Bluetooth Hearing Aids: How MDHearing Uses Bluetooth Tech to Save You Money

Bluetooth Hearing Aids: How MDHearing Uses Bluetooth Tech to Save You Money

Hearing aids cost $4,500 a pair on average. The high cost means that many hearing loss patients do everything they can to keep their costs down. This means they avoid fancy perks like Bluetooth connectivity. But what if Bluetooth technology could actually save you money? What if it could save you thousands of dollars on the price of high-quality aids?

 At MDHearing, our business model centers on providing the highest quality hearing aids at the most affordable prices. One of the ways we’re doing that is through the revolutionary use of Bluetooth technology.

Our radically different approach uses Bluetooth as a cost-saving tool. We're using Bluetooth to reduce the price of hearing aids by thousands of dollars. This has opened the door to quality hearing care for millions of people who couldn’t otherwise afford it.

What Is Bluetooth Technology?

Bluetooth technology is all around us, so if you're curious about what the term refers to, you're not alone. Really, it's all about wireless connectivity between your devices. A wireless Bluetooth connection allows your phone to connect with a cordless speaker or headphones. Bluetooth also lets you customize and control your hearing aids from a mobile device.

 At MDHearing, we’re using wireless Bluetooth to make hearing aids more affordable. 

Bluetooth hearing aids

The Money-Saving Advantage of Bluetooth Hearing Aids

Conventional hearing aid makers use Bluetooth to add expensive bells and whistles. These bells and whistles include wireless music streaming and hands-free phone calls. But MDHearing takes a radically different approach. We are using Bluetooth technology to achieve clinic-quality care WITHOUT the hearing clinic. This translates into thousands of dollars of savings for hearing loss patients.

How does Bluetooth connectivity help? MDHearing uses Bluetooth technology to custom-tune your hearing aids remotely. This allows our hearing aid professionals to adjust your hearing aids over the internet—while you stay at home. We use the same sound standards that hearing clinics use, but the adjustments are done remotely.

In this way, MDHearing is using Bluetooth technology to cut out the hearing clinic middleman. This removes ALL the costs related to maintaining a physical store. Now, we can provide high-quality, custom-tuned hearing aids for thousands of dollars less. Our hearing aid customers save $2,500 to 4,100 an ear on average!

How Affordable Are MDHearing’s Bluetooth Hearing Aids?

MDHearing is a "virtual hearing clinic," so we don't have the cost of managing physical stores. This means we can sell the MDHearing VOLT MAX Bluetooth hearing aid for just $699.98 a pair—while still providing the same quality of care that you would receive from a physical hearing clinic.

Here’s how we make hearing aids so affordable:

  • No manufacturer markups: MDHearing designs and manufactures its own hearing aids. This eliminates the thousand-dollar markups that traditional manufacturers add to their hearing aids. For more than a decade, it’s been our mission to reduce the cost of manufacturing hearing aids without sacrificing quality. We solved the problem of unfair manufacturer markups by making our own.
  • No hearing clinic markups: Bluetooth technology allows MDHearing to remove the need for a clinic. Instead of you going to a clinic, we remotely tune your hearing aids via Bluetooth and the internet. This eliminates the cost of running a clinic—and the thousand-dollar hearing clinic markups. We transfer all the savings to our customers.

MDHearing is the most advanced and customer-responsive “virtual hearing clinic” in the world. Considering the high quality of treatment customers receive, we're also the most affordable! 

Learn more about why traditional hearing aids cost so much here.

Which MDHearing Hearing Aid Is Right for You?

MDHearing customers have three affordable hearing aid options to choose from. The MDHearing VOLT MAX is our only hearing aid with Bluetooth technology. But before you choose hearing aids, you might want to take our free online hearing test to evaluate the severity of your hearing loss and browse the hearing aids at MDHearing.

If you're on a very tight budget, you might want to consider our non-Bluetooth aids. Our entry-model MDHearing AIR is only 297 a pair, and our rechargeable MDHearing VOLT is only 397 a pair. Although they don't have Bluetooth technology, they still fit 94% of patients with hearing loss. Plus, the AIR and VOLT are high-quality, medical-grade, FDA-registered aids. This makes them an excellent choice for budget-conscious individuals.

If you want custom-adjusted hearing aids like those from a clinic, you should choose the VOLT MAX. The VOLT MAX Bluetooth hearing aid is a little more expensive ($699.98 a pair), but it offers a clearer, more natural hearing experience. That’s because we use Bluetooth connectivity to customize your VOLT MAX hearing aid. We use your unique hearing profile to adjust the VOLT MAX like a hearing aid specialist would at a clinic.


How the “Virtual Hearing Clinic” Process Works

MDHearing customers do not need to take a professional hearing test (or “audiogram”) to use their hearing aids. However, customers who have an audiogram can email their results to MDHearing for further support. Our audiologists will then provide you with a free telephone, email, or video consultation, and advise you of your hearing care options. They may recommend a hearing aid or further testing.

If you purchase the VOLT MAX, our staff can use your hearing test to remotely fine-tune your hearing aids. We use the same tuning standards that audiologists use at in-person clinics.

If you don’t have the results of a professional hearing test, that's okay too. The VOLT MAX comes with the MDHearing smartphone app (for iPhone or Android), which will create a personal hearing profile by playing a series of tones in your ear.

The MDHearing app will automatically adjust your hearing aids to reflect your hearing needs. The process is quick and easy. Best of all, our phone- and email-based hearing professionals are always available to help.

What Features Come With the MDHearing VOLT MAX?

The VOLT MAX Bluetooth hearing aid comes with the following advanced hearing aid features:

  • Smartphone-based hearing aid control: The MDHearing app lets you customize and control your hearing aids from a mobile device. You can discreetly adjust volume and sound environments without drawing attention. There's no need to fumble with tiny buttons on the hearing aid when you use your smartphone.
  • No smartphone required to make on-the-fly adjustments: Unlike other Bluetooth aids, a smartphone is not needed to adjust the volume and settings. The buttons on the hearing aid allow you to control the essential settings. This is helpful when your smartphone battery dies. It's also helpful for anyone who is not technologically savvy or would rather not fiddle around with a smartphone.
  • Automatic sound environment adjustments: The VOLT MAX includes 4 listening programs (Adaptive, Quiet, Social, and Restaurant). With the “Adaptive” setting, the VOLT MAX listens to the sound conditions around you. Then it self-adjusts for the best listening experience as you move about your day. This means that you do not have to manually adjust your hearing aid settings.
  • Dual microphone technology for clearer hearing in noise: The VOLT MAX uses dual microphones to offer clear hearing in noisy environments. Dual microphones focus the hearing aid on a specific person in front of you, preventing background noise from interfering with your ability to understand conversations. It's a lifesaver at parties or restaurants.
  • Remote fine-tuning assistance: VOLT MAX users can contact MDHearing for remote fine-tuning assistance of their VOLT MAX hearing aids at any time. Users start by submitting a request through the app. Then one of our hearing specialists will remotely adjust the hearing aid sound settings.
  • Unlimited phone support with hearing aid specialists: When you call for support, a hearing professional will help you set up your hearing aids over the phone. You can call us as much as you need for guidance or troubleshooting. We’re always happy to help!
  • App-based hearing check and automatic programming: The MDHearing app includes a personalization process that creates a profile for your specific hearing. Just listen to a series of tones, and then it will automatically program your hearing aids. This process can be repeated at any time to accommodate changes in your hearing. The "Personalization Profile" eliminates the need for regular adjustments at a hearing clinic.


Constant Development of New Features

One of the best things about Bluetooth connectivity is that MDHearing can remotely update the software in your hearing aids as technology continues to advance. This eliminates the need to purchase a new device or take your hearing aid into a clinic when there are updates.

Our development team is passionate about creating new ways to help individuals improve their hearing. We're constantly rolling out new features to improve the lives of our customers.

Everything we do starts with what makes sense for our users,” said Alex Hendrickson, MDHearing mobile engineer. “Feedback from real people using the app lets us continuously improve the experience. We’re trying to make sure that this is a product people understand and that they’re getting the maximum value out of their hearing aids.”

What Are Users Saying About MDHearing?

Here’s what a music teacher says about his experience using MDHearing's Bluetooth hearing aids:

I'm a music teacher and musician and have been wearing hearing aids for 17 years. My biggest concern has always been functioning in a classroom with loud noises. Every time I upgraded into the next big thing, it worked great in every environment except the classroom. The people who I bought them from always tried to adjust what I was hearing to sitting in a quiet office. With the MDHearings, the frequencies are set based on what I actually hear, then I control the rest. Even though I've worn hearing aids for quite a while, it has still taken time to get adjusted to what setting to use in what environments. The difference now is that I have control over all that and don't need to make an office visit to have the adjustments made. The quality of the sound is excellent. Caring for them is easy. I'm looking forward to stepping into the classroom with them to HEAR them perform.” -Tom C., July 2020

Here’s what a recent user said about MDHearing’s virtual clinic experience:

Upon receipt and through setup and use, it has been a fantastic journey. My aids are comparable to the higher-priced units I had previously. My hearing test compared to the professional in-office test. I look forward to many years of satisfaction." David M., Jan. 12, 2022

A Free Trial Backed By Expert Support

Do you want high-quality hearing aids that match the level of treatment at a hearing clinic? Do you want to pay thousands of dollars less than you would pay at a hearing clinic?  If you said yes, we believe that the MDHearing VOLT MAX is the best option on the market. But you don't have to take our word for it!

The best way to know if a hearing aid works for you is to hear the difference yourself in your daily life. Wear them at home, in the office, running errands, in restaurants, and at parties. That’s why the MDHearing VOLT MAX comes with a 45-day risk-free trial. Just like all MDHearing products, you can return them for a full refund if you're not satisfied.

Our MDHearing experts will provide free one-on-one support during your 45-day trial and throughout the life of your hearing aid.