What Real Customers Say About MDHearingAid AIR


Ed: “Since I’ve got these MDHearingAid AIRs, my life has changed dramatically. Now I can go outside. I can hear the birds chirping. I can hear the wind in my ears. I can hear the leaves rustle. I’m hearing sounds that I haven’t heard in years. In fact, so long that I’ve forgotten what they sounded like. It’s really a great feeling. It’s given me a whole new phase back into my life again.”

Linda: “I used to talk real loud on the phone to my friends and say, ‘Why are you screaming?’ To me I couldn’t hear myself, so I didn’t realize I was talking that loud. I used to run my TV at like 32. Now I run it at 18 to 20. It’s just changed everything. The sounds that you hear are so new that you forgot what they sounded like.

I belong to the Red Hats and I go to plays and we go out to dinner and I can hear every bit of the conversation. I don’t have to wonder ‘What did they just say?” I can hear the whole thing.”

Ed: Since I’ve had these MDHearingAid AIRs, when we watch TV now instead of having the volume up around almost five, we’ve got it down to about three. Before the neighbors used to, not complain, but tell us what we were really watching on TV. It’s good to watch programs now and being able to hear everything without some of it sounding like they’re mumbling like it was before.”

Linda: “Since I’ve been wearing the MDHearing Aid AIR, the kids, I can hear everything they’re saying, even when they think they’re whispering. They can’t get anything by me, but they say, ‘Aunt Linda, you don’t talk as loud,’ and it’s because I don’t have to. I can hear everything now.”

Norma: “We’re both more compatible with one another because we don’t have to shout at one another and we don’t have to repeat.”

Ed: “Before it was uh-huh, what, what, all the time and now everything is smooth. We understand each other. It’s great.”

Linda: “It’s really great the MDHearingAid AIR has four program settings. Number four connects the telecoil directly to your ear so that there’s absolutely no interference, no noises, just clear phone conversation.”

Ed: “Hearing on the phone now is much clearer than what it used to be. Before I’d have to have people repeating themselves over and over again. I’d get part of what was coming through, but part of it would be like mumbling or something. With the hearing aids now everything comes through crystal clear and I don’t have any problems on the phone whatsoever.”

Linda: “I’m getting great battery life out of these. I’m going almost a month before I have to change them and I wear them about 12 to 16 hours a day, but I always make sure I turn them off. I’ve heard other people have to change them every week or two weeks. Mine are at least four weeks or more.

The MDHearingAid AIRs have changed my life so much. I’m hearing things that I never heard. I’m not screaming at people on the phone and anybody I know that has any hearing loss, I highly recommend these. They’re comfortable to wear. They’re affordable and they’re just great.”