AIR 3 Portable Charging Case

Compatible with the MDHearing AIR 3 (A series) only.

Never be without a charge when you need it with the dual-purpose charger and storage case. This sleek, portable charging case provides up to three (3) full charges before having to be plugged in, so you can charge the AIR 3 at home or on the go.

Simply place your hearing aids in the charging case and the LED indicator on the front of the case will let you know when they are done charging. Intelligent sensors stop the charging process automatically once the battery is full, so there is no risk of overcharging your hearing aids.

A full charge takes approximately 5 hours. On average, a full charge lasts 12-16 hours.

Includes: Charging case, USB cord, and power adapter

Charger and Carrying Case for AIR 3