Product Reviews

Product Reviews

Best present ever! 10

Posted by Geraldine W. on December 05, 2016

These were a gift from my grandchildren! After having to repeat themselves to me over and over, they got frustrated and decided to order these for me!
I have been using them less than a week and already love them ! I anticipate much more for the future!
I can hear my clock ticking and the fish tank filter running! Outdoors it seems so very noisy to me ! Thank you and bless you all my grandkids!

Didn’t know what I wasn’t hearing!! 10

Posted by Jerry L. on November 29, 2016

I knew I wasn’t hearing everything around me and I could sense that I was being at least a bit annoying by asking folks to repeat. After wearing the MDAir for a few days, I attended a family Thanksgiving and was delighted to be able to join in conversations that just a few days ago I could only guess about. Thanks MDAir for getting me back in family gatherings.

Fantastic Hearing Aids! 10

Posted by Patti W. on November 25, 2016

I am so excited about my new MDHearingAid Airs. The sound quality is amazing! I used the setting for being in a crowd, and it was so cool! It really helped! EVERY time I take them out, I think “Wow! These are so great!”

Hearing again! 10

Posted by Stephen K. on November 25, 2016

I was a skeptic. I was prepared to find something wrong and return my AIR before the deadline. Today is my 3 week anniversary and I am ordering a second AIR for my other ear. Everything about this purchase has been top quality and extremely positive - and I rarely use superlatives. I just had to replace my first battery after 19 days! I am impressed! Thank you, MDHearingAid for a wonderful product - right down to the packaging. Keep up the good work.

hearing the rain on the roof 8

Posted by Juelanne D. on November 24, 2016

My doctor said that parts of the brain shut down if you can’t hear. So I got over my vanity and on his recommendation bought this hearing aid. I have not lost a lot of my hearing but enough that I had to ask my friends to repeat things. What a difference! I feel like I am a part of the world again. At a social gathering I could hear everything. I felt less isolated. I enjoyed conversations more and felt much more engaged. We have a well insulated house and I haven’t heard the rain on the roof in a long time but this morning I could hear it was raining. It is the loveliest of sounds.

Customer Service - Excellent 10

Posted by Naomi A. on November 22, 2016

P.S.: Follow-up on Customer Service: Update on my right hearing aid:

After my right hearing aid Air became defective due to my getting caught in a heavy rain storm, the dry raw rice that Customer Service suggested brought it back to life for about a week, then it quit working. I contacted MD Hearing Aid Customer Service, again, and they promptly sent me an invoice by email with instructions to return the product, along with the invoice and check for $69.95, and they would repair or replace it. On the day they received the “injured” hearing aid, they emailed me that they would be replacing the unit and were sending it back in the mail. They sent a tracking number via email, and the package arrived on the date specified. When I opened the package, I was delighted to see that they had also sent a new tubing and new shaped dome that fits very well. I’m back in business of hearing once again in both ears. Thank you, MD Hearing Aid Company for your prompt and excellent customer service.

My new MD Hearing Aids. 9

Posted by Nancy S. on November 19, 2016

This is my third set of hearing aids, I’ve worn them for many years. I am so pleased with the MD HearingAid Pro. By the end of the third day I had them set where I needed them and no background noise. One more thing I talked to a lady at our church while we were in a large, loud room, I could hear her and she could hear me. That’s a first in a very long time for me. Thanks MD Hearing Aids.

great deal

Posted by Gene M. on November 16, 2016

I am totally sold on these little AIR hearing aids. What a deal, for the money!

Wow! 10

Posted by Dianne F on November 15, 2016

These are just amazing I have been looking for a product that was affordable yet serviceable and this is certainly it!. I do not even know I am wearing them. Please if you have a hearing issue, by all means do yourself a favor and at least give them a try. Best thing I did. Thank you folks at Mdhearing.

Thrilled with the VOLT! 10

Posted by Russell J. on November 08, 2016

THRILLED !!!!! ***** ++++

I am 72, worked around F4 Fighter jets for 4 years in Navy. I thought I would never hear again like this! I put the h/a in and walked outside and heard the leaves crackling under my feet .


Thank You

PRO Series Hearing Aids 10

Posted by Chris M. on November 06, 2016

Got my hearing aids on 11/4/2016 love them. Was able to talk to my 2 and half year old grandson without having to have him repeat himself.Also told him he didn’t have to yell at me,I,could now hear him.Thank You,Great product

I’m very happy

Posted by Michael J. on November 02, 2016

I am very happy and there will be no returning this product. I can’t thank you enough.

Words Fail Me 10

Posted by Dennis C. on October 29, 2016

I cannot adequately tell you the improvement in my quality of life since I discovered your product. I have considerable hearing loss, and I bought a set of units from a local dispenser that cost me about $2,500. They worked OK, and then they both failed. For a fraction of the cost, I have a better set of hearing aids and the change is extraordinary. I actually ordered a spare set of your basic units should I ever have need. I cannot imagine life without my hearing aids. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

top notch

Posted by Lisa F. on October 28, 2016

Your customer service and product support team are top notch!

Great product 10

Posted by Gary W. on October 28, 2016

I received my Air for my right ear yesterday. Right of of the box my hearing was 100% better. Very easy right out of the box, put the battery in and you are all set. So far, MD Hearing has 5 stars. Thank you.

Customer Service - Excellent 10

Posted by Naomi A on October 28, 2016

I bought my pair of MD Hearing Aid Air in November 2013. They were my first pair and it did take a short while to get used to putting a “foreign object” in my ear canal, but my husband was happy that I stopped saying, “Huh?” when he talked to me. I have now accepted that I have become a bionic woman—“The better to hear you now” Smile. They worked fine —until this summer (2016) when I got caught in a rainstorm and forgot I was wearing my hearing aids. For about 6 days my right hearing air kept blowing batteries more frequently and on the 7th day, my right hearing aid stopped working all together. I emailed MD Hearing asking procedure in returning the hearing aid for repair. I received a prompt reply suggesting that I first try putting my hearing aid in some dry raw rice for 24 hours, but if that didn’t work, then the hearing aid could be returned to them for repair or replacement for $69.95. I tried the dry raw rice first, and it was like a miracle because the hearing air started working again. But I noticed on a few occasions that the hearing aid would stop working. I would then shutdown the volume, open up the battery holder, click it shut, and reset the volume and it would start working again. After a few times, I decided to put the hearing aid, again, in the dry raw rice overnight thinking it possibly needed more drying out. And after a few such times, it seems to be back to normal. I even “dried out” the left ear hearing aid once overnight just for good measure.

I have been doubly pleased to have found MD Hearing online, because my neighbor bought expensive brand name hearing aids, and when I asked her if working with dishes caused loud clatter, she stated they did. So I figured I was as well off as she—and better because I got MD Hearing aids for about 30% of her cost. So if you do not have a hearing problem that requires medical attention, first, I recommend you give MD Hearing aids a try. They give you 45 days to try them out. You have nothing to lose but better hearing to gain.


Posted by Tom N. on October 27, 2016

I have used the aids for four days now and they are terrific. I was firstly amazed at how small they are - that’s a lot of technology in a little package. All the printed material that came with them is very informative and well-written. The noise reduction settings work really well; using setting “3” really cut down the noise while driving and in my noisy classroom. They are quite comfortable and work as well as I had hoped.

Thank you for a great product.

volume control not tight enough 7

Posted by Stan R on October 27, 2016

I got the PRO set for both ears and am very pleased with them. The only negative is that the volume control is too easy to bump and move it if you just touch it when putting the aid on. I had to put a piece of tape over the volume control to keep it in place.

A Truely a Customer Oriented Company 10

Posted by Gary & Dixie J on October 26, 2016

We have done business with MD Hearing Aids with products like the AIR and PRO, both of which have been excellent products, customer service, with people that are extremely helpful. This company has a product that is needed by many and their products are affordable and performs as advertised, extremely well. Thank you for being there for us to make our world better.

Dome and thin tube advantage 10

Posted by Bob on October 25, 2016

I have been pleased with my Air hearing aid, but annoyed with the amount of feedback. Just received my new shipment of the thin tubes and domes for my aid. I now feel as if God just gave me a new ear. The amount of improved hearing and the lack of feedback, is incredible. I wish those who write the descriptions for the aids and the attachments, would be more clear in their descriptions of what to order for the aids. I now know what to order in the future. If you have severe loss of hearing in your ear, just order the thin tube and the domes for your aid. You will be as pleasantly surprised as I am. Thank you M D hearing aids, for affordable aids. They are a blessing to all of us who have hearing loss.

Working Great! 7

Posted by Roy S. on October 24, 2016

I’ve been wearing and using my MD Air hearing aids for about a month now, I can report they are working just fine. I have used other aids before, these are the best. Keep up the good work!

It works for me

Posted by Cheryll R. on October 23, 2016

Hi! I ordered the Pro kit with two Hearing aids because my husband can’t hear either. He tried it one day and got frustrated. I on the other hand, tried several domes until I found the right size. I did wind up using the standard tube and the smallest ear dome. I was trying the biggest ones thinking that that would help, but just created too much hissing noise.

We both worked factory work for 30 plus years each and had regular hearing checkups there. My main hearing loss is not hearing syllables, but do have other issues I am sure. Neither of us have had an actual hearing test for years. I am very happy though with the hearing aid Pro. I have found a happy place with the standard tube and smaller ear dome. If I can’t convince my husband to keep trying the other hearing aid, I will keep it in case I need it for my left ear. Very happy so far. Thank you for offering at a good price.

Value for the price 6

Posted by Teresa D. on October 22, 2016

I bought one only for two hundred dollars. The best thing I can say is that, for what it costs, it is worth it, but it is a cheaply made product with many, many flaws. For one, I have to move VERY slowly. Otherwise, this big, bulky, poorly constructed product falls out and onto the floor (with very little movement). I have never worn a hearing aid, so I cannot compare to expensive ones. This is a microphone encased in plastic, that you can dial up or down for volume. I now wear this item to meetings where I previously had trouble hearing, and my hearing is much enhanced. Outside noises are maddening, but I’m learning to ignore them and focus on the speaker. I am getting what I need, which is to increase speaker volume when I am in meetings (or teaching in a classroom). As far as that limited expectation goes, I am satisfied. Do not get your hopes up. As I said, it is big, clumsy, shows (so you better not be shy about people knowing, which I am not), and is not at all sophisticated.

We recommend it

Posted by Linda J. on October 20, 2016

So far my dad is “very” pleased with his hearing aid. I think he was a little skeptical at first that it would really help him but it has just been amazing how well he can hear now. We would recommend your products to anyone. Thank you again.

Quick service

Posted by Betty Y. on October 20, 2016

I want to compliment you on your promptness in refunding my return. It was very quick. I mailed the package on Wednesday evening, I believe you received it on Friday and Monday the credit card company notified me that the refund had posted to my account. I hate that I did not feel that I could use the hearing aids. I would recommend your company to anyone I find that might need hearing aids.

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