Hearing Aids Help Prevent Alzheimer’s

…Hey everybody. This is really interesting. A recent study from Johns Hopkins links hearing loss to dementia, such as Alzheimer’s and this risk increases as hearing loss becomes more severe. That’s pretty shocking, isn’t it?

Hearing aids can make a huge difference, but they can also be very expensive. My next guest wears a hearing aid and she hashes out all the facts. Gigi Lubin has more and she’s joining us this morning.

Gigi, I am so glad you brought this because the expense of a hearing aid, I know, can go up into the thousands. Welcome. Tell us about this.

Gigi: You know, Monica, I have hearing loss on my left side. What happens is I get confused in conversations, if I don’t have the hearing aid. This is why I had to get one.

I’ll have a conversation. One word gets mixed up and you think it’s a whole different story. If you’re not really outgoing, like I am, people can start thinking you’re a little kooky.

What happens is you become withdrawn, isolated, anxious, and yes, it can lead to either dementia or anxiety, depression, all sorts of things. There are tens of millions of people who need hearing aids and they don’t wear them.

Monica: But I’m loving what you’re about to tell everybody. Please get this message out.

Gigi: This is my first hearing aid. It cost me $1,600.

Monica: For one.

Gigi: For one. They can go up to $3,000 and more per ear and it’s not covered by insurance. Not at all.

Monica: That’s horrible.

Gigi: $1,600. I got it. I would wear it. Sometimes you think, “Oh my gosh. What if I take it out, I’m on vacation. I lose it or something.” I actually did lose my first one.

I found MDHearingAid. It’s the one that I’m wearing now. I hear the same, totally the same. I can’t tell the difference and it’s under $200.

Monica: Under $200. No catches, Gigi.

Gigi: No catches. The thing is it’s designed by a doctor, hence the MD, who just saw too many people in his practice who he couldn’t help because they couldn’t afford the hearing aids.

He said, “Surely if an iPhone can be developed and sold for around $200 with all its complicated components. I certainly can create a hearing aid that fits most people, that is affordable.”

So he came up with it.

Monica: He came up with it. Gigi, I’ve got to wrap you because I want to get this information out. Folks, if you are interested, if you are in need of a hearing aid, under $200 go to MDHearingAid.com. There are no catches to this. Gigi is wearing it.

Gigi, thank you so much. I’m so glad you brought this to our viewers. We appreciate it.

Gigi: Thank you.