“I love it!”: LifeEar Testimonial on Fox 32 in Chicago

“I love it!”: LifeEar Testimonial on Fox 32 in Chicago

“I didn’t want to spend $6,000 or 7,000 on hearing aids.” That’s what Chicago local and LifeEar CORE user Arnold Bender had to say when he visited the Fox 32 studios on November 9th. The local Fox affiliate put a spotlight on the incredible ways LifeEar is changing the hearing aid industry for the better, including Arnold’s LifeEar testimonial.

LifeEar Testimonial, Fox 32 (11/09/2018)

Arnold was having trouble hearing conversations when out with friends. When he started researching hearing aids, he knew he wanted a pair that did the job, but wouldn’t cost him a fortune. A new hearing aid user, Arnold has had his LifeEar pair since July, and is so happy with the price (just $1599 a pair) for such a great product.

LifeEar representative Ralph Lenssen joined Arnold’s LifeEar testimonial to speak on just what makes this hearing aid so great. “It’s the first hearing aid to give you independence. The user gets control and they can personalize their hearing to their own ears. That gives them better results in the end.”

Through a user-friendly smart phone app, the LifeEar CORE tailors itself to the user’s needs without the user having to even leave home! The hearing aid’s precise processing also amplifies what you want to hear and filters out what you don’t. And because the LifeEar CORE is sold online, there’s no price hikes that you see with brick and mortal stores and their overhead. By cutting out the middleman, we’re able to bring those savings to our customers.

And what do our customers have to say?

“I love it,” says Arnold. “You know, every Sunday morning I’m with a bunch of guys in a deli and it’s hard to hear them and have a conversation. Since I’ve gotten [LifeEar], it blocks everything else out and I’m able to sit and enjoy the time with them.”

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