Can You Hear Those 2014 Resolutions?

Most of us will resolve to lose weight, eat better, use our time more wisely and save more money in the 2014 New Year.

Although these are all great goals to work toward, if the frustrations that led us to unhealthy choices and time wasted are still the underlying issue, the place to start is with those original road blocks.

For some of us; one big, concrete cornerstone of frustration is our own hearing loss or the hearing issues of a loved one. After all, without good hearing there is no good listening – to others or to ourselves.

So let’s start the New Year off right with the top three motivations that can lead us to better hearing.

The Top Three Reasons to Get Your Hearing Checked

The 2013 top three reasons for getting your hearing checked or wearing your hearing aid properly:

  1. Hearing loss affects your relationships and your well-being. The frustrations associated with loss of hearing among family members and friends can put stress on those important bonds and on YOU.
    P.S. Your work relationships are an important part of this circle! If you are able to hear more clearly at work, wouldn’t it follow that more success (and perhaps more money) at your job is possible?
  2. Hearing loss can cause a safety issue – you could miss out on alerts, horns, alarms or other things that could warn you or your loved ones of danger.
  3. Hearing loss simply causes you miss out.  To not hear a child’s laughter and intimate conversations clearly, even in a crowded room, would be to miss some of the greatest moments in life. And isn’t that what life is about? Those special moments…?

With a quick visit to your doctor or audiologist to get your hearing tested, followed by a call with your results to the excellent team at MDHearingAid, you could be on your road to better hearing, health and happiness in less time that it will take you get that new diet in place.

Call us at MDHearingAid today at 1-888-670-HEAR (4327) and find out more from our audiologists, or visit us at for a healthier, more successful 2014!