Summer Hearing Aid Care

Summer Hearing Aid Care

Hearing aids are complex pieces of technology and, like many other devices, are susceptible to damage from the heat and humidity of the hot summer months. But just because you wear hearing aids doesn’t mean you have to miss out on your favorite outdoor activities. Remember a few summer hearing aid care tips to keep your devices in great condition.

Summer Threat: Moisture

One of the biggest threats that warm weather brings to hearing aids is moisture and humidity. Having fun in the sun often involves spending time near a lake or ocean. This can increase the risk of moisture through swimming, humidity, and sweat.

Summer Hearing Aid Care: UV-Clean & Dry Box

A long-term option for keeping hearing aids in prime condition is a UV-Clean & Dry Box. In addition to removing moisture, this device kills germs and bacteria in a brief cleaning cycle through the use of UV light waves. Another option is a hearing aid dehumidifier. Store your hearing aids in the dehumidifier overnight to absorb any excess moisture. And if you plan on going swimming, leave your hearing aids behind to prevent damage from accidental splashes or submersion.

Summer Threat: Dirt and Particles

There’s a higher risk of particles from sunscreen or bug spray in the summer. Salt water can be especially damaging to hearing aids, as it leaves behind salt and minerals when it evaporates. These small crystals can be harmful to the smaller components in hearing aids. Similarly, debris such as sand, dirt, and dust can be a greater threat to hearing aids in the summer.

Summer Hearing Aid Care: Daily Cleaning and Protection

Regardless of the season, it’s important to wipe down your hearing aids every night to remove any moisture, oils, or wax on the device. When engaging in sports, gardening, or other outdoor activities, try to refrain from touching your hearing aids, especially if you could have sand or dirt on your hands.

Summer Threat: Heat

With summer also comes heat, which can pose a degree of risk to hearing aids. Because many components of the hearing aid are made of plastic, they can be damaged if stored in hot, direct sunlight and can even melt if left in a hot car or garage!

Summer Hearing Aid Care: Avoid Direct Sunlight

Exercising during the cooler part of the day can also prevent moisture. Consider wearing a hat or bandana to protect the hearing aids from direct sunlight (as well as any floating particles in the air). If you’re going to be outside during the hottest hours of the day, make sure to take breaks inside away from the sun (which is good advice in general). Never store them in your car during a heatwave.

Concerned that your hearing aids will be at risk this summer? Consider including the MDShield Protection Plan to your MDHearing choice. This plan prevents against all types of accidental damage, including water damage.