Unitron Hearing Aids: Reviews, Prices, and an Affordable Alternative

November 7, 2019 by Jeremy Hillpot

Unitron Hearing Aids: Reviews, Prices, and an Affordable Alternative

Unitron is a Canadian hearing aid manufacturer with over 50 years of experience in the medical hearing tech industry. The manufacturer has a reputation for providing hearing aid technologies for different budgets and medical needs. Unitron also claims that its technology offers a natural hearing experience and speech clarity in noisy environments.

However, do Unitron hearing aids really achieve the right balance of effective technology and budget-friendly pricing? What do real customers say, and how does Unitron measure up against the competition?

As you’ll see in this article, Unitron offers a dizzying array of hearing aid styles and technologies, but according to user reviews, customers are getting mixed results. Some users love Unitron hearing aids and others have had trouble with the brand.

To help you better understand Unitron’s product offerings, this article takes a close look at:

  • Unitron’s hearing aid technologies, options, and styles
  • What real customers are saying about their Unitron experience
  • A highly-affordable alternative to Unitron: MDHearingAid

Understanding Unitron Hearing Aid Models and Styles

There are so many styles, technologies, and performance levels on the Unitron website that most customers need to consult with a hearing aid specialist to understand what features they want and need. In this section, we’ll explain the full suite of Unitron hearing aids and technologies, so you can make a more informed decision on which Unitron product could be right for you.

Types of hearing aid styles

Unitron Styles:

The first thing you’ll see after clicking on the Unitron website “products” tab are the three main styles of hearing aids:

Behind-the-Ear (BTE): The BTE style is the most popular. It rests behind your ear and can be fit with either a thin, clear tube with a small earpiece that goes into the ear, or a larger tube with a custom-fit earmold.

Receiver-in-Canal (RIC): The RIC style sits behind the ear like the BTE style, but it has a thin wire that attaches to a receiver within the ear.

In-the-Ear (ITE): The ITE style is custom-molded to fit inside your ear. There are five sizes:

  • Full Shell: Extra-large for individuals who find it difficult to hold and insert small devices
  • Half Shell: Slightly smaller and not as obvious as the standard version
  • In-the-canal (ITC): Slightly larger than your ear canal opening and less visible than a half shell but it can still be seen
  • Completely-in-the-canal (CIC): Hides in the ear canal, but part may still be visible
  • Invisible-in-the-canal (IIC): So tiny that it’s impossible to see inside the ear.

Unitron Technology Features:

Now let’s look at the different tech features available for Unitron hearing aids. When choosing a Unitron product, you’ll select from hearing aids that may have some of the following technologies:

Antishock 2: Prevents the jarring and potentially damaging effects of loud, unexpected noises.

Automatic Adaption Manager: Assists people who have never used a hearing aid to slowly get used to the device by gradually increasing the hearing aid action over time. This means the hearing aid slowly adjusts the programming, or the types of sounds it amplifies, over time to help the user get used to hearing the full spectrum of sounds after years of not hearing them.

Binaural Phone: Directs telephone sounds to both ears hands free and wirelessly.

Frequency Compression: Converts the frequency of inaudible sounds to an audible frequency for better comprehension.

Log It All Remote Plus App: Records all of your hearing aid sounds in a smartphone app. This lets you review your hearing experiences with a hearing aid technician to pinpoint and resolve hearing aid problem areas.

Rechargeable Batteries: Equips the hearing aid with a rechargeable battery so you don’t have to constantly change batteries.

SoundCore: Monitors ambient sounds to automatically adjust to any changes. If a band starts playing in the restaurant, SoundCore adjusts your hearing aid with the following suite of technologies:

  • SpeechPro: Localizes and isolates speech sounds with “Speech Locator” technology. This dims ambient sounds and amplifies speech sounds to help you hear what people are saying in noisy places.
  • Spatial Awareness: Preserves your natural sense of where sounds come from. This helps you know who is speaking and what they’re saying in group speech environments, and other complicated sound environments.
  • SoundNav: Improves subtle sound details by examining the sound atmosphere 689 times per second.
  • Sound Conductor: Preserves a natural listening experience while making speech easier to hear.

Unitron Performance Levels:

For each Unitron hearing aid selection, you can choose a “performance level” (500, 600, 700, 800, or Pro). This is where Unitron’s “flexible pricing” comes into play. Pro is the most expensive and comes with the most advanced tech and customization options. 500 is the least expensive and comes with minimum features.

If you don’t care about Bluetooth connectivity, hands-free calling or other advanced features, you can save money by purchasing a lower performance level. However, even the base-model Unitrons will cost at least $1,000 per hearing aid, and probably more.

The following descriptions give a sense for which Unitron performance level you need:

  • Level Pro: Includes the most advanced Unitron hearing technology to provide sound clarity, directionality, and speech comprehension for complex and varying sound environments.
  • Level 800: Provides a sense of speech directionality in noisy sound environments and helps with music listening.
  • Level 700: Improves front directional speech comprehension in noisy environments, and boosts sound realism in quiet environments.
  • Level 600: Helps speech comprehension in less complicated sound environments.
  • Level 500: Improves hearing in a quiet sound environment.

Comparing Options When Purchasing Hearing Aids – Direct, Over The Counter (OTC), and from a Hearing Professional

Consumers can choose from a few options on where to purchase hearing aids, and the price can differ dramatically.

Cost per PairSteps to Buy
Traditional Hearing Aid Provider
$4,600 avg
In-person hearing test and recommendation from the audiologist or hearing aid specialist
Unitron Hearing Aids
In-person hearing test and recommendation from the audiologist or hearing aid specialist
Over-The-Counter (OTC) Hearing Aids
Not available yet
Not available yet
$399 to $1299
Order online or over the phone and receive hearing aids in a few days. For the CORE model, use the included app to take a hearing assessment and personalize hearing aids to audiologist-level fitting. For more affordable options, take advantage of pre-programmed models that match the vast majority of hearing loss profiles.

Unitron Hearing Aid Models

Now let’s look at the different Unitron hearing aid models: Moxi, Stride, and Insera.

Unitron Moxi: Unitron hearing aid - Moxi model

The Moxi family are receiver-in-canal (RIC) hearing aids. Unitron’s Moxi hearing aids offer all levels of tech – from basic to high-level. Depending on the performance level you select, Moxi hearing aids can offer:

  • Bluetooth streaming: From your mobile phone to listen to voice calls in both ears
  • Log It All App: To save hearing aid sounds on your smartphone.
  • SoundCore technology and binaural processing: For the clearest speech possible.

Three of the most popular Moxi hearing aids include:

  • Moxi All: At the “Pro” performance level, Moxi All features the most advanced Unitron technologies. In addition to connecting with your television (this requires an extra $200+ connector that can be complex to set up), Moxi All Pro can use the Remote Plus App to adjust hearing aid settings, or have a hearing aid specialist adjust your settings remotely without you leaving home. Also, the Moxi All “R” version includes a rechargeable battery. It’s about 27 mm in length.
  • Moxi Now: If size is an issue, the Moxi Now is smaller than Moxi All. This hearing aid can also feature the latest tech offered by Unitron at the “Pro” level, but it’s only 20mm in length.
  • Moxi Fit: The Moxi Fit is a simpler hearing aid with manual control buttons, so you can change settings without connecting to a smartphone. There’s no smartphone streaming, but it can still connect to your phone. Although this hearing aid doesn’t have all the bells and whistles, it could be just what you need for basic hearing assistance. It’s 28 mm in length.

There are other Moxi models like the Moxi Kiss (which has a 312 size larger battery), the Moxi Dura (made for a rugged outdoor lifestyle), and the Jump R (which features a rechargeable battery), so make sure you browse these models and the different Tech Performance Levels you can select for them.

Unitron Stride: Unitron hearing aid - Stride model

Unitron Stride hearing aids are most appropriate for people with mild to severe hearing loss. Stride models are behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids. Depending on the performance level you select, they offer both binaural phone streaming and SoundCore technology. Model variations include the Stride M and Stride P. Stride M includes a rechargeable version, and Stride P has a durable, water-resistant version for athletes and people who work in rugged conditions. In addition, there are the Stride Dura (which offers moisture resistance), the Max Up, and Max SP.

Unitron Insera: Unitron hearing aid - Insera model

If discretion is your ultimate goal, Unitron’s Insera models might be for you, as they are in-the-ear (ITE) hearing aids and fit inside your ear. Due to the ITE design, however, a specialist needs to fit them to you by making a 3D model of your ear. Depending on the performance level you select, Insera hearing aids include Unitron’s SoundCore suite of technologies.

The largest versions of Insera hearing aids (Full Shell, Canal/Half Shell, and Mini Canal) are best for patients with dexterity challenges or lower budgets, but these models are easy to see within the ear. The smaller “Completely-in-Canal” (CIC) models are more difficult to visually detect, and the “Invisible-in-Canal” (IIC) versions are completely invisible.

Unitron Pricing

No matter which Unitron model you choose, pricing examples provided by internet retailers are approximately $1,000 to $3,000 per hearing aid. Since most customers need an audiologist to help them buy and set up a Unitron hearing aid, customers usually spend around $5,000 or more for their Unitrons.

The price of your Unitron hearing aids could vary widely by which clinic you go to. An audiologist in an expensive neighborhood might charge $1,000-$2,000 more per hearing aid than a clinic in a less expensive area.

Here’s some perspective on why Unitron and other hearing aid models are so expensive:

  • Hearing aid specialists usually work exclusively with only one or two of the top hearing aid manufacturers (Unitron, Widex, Phonak, Oticon, etc).
  • If the manufacturer builds the hearing aid for a $300, it will sell it to the audiologist for $500-$2,000. Then the audiologist will add another $1,000-$3,000 markup when selling it to the patient.
  • Audiologists and hearing aid clinics are incentivized to push a specific brand (like Unitron) so they can get better prices on their end while charging the patient the same markup.

If you feel like this pricing system is unfair for the patient – or if you can’t afford to spend thousands of dollars on a hearing aid – MDHearingAid may be the manufacturer for you. MDHearingAid skips the clinic and the price markups to get you the high-quality hearing aid you need – for hundreds (not thousands) of dollars. Click here to learn about MDHearingAid.com’s hearing aids.

Below are some pricing examples offered by real internet retailers. These online retailers are likely selling Unitrons at a discount compared to the prices you’ll find in a brick-and-mortar clinic:

Unitron Moxi Price Examples:

Unitron Moxi price examples

Unitron Insera Prices:

Unitron Insera price examples

Unitron Stride Prices:

Unitron Stride price examples

Unitron Hearing Aid Customer Reviews

Looking at real Unitron customer reviews, we find that some patients love their Unitrons and others had nothing but complaints. Ultimately, customers gave Unitron hearing aids an average rating of 2 out of 5 stars on the ConsumerAffairs.com review website, and 3.5 out of 5 stars on ConsumerAdvocate.org.

Here are the most informative reviews we found, organized by “positive” and “critical”:

Positive Unitron Reviews:

These reviews from ConsumerAffairs.com show what customers like about Unitron:

Unitron hearing aids 5-star review, John of Medford, OR

“I have been using the very expensive Unitron Maxi Yuu for 5 or more years. They are my first hearing aids and have been trouble-free. One did fail when wet by shower. My audiologist had it replaced under warranty. My audiologist also sent each one back for refurbishment near the end of the warranty period. For the first year, the ear guards needed weekly cleaning. They were replaced with re-designed pair that have lasted 4 years with minimal maintenance. I was given a kit to replace the inner microphone screens. I have used about 7 of these over the five years. I am totally pleased.

My recommendation is to buy the latest, top-of-the-line, open-fit, Behind-the-Ear model. Put these on when you get up and off when going to bed. I’ve seen too many problems with ‘hidden’ aids. Come on, you’re not fooling anyone… you are old and they can be seen! Like my mom, who at 90 said, “I don’t want to use a walker, people will think I am old!”

Unitron hearing aids 5-star review, James of Flint, TX

“I am on my second set of Unitron hearing aids. My current set are Moxi 20’s with remote control. Seeing the type of experience my friends a church members are and have had with other aids I feel my aids rank very high in reliability. Looking back over the last 4 years I can count all my problems of any sort on one hand. My hearing loss is not severe and involves both ears. The remote control is outstanding – the best over all I have seen. The ability to store new settings within a basic adjustment range is wonderful as is the sound sharpening feature. Love the music pass thru mode. To me the sound is very clean and natural. Going to upgrade soon to the new “north” platform aids which have a much faster processor and more advanced feature set.”

Here are some positive reviews from HearingTracker.com:

“I found them very comfortable. I had other hearing aids for 15 years. Shaped to my ear canal. Difficult fitting and constant pressure. These were wonderful to get accustomed to. Issues I have are: they do not make ear plugs large enough to fit without feedback. (Although they will custom make one but it isn’t as comfortable as the regular ones.) Cell phone clarity is lacking for me. Landline phone and TV accessory (U direct 3) very good.”

“These hearing aids are wonderful. I have been able to work out and ski in them with no issues. They are so small that my ears don’t ache after wearing them all day and they are virtually invisible. As a 30 year old this was very important to me. I love that my hair doesn’t create any feedback on these as well. Using the uDirect with them is seamless. I stream music all day at work as well as answer my phone calls on these. The only downside was that I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to change settings easily because they don’t have a button on them but this hasn’t really been an issue. They adapt well enough on their own that I haven’t needed to turn them up or down.”

“Great fit. I got used to them fast. I don’t even feel them in my ear anymore. The sounds I was missing and now pick up are priceless.”

Critical Unitron Reviews:

These critical Unitron reviews from ConsumerAffairs.com highlight some of the problems Unitron customers may encounter:

Unitron hearing aids 1-star review, Carmel of Australia

“An absolute waste of $4,500.00. I purchased the Unitron T Moxi All 800 because I wanted the connection to a smartphone and the conversation in a noisy environment functions. So far no problem with the phone function but the conversation in noisy environments is hopeless. The overall sound quality is absolutely abysmal in everyday situations. I have been back to the audiologist many many times trying to get the HEARING function of the aids suitable for me. Whilst I can hear people speaking most of the time I cannot hear clearly. Certain noises are PAINFUL. Previously I had a Widex…so much better.” 

Unitron hearing aids 1-star review, Renee of Skokie, IL

“My elderly mom purchased these hearing aids and shortly after realized she could not use them. Bothered her ears, felt way too big, gave her headaches, etc. Because she did not return right away even though she was not using them brand new in box, Doctor will not reverse $2900 dollar charge. She doesn’t even have them and gave them back. We have been disputing charge with my Care Credit account for months. Please assist. I have all the paperwork. I live in a different state than my mom. I feel she is not a good candidate for aids. I feel she didn’t understand contract nor hear clearly and feel she was taken advantage of. Thank you.” 

Unitron hearing aids 2-star review, Stuart of South Africa

“I had my hearing aids upgraded in July 2017. The new upgrade was touted to improve hearing by allowing the user options to switch between normal conversation, conversation in ambient noise, and when listening to music. There was no discernible difference. The Bluetooth function supposedly allowing you to take calls delivers poor sound quality at low volume and if the volume level is increased the feedback and distortion is jarring and unpleasant. On resetting my cellular device I lost the link to the Unitron site that allowed minor adjustments and have not been able to communicate with the site since.”

Unitron hearing aids 2-star review, Kathy of Blackwell, OK

“I got these hearing aids on 2/22/16 and the right one quit working around 7/1/16. I took it to the Hearing Group and they sent it to the company to fix it. I got it back and it worked for a while then quit again. I took it back again and they sent it in again and the company fixed it again. The third time the right ear quit working again and I took it in again and they sent it to the company to get fixed and then they both worked for a while. Then on 6/12/17 the left side hearing aid had quit working & again I took it to them and they sent it to the company and it was supposedly fixed. Now on 6/24/17, the left ear is not working again. I do feel that they should just make me a replacement pair!! It is very frustrating to pay $4,565.00 and have to bring these hearing aids in over and over and not have them working correctly.”

Here are some negative Unitron reviews from ConsumerAdvocate.org:

Unitron hearing aids review by Jerry H. of Dallas, TX

“I have a pair, I would not recommend these hearing aids , they will not hold a charge! I can only get about five hours of hearing from them. I bought them from Advanced Audiology in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I am not new to hearing aids, this is my third pair. I expected better, and am very disappointed with Unitron and with my audiologist, $5000. is too much to pay for poor performance!”

Unitron hearing aids review by J.R. of Atlanta, GA

“I have had L and R Unitron hearing aids for about a year and have never received a level of clarity that enables me to hear conversation across a small group of people not ten feet from me nor a person across from me in a booth in a restaurant. Paid $6,000 for the pair from a hearing specialist. Why?” 

Unitron reviewers also complain that the “high-tech” features don’t measure up to what they expected, like this review from ConsumerAdvocate.org:

Unitron hearing aids review by Poorthing of Longview, TX

“I am on my third set of unitrons. Frankly the best performing for me where my previous Moxi 20s which had no Bluetooth features. Seems the more features added above and beyond hearing processing abilities are of limited value for most users and add to cost and potential malfunctions. Dito with the rechargeable battery feature which falls into that category. When my current unions start giving trouble I am seriously considering repairing my old aids and keep the newest aids as spares. Do not misinterpret what I am saying as a negative review of Unitron far from it these have been overall a fine product and I recommend the brand with little reservations.”

MDHearingAid – An Affordable, High-Quality Alternative to Unitron Hearing Aids

Whether you purchase a Unitron hearing aid or not, you owe it to your hearing (and your pocketbook) to investigate some of the highly-dependable, and far-less expensive Unitron alternatives on the market. We at MDHearingAid offer a compelling alternative.

What if you could get a pair of hearing aids for $399 (instead of $3000)? 

Born of a manufacturing philosophy that asks, “Do hearing aids really need to be so expensive?” MDHearingAid offers superior-quality hearing aids at a fraction of the price of competing manufacturers. MDHearingAids are doctor-designed, audiologist tested, FDA-registered, and they provide everything you need for better hearing.

MDHearingAid keeps your costs down by cutting out the middleman and eliminating the need to buy hearing aids from a specialist or hearing clinic. Order your hearing aids direct from MDHearingAid, and they’ll be delivered to your door in just a few days. Your hearing aids will be ready to use, right out of the box. Plus, MDHearingAids come with a 100% money-back guarantee, so trying a pair is absolutely risk-free.

Hearing aid prices by sales model

Here are some noteworthy advantages of MDHearingAids:

  • Highly-Responsive Audiologist-Trained User Support: If you’re worried that you can’t set up your MDHearingAids yourself, MDHearingAid offers U.S.-based support with on-call, audiologist-trained specialists, who average a 5 to 10 minute response time. The MDHearingAid support team walks you through every step of the set-up process and answers any questions you have.
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee: If you don’t like your MDHearingAids, send them back for a 100% refund (click this link to read our refund policy). No questions asked!
  • The Same Component Manufacturers as Expensive Hearing Aids: MDHearingAid sources its microphones and receivers from the same manufacturers (Knowles and Sonion) that high-end hearing aid companies use. We source the computer chips in our hearing aids from a US-based manufacturer with decades of experience.
  • Customized Fit Without a Specialist: MDHearingAid offers different sizes of clear tubing, tips, and ear domes to accommodate nearly all ear sizes comfortably. You don’t have to pay extra for a professional to customize them to your ears.
  • US-Based Company founded a Decade Ago: A Chicago Ear, Nose and Throat doctor founded MDHearingAid over a decade ago. The company’s headquarters still reside in Chicago. MDHearingAid tests and assembles all hearing aids in Southfield, Michigan at its fulfillment and support center.
  • 500,000+ Customers Served: MDHearingAid has supplied over 500,000 customers with hearing aids.
  • Affordable Models Designed to Work Without A Hearing Test: Our on-staff audiologists designed our hearing aids to fit the hearing loss profile of 94% of consumers. This means our hearing aids work right out of the box for the majority of people. Consumers that have already had a hearing test can send their audiogram to our audiologists and get a personalized recommendation on which hearing aid will best fit their needs.
  • Advanced Model With a Hearing Assessment Included: Our CORE model comes with an app that walks a user through a personalized hearing assessment and programs the hearing aids to the user’s specific hearing loss profile. It’s like having an audiologist in your pocket!

MDHearingAid Product Offerings:

The first thing that stands out on the MDHearingAid website is its simplicity. Unlike navigating Unitron’s website – which leaves you dizzy with hundreds of options – MDHearingAid has three hearing aid models to choose from. That’s right, three – no questions about “performance levels” and no confusion over what model/price you need.

Here are some of the MDHearingAid models. Whether it benefits from low pricing or the highest technology, each MDHearingAid model offers distinct advantages:

The MDHearingAid AIR:

As the next step up, the MDHearingAid AIR uses modern, digital technology for better noise cancelation, feedback reduction, and additional pre-programmed “sound environments” for improved listening in any situation. The AIR offers the following benefits:

  • Three settings to suit the noise environment you’re in.
  • Feedback cancellation technology to stop loud “whistling” noises.
  • Excellent for talking on the phone, watching television, listening in noisy environments, and having crystal clear conversations.

The MDHearingAid CORE:

The CORE is the most technologically-advanced hearing aid model offered by MDHearingAid. As a cutting-edge digital hearing aid, the CORE puts all the control in your hands, allowing you to adjust and optimize your hearing aid to professional standards without ever setting foot in a clinic. Here are the benefits offered by the CORE:

  • Automatically adapts to your environment as listening conditions change to focus on the sounds and voices that you want to hear.
  • The MDHearing smartphone app lets you set up hearing profiles to personalize your hearing experience for crisp, clear conversations. By following simple steps and prompts within the app, CORE personalizes itself to your unique hearing needs, no hearing aid technician required.
  • With two directional microphones, CORE allows you to have amazing conversations in the noisiest of environments.

What Customers Say About MDHearingAid

Perhaps the best thing about MDHearingAid is what real customers are saying about their MDHearingAid experience. Customers have given MDHearingAid an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Here are two reviews from MDHearingAid customers:

5-star review by Colin M.

“Easy to put on. You are not bothered by wind causing a whistle. I find them very comfortable and can hear the TV. When people turn away while talking I can still hear them. They are great for me. Thanks, MDHearing.” 

5-star review by Robert H.

“I am a long, long time wearer of hearing aids. I have a rather severe hearing loss in both ears 30-50%. I’ve had several brands of hearing aids all costing several thousand dollars. Most worked fairly well but I really never felt like they were worth what I paid for them and considering how long they lasted.

It was still with some trepidation that I decided to try these MDHEARINGAIDS since they cost so much less than the expensive brands and they were advertised to still be high quality.

I have had these for about a month now and so far I’m very satisfied with them. I can hear much better with them and I would definitely compare them favorably with the more expensive brands I’ve worn before.

They do squeak a little bit when putting them on but there are four hearing settings for different situations so you can make adjustments on the fly.

I’ll give you another update later if given the opportunity. They also included 4 packs of size 13 batteries. I also bought the protection insurance. Get it. Your dog may eat your hearing aids like mine did.”

Final Thoughts on Unitron Hearing Aids

Unitron offers technologically-advanced hearing aids for at a cost of $1,000 to $3,000 per hearing aid – with many customers spending well over $5,000 to treat their hearing loss conditions. The high cost of Unitron’s hearing aids certainly begs the questions:

  • Are all of Unitron’s tech features really needed?
  • Are Unitron’s tech features worth it?
  • Could a less expensive hearing aid provide offer high-quality, durability, and everything you need to treat your hearing?

Considering MDHearingAid’s 100% money-back guarantee – and considering their many satisfied customers (500,000+ and counting at the time of writing) – perhaps you’ll consider saving yourself thousands of dollars and a lot of trips to a medical specialist by purchasing what you need directly from MDHearingAid. After all, if you don’t like them, you can return them for a refund, and buy new hearing aids from a more expensive brand.

Want to see if MDHearingAid hearing aids will work for you? Take our quick and easy online hearing test and get your results instantly.

If you’re interested in trying a set of MDHearingAids for yourself, click below to shop online or call our helpful sales team at 800-813-1781.