Can Better Hearing Lead to Longer Life?

Can Better Hearing Lead to Longer Life?

How could better hearing lead to a longer, fuller life in general?

According to Dr. George Valiant, a psychiatrist and leading researcher at Harvard University Medical School, the most significant factor in a man’s longevity of health and happiness is the warmth of his relationships.

This was determined following a 75 year-long study (the longest running longitudinal research of human development in history) of more than 200 healthy, male undergrad students beginning in 1938.

When you combine the definition of ‘warm’ as used in correlation to ‘relationship’ here in direct terms, you arrive with ‘loving, passionate state of being connected.’

Seems simple enough – but how can we fully connect with those we love when we are dealing with hearing issues? Hearing loss can make even the most caring member of a relationship feel cut off, frustrated, and alone.

The levels and types of hearing loss vary, but the amount of disconnect is always great when dealing with silences, pressure, ringing in the ears, and muffled sounds within the vital, personal and social communication process between loved ones.

The folks at MDHearingAid can help you reconnect to the world, and even more importantly, to those significant people in your life that provide you those life-enhancing, warm relationships.

And although you may face hardships and challenges along the way, you will face these experiences together, hearing the words of support, encouragement and love that are so necessary for a happy, healthy, longer life.