LifeEar and MDHearing apps: What you need to know

LifeEar and MDHearing apps: What you need to know

We are proud to announce that LifeEar has become part of the MDHearing family! The LifeEar app has been rebranded as the MDHearing app, and the LifeEar CORE hearing aid (UPC:854430003502) is now the MDHearing CORE.

MDHearing has been a partner of LifeEar since its inception in 2017. By merging these two brands, we can provide a better hearing experience and the best possible customer service.

MDHearing launched over a decade ago and has helped 300,000+ customers to date. This decade of providing affordable, high-quality hearing solutions and top-notch customer service means LifeEar customers will get the best hearing care possible.

MDHearing’s US-based customer service team is ready to answer any questions you have. You can contact them anytime or visit to find helpful articles and tips.

What This Means For Current Users

The new branding of the app will not impact your ability to use your LifeEar COREs in any way. You can still connect to your hearing aids and all your existing accounts and data are safe.

If you use the LifeEar app, the only action required on your part is doing a routine update of the app. Once you update, you’ll see your app change from LifeEar to MDHearing. Open the new MDHearing app and go about your usual business!

What’s Different?

At this stage, not very much is different other than a new name and new colors. All the functionality of the LifeEar app still exists in the new MDHearing app. You may still see the name “LifeEar” in some places in your new MDHearing app. Don’t fear, all of the content in the app is completely applicable to LifeEar CORE and MDHearing CORE hearing aids.

Here are some other small changes you may notice:

  • A new app icon – say goodbye to the red LifeEar icon, and hello to the new orange MDHearing icon
  • A new look and feel – new name, new fonts, new colors, but all the same functionality!
  • New “Tutorials” button – this dashboard menu button at the bottom of the screen (previously “My LifeEar”) still contains our suite of onboarding and training tools.
  • Compatible devices – the MDHearing app is only available for Android version 5 or higher and iOS version 10 or higher. If you use old versions (i.e. Android version 4 or iOS version 9), you can continue to use your current LifeEar app, but you will not be able to upgrade to the new MDHearing app or receive future updates.

The app name change is just the beginning of more exciting things coming to MDHearing in 2020. We recently added a helpful “find my hearing aid” feature and will launch a hearing test and decibel meter in the coming months. Be on the lookout for those announcements!

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