How To Convince Someone You Love They Need a Hearing Aid

Talking about hearing aidsDo you know someone who is losing their hearing but refuses to get a hearing aid? This can be a very difficult situation to be in.

On one hand, you are concerned for the other person and want them to get help, but on the other you don’t want to offend them or make them feel bad about themselves.

Many people find themselves in this very situation all the time. While it won’t be easy, having a talk with this person can be of great benefit for the both of you.

When starting off this conversation, be sure to keep your tone calm and caring. Trying to force someone into doing something they don’t want to do may only make things worse. Try to explain to them how their lack of hearing is affecting you.

You could try explaining it as a safety issue, or the frustration of having to repeat yourself all the time. It may not be easy for them to hear that they are causing you problems, so try to do it in a non-accusatory way.

If that isn’t enough, try explaining some of the more serious consequences of hearing loss.

For example, people with hearing loss are at higher risk for depression and other serious health complications. Let this person know that they are doing themselves more harm than good by not getting their hearing problems looked at.

Finally, you can explain that hearing aid technology as come a long way. Most hearing aids are lightweight and barely noticeable after wearing them for a little while.

Hearing aids are not something to be embarrassed about, and the changes they will see in their hearing will be remarkable. Tell them at the very least they should consult a doctor and perhaps try out a hearing aid and see how it goes.

Hopefully with this advice you are able to convince someone who needs it to consider getting a hearing aid. Just always remember not to force them into anything and that this decision has to be made by them. If you make your arguments clear and from the heart, they are likely to come around eventually.

Have you had to do this? Do you have any tips on getting someone that is hard of hearing to start talking about hearing aids?