my sweetheart and kids set the volume on the tv, and then I adjusted my hearing aids to their volume preferences - to set a baseline for myself.
I work around senior citizens daily. I hear constant complaints about hearing aids purchased for thousands of dollars. I also have an aversion to amplifiers. Your product is just amazing right of of the box. So amazing that after the first week we purchased another pair as a gift for a good friend that also thought hearing aids were out of reach. Thank you.

better than $2000 aids

Posted by Joyce C. on March 11, 2015

​I received my MDHearingAid AIRs 5 days ago and I just had to let you know how well pleased I am with them. I have been wearing hearing aids of one kind or another since 1980. The latest being Beltone that cost $200 each, which lasted 2 years and 2 weeks. Made in China and had a warranty of 1 year. They also did not have the quality of hearing I am getting from MD hearing aids. I am totally deaf in my left ear so I gave my left hearing aid to my son who has used hearing aids for 15 years. He said it was the best he has ever used. We have used them at church ad he at work. He plans to order one for his right ear as well. Be sure our friends and acquaintances will hear about MDHearingAId and be given the phone number. Thanks for being so prompt in shipping. I received them 4 days after ordering God bless you for everything.

Dont Purchase from MD Hearing Aid 1

Posted by Dorene S. on March 10, 2015

Be very careful about purchasing from this company. My elderly father, who survives on social security, wanted the hearing aids so I ordered them. He was in the hospital and when he got out and was able to try them he did, but they don’t work with his glasses. I tried to return them but missed the date by a few days. This company will absolutely not budge, the have a “strict” policy. So now my father is out 1/4 of his monthly income and stuck with a product that he cant use. Great Company!! Very Caring!! Don’t purchase from this greedy company, purchase from a customer friendly company. I am sure this happens to lots of elderly individuals. Also…keep spreading the word on social media to protect our elderly!!

MDHearingAId response: All of our orders come with a receipt on which our return policy and a contact phone number are printed. Our orders also come with an addendum in which our return policy is again prominently displayed; we highlight it and also include a table for handy reference. This information can be reviewed on the Returns page of our website. To see the highlighted copy, go to Receipt Addendum

This customer placed her order with us over the phone on January 6, 2015. Due to high demand for our product over the holidays, this item was on back order (the customer was notified of this when she placed her order). Once we received and tested new product, the customer’s order shipped on January 12 and was received on January 14. All of our customers who experienced a delay in shipping due to back order status(including this one), received an adjustment in the return period in their favor. The 45 days did not start until the product shipped on January 12. We want our customers to have the full trial period in order to best evaluate our product.

We had no contact with this customer until she emailed us on March 10, 2015 requesting a refund. March 10 was 57 days past the January 12 ship date and thus almost 2 weeks beyond the return window. We contacted the customer and advised her of this. Her response was similar to the review above. Had the customer simply contacted us sometime in the 45 days following January 12 and explained her situation, we would have been more than happy to work with her on addressing her specific concern in order to reach a mutually agreed upon solution. We have done this many times with our customers through the years.

great hearing aid 9

Posted by Reg P on March 09, 2015

I had a previous hearing aid which was fit to my ear. That hearing aid would not stay put in my ear and I finally lost it twice. The second time it was not able to be replaced. I read about MD Hearing Aids. I was given one and have been wearing it and enjoying the fact that I am able to hear better than the previous hearing aid. There is no comparison. It is outstanding and I recommend MD Hearing Aids to anyone who asks about my hearing aid. Thank you for making a great hearing aid for people to hear better than those expensive ones.

great at an excellent price

Posted by John P. on March 08, 2015

I had hearing aides previously but lost them, probably because they were poorly fitted. Even insured they would cost three times what you charged to replace. New they were over $4,000. I checked with Miracle Ear and theirs were even more - between $5,000 and $8,500. I am enjoying my two MDHearing Aids immensely. They arrived promptly. They were easy to assemble and choosing the right fit for my ears even easier. I like that I can turn them up and down especially when around loud music or noisy people. MDHearing Aids are great at an excellent price point. I am telling everyone I know that needs hearing aids to go to you. Thanks

I’m sorry 10

Posted by Philip W. on March 08, 2015

Sorry… I put them in for the rest of the day when they arrived on Friday… then all day Saturday… then turned the volume up this morning and plan to get used to that (all day)… I’m sorry I couldn’t just do the progressive “wearing” thing… I tend to jump right in… smile

oh… and… and… I’m also sorry .… but… you cannot have them back!

one happy 80 year old… loving my whole new world of sound…. I thank you (and my wife really, really thanks you)


Best Ever 10

Posted by Ken A. on March 07, 2015

I am 85 years old and have spent over $15,000 over the years for suitable aids… all of which had unsolvable problems. Upon the receipt of your aids and using them for the 21 days pus period, my hearing is better than ever in all situations. Other aids I had to frequently adjust to find a comfortable experience. With your aids, the sounds are so natural, I sometimes forget they are there.

Great to work with 10

Posted by Don C on February 25, 2015

Thanks very much for your help. I would also like pricing for the AIR aids. I have been considering them for replacement. It’s great to work with those who take care of customers.

A Big Thanks

Posted by David J. on February 24, 2015

I received my hearing aids 2-19-15 ,I selected the open ear piece,installed batteries,set the program in 10 minutes & I was hearing great .Great price!!!

A Big Thanks

same sound quality as expensive aids 9

Posted by Christine Y on February 24, 2015

I have been using top of the line hearing-aids from a Denmark brand name for a few years. After reviewing the comments from your web-site, I have always wanted to try your product as a back-up in case there are mishap to my present ones. But since I have small head and small ears, the FITs are too BIG for my ears! The left FIT can just barely sit in the ear, with the receiver stuck into my canal, I can hear the sound quality the same as my expensive ones. The right FIT is simply too big and can never wear it.

I showed your FITS to my audiologist ( the Denmark brand ) in Hong Kong. He tried and found the FIT performance is satisfactory ( talking about at a price of only US$1000 for a pair !! ). He also took a photo of your product for his future reference. I showed him your website and asked if I should ordered the AIR, in hope of the dome can sit in my ear. Then he said the AIR TUBING is different from the wire that I am using from the Denmark brand, and AIR TUBING might havethe sound distorted ( as sound volume is “squeezed” into the tubing, and
hence the distortion.) And since your website also said the FIT is the most advanced product ever, so I decided to stick to my present ones for now.

Even though I cannot be of your patronage , I would no doubt spread the word for you to those in need of hearing-aids. I personally think Dr. Sreekant Cherukuri is dong a good deed, to develop a hearing-aids that is affordable to the general public. As a hard-of-hearing victim, I can tell the benefits and the differences we can enjoy after wearing the aids. I sincerely wish Dr. Sreekant Cherukuri, and your team a prosperous year of the Goat and the the years to follow !