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July/August issue

New MDHearingAid FIT delivers unique ITE design for active adults

With a patented ITE form factor that doesn’t block the ear canal, the new MDHearingAid FIT offers critical comfort advantages along with advanced digital technology for a fraction of the cost of conventional hearing aids. It is the latest low-cost, high-quality hearing instrument developed by MDHearingAid, the only direct-to-consumer hearing aid company with products designed by a practising otolaryngologist.

Designed for adults in their 50s and 60s, the FIT sits comfortably and securely in the concha of the ear, allowing the natural air and sound movement conducive to an active lifestyle. This revolutionary aid is the first hearing aid that leaves the ear canal open with no Behind-the-Ear wires or tubes. Sound amplification is provided by the company’s proprietary MDSound™ algorithm, which has received high marks from both industry and consumer reviewers for its ability to enhance speech recognition.

The FIT also includes volume control, four programs, fifth-generation feedback cancellation, advanced compression technology, and extended frequency layered noise reduction not typically found on direct-to-consumer hearing aids.

“Many people in their 50s and 60s resist hearing aids, not only for the usual cost reasons, but also because of a perceived discomfort and distaste for the traditional BTE design,” said Dr Sreek Cherukuri, the company’s founder and an otolaryngologist. “The FIT addresses both issues in an affordable solution and a wearable form factor that resembles musicians’ in-ear monitors.”

The FIT is FDA-Registered, designed for mild to moderately-severe hearing loss, and ready to wear out of the box. It costs $549.99 apiece or $999.99 a pair, comes with free one-on-one phone support from hearing aid specialists and audiologists, and carries a 45-Day RISK-FREE Trial with a money-back guarantee.