How To Discover The Best Feature Of Your New Hearing Aid

Clearly, Your Hearing Aids Must Be Worn

Clearly, Your Hearing Aids Must Be Worn

Like wearing glasses or contacts, or even a new pair of shoes, a new hearing aid can take some getting used to. Not only in the way it sounds but in the way it sits behind your ear, the way the tube wraps around and the way the plug fills your ear canal.

With all these little things to get used to it’s no wonder that the main point of failure for new hearing aid owners is not that the hearing aids don’t work, but that they are not worn!

Use your Hearing Aids

The most important factor in being successful with your hearing aids is wearing them regularly. It doesn’t matter that they feel “weird” or you are embarrassed by the fact you are wearing them. The benefits of hearing aids are many and you will not get any of them if you do not wear your aids.

Go Outside

Another common factor that affects people new to hearing aids is they only wear them in the house, and for a short while. It is important to get out and about wearing your hearing aids so you can get used to them in a variety of situations. This variation is actually important to having success with your aids as you will start to discover all the different sounds you had been missing up until your hearing was augmented.

Trial and Error

Surprisingly, many new wearers have their hearing aids set too quiet. Once you have started to get used to your hearing aids, experiment with the volume control to get the best balance of hearing clearly against background noise. And of course if your hearing aids come with a tone control or frequency program like the MDHearingAid AIR, then of course test those to find the one that works best for you in your daily life. There is another benefit of being outsidebecause you get to find the right programs for other situations, augmenting your hearing in all evironments.