A New Year of Better Habits and Better Hearing

A New Year of Better Habits and Better Hearing

As we approach the end of 2015 and begin to think about those New Year’s resolutions, perhaps some advice from some very busy entrepreneurs and CEOs is worth considering.

In a recent article in Inc. Magazine, contributor Christina Desmarais did just that. For her article, entitled “31 Daily Habits for Success in Business and Life,” Desmarais asked 30 successful executives to offer their ideas for great, daily habits that have proven to be key in their achievement

Some of the habits suggested

Make staying in shape non-negotiable.
Randy Nelson, CEO of Gold Dolphins, says that when he travels, he packs his gym clothes first, and includes his workouts in his daily itinerary. Nelson is turning 54 this month, and reiterates that a lifetime of staying in shape is the best gift he could have ever given himself. He offers, “Just like putting money away for retirement when you are young and making it a habit, pay yourself first when it comes to exercise.”

Learn to delegate.
David Rusenko, founder and CEO of the global website-building platform Weebly calls delegating an art form. Learning the fine line between micro-managing and apathy, showing people that you care and clearly verbalizing your expectations can help relieve you of some of the burden of more difficult tasks, as well as being able to give others credit for a job well done.

Get enough sleep.
Our own CEO and founder of MDHearingAid, Dr. Sreekant Cherukuri, knows from his medical training that lack of sleep can contribute to increased stress and poor decision making. Dr. Cherukuri himself has a sleep regimen that he sticks to whenever possible. “One hour before bedtime: No work, phones, or computer screens, because the blue light from screens has been shown to interfere with sleep cycles. A relaxing routine helps you sleep and be the most effective the next day.”

Along with the ideas above, other CEO suggestions included things like getting up early, asking others you respect for ideas, and to listen effectively.

If one of your resolutions for the new year is to look after yourself, taking care of your hearing can be an important part of your resolution. If you resolve to give the gift of hearing to yourself or someone you love, then your first step toward achieving that goal should be to visit MDHearingAid.com today and let us know how we can help you.

We are ready to help make your 2016, and the years to come, your prime time for a better life through better hearing!