Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow. How to Avoid Needing Hearing Aids.

headphones-lead-to-hearing-aidsHEAR TODAY.  GONE TOMORROW.

That is the new slogan seen in some of the New York subway ads from the NY Health Department.

The ads include photos of two ears – one with an earbud headphone, one with a hearing aid.

New York City Health Commissioner Dr. Thomas Farley cites concern over the “risks of using headphones for causing hearing problems down the line.”  Irreversible injury to the delicate, hair-like cells in the inner ear can be caused by music played at loud volumes, coupled with the loud sounds of a large city, and result in symptoms that range from tinnitus to complete hearing loss.

Farley went on to say that it is believed that “nearly half of New Yorkers use headphones, some for many hours a day at loud volumes…which can be dangerous to their hearing.”   In fact, nearly 1 in 4 adults 18 to 44 years old who report heavy headphone use say they have experienced hearing problems!


What are some ways to avoid this injury and loss?

  1. Protect your hearing when using headphones by reducing the volume.
  2. Don’t turn up the volume to drown out other noises.
  3. Limiting listening time.
  4. Learn to recognize the early signs of hearing loss; trouble hearing a conversation, constantly turning up the volumes on your TV or radio, ringing in  your ears.
  5. If you have any of these symptoms, it’s important you schedule a hearing test through your doctor or audiologist as soon as possible.

Remember, Take care of your HEARing today – so that it won’t be GONE tomorrow!