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Product Reviews

Product Reviews

Excellent Hearing Aids 10
Posted by Bob M on September 24, 2018
I purchased a pair of in-the-ear hearing aids 10 years ago for $4,500. Three years ago the aid in my right ear quit working. The dealer said with the age of my aid, it would cost too much to repair, and I should purchase two new aids. I decided to look for another option. I found MDHearingAid online, and saw I could purchase an aid for under $500. My first reaction was, this has to be a scam. But I started reading the reviews and they were all either 4 star or 5 star reviews. I purchased the AIR hearing aid and have been very pleasantly surprised that the aid worked as well as it has. Last Monday the aid in my left ear died. I purchased two LUX aids last Monday, they arrived on Wednesday, and it is as if the Lord has given me two new ears. I tell everyone who asks me about purchasing a hearing aid, to buy from MDHearingAid. They are excellent aids. Customer Service mission is not to sell you the most expensive aid but to ensure that you are pleased with your purchase. Thank You MDHearingAid. I now have a better quality aid, and a better quality life, at an affordable price.

Best Purchase of the Year 8
Posted by Gerrit B on September 6, 2018
I have purchased a number of items this past year and was satisfied with most of my purchases; however, I believe that the purchase of my hearing aids is easily the best purchase of the year. They are considerably better than the ones I had purchased six years ago.

Told all my friends... 10
Posted by Donald M on August 30, 2018
I have had a lot of hearing aids this is the best had it for almost 2 years now forgot to take it out and got in the shower let in dry replaced battery works fine I have told all my friends about MDHearingAid

Couldn't be happier 10
Posted by Eric J on August 14, 2018
I've been wearing a single PRO for a week. I started using it a full day from the start. It is comfortable to the point where I don't even know it's there anymore. It took a very short time to discover the N program works best for my lack of high frequency hearing. The H program offered little or no improvement which is to be expected. <br /><br />I have no difficulty hearing normal adult voices and the high pitched voice of my granddaughter. Before I had to say "What?" for almost every sentence addressed to me. I hear all he sounds I knew I was missing like microwave beeps, directional signals in the truck, etc. I used to enable closed caption on youtube videeos, but no longer require them. I haven't seen a movie using the PRO. I suspect I won't require closed caption for those as much either.<br /><br />I used to avoid using my cellphone unless absolutely necessary. It was too painful to communicate. I drove tothe doctor's office to make appointments to avoid calling on the phone. Now I can use the phone normally. No special positioning of the instrument, though I learned to reduce the PRO volume slightly to avoid feedback.<br /><br />I couldn't be happier with the PRO. I have found no drawbacks at all. Incidentally, neither my room-mate, adult son or granddaughter who live with me have noticed the PRO. I didn't tell them about it. I'm going to see how long it takes them to notice I'm using it. I have not had to say "What?" to any of them since I first used it.

What a Miracle! 10
Posted by John and Laura P on August 6, 2018

Extremely Satisfied 10
Posted by BILLY D on July 29, 2018
I have been a customer of MDHearingAid for about 5 years. Twice in that period of time I had a problem with the aids. Both times I contacted customer service and received prompt service. In both cases the aids were out of warranty but were replaced for minimal cost. The latest aid was 4 years old. I was given an RMA, shipped it in for repair, and within a week received a replacement aid. I am extremely satisfied with the service and the product sure beats paying $4000 for ones from an audiologist. My next goal is to purchase the Lux in order to get the directional microphones.

Great product for the price 8
Posted by Steve G on July 26, 2018
I recently purchased these and am very happy. I couldn't afford thousands of dollars for hearing aids, and I have pretty significant hearing loss from years of construction noise. Two of my friends also decided to order a pair

The BEST I have ever had 10
Posted by Richard P. on June 2, 2018
This is the best pair of hearing aids I have ever had. With cellphone app and Bluetooth, it is great.

LifeEar CORE changed my life 10
Posted by Beth H. on May 26, 2018
I got my first pair of hearing aids two years ago. I bought the least expensive hearing aids offered, and they changed my life. The hearing aids still work fine, but I wanted to try the newer digital hearing aids. From experience, I knew MDHearingAid was a reputable company, so I ended up purchasing the LifeEar CORE this time. I cannot even express how great they are. They are well worth the money spent and much less expensive than comparable hearing aids from anywhere else. They have changed my life for the better. The app gives you a hearing test and then it sets the aids to suit your hearing. You can turn them up or down and if you use the automatic setting the aids adjust to your surroundings. I highly recommend them and this company. I am thankful this company offers these quality medical grade hearing aids at an affordable price. Thank you MDHearingAid!!!

A year later, still clear. 10
Posted by Mark K. on April 15, 2018
After four corrective ear surgeries since childhood and several pairs of hearing aids, I was very close to just giving up. My wife was frustrated with me, thinking I had “selective hearing”. After being impressed with what I read about MDHearingAid and the guarantee that they offered, I ordered from them. I was excited, and I read thru the material, putting the hearing aids in immediately. It was like after my surgeries. Crisp clear hearing. But, unlike after my surgeries, it is not gradually getting muffled again. Here I am a year later and I am still hearing crisp and clear! I love my LUX hearing aids!