Changing the Stigma of Hearing Aids

Changing the Stigma of Hearing Aids

Many people avoid purchasing, getting fitted for or wearing a hearing aid due to the perceived stigmas of “only old people wear hearing aids,” or “a hearing aid will make me look disabled.” It is time to shift this perception to the positive.

Here are a few re-thinks on wearing a hearing aid:

  • Hearing aids are cool. Musicians wear them on stage, FBI agents wear them for effective communication. Newscasters and sports commentators use them on and off camera.
  • Hearing aids should be worn from an “aesthetic perspective.” With all the noise in our world, wouldn’t it be nice to mute out the loud, external, distracting noises and fine tune our ears to hear the important nuances of conversations and enjoy a better listening experience overall?
  • Hearing aids can bring us peace and understanding. If hearing loss has caused frustrations, disagreements and miscommunications among you and your friends and loved ones, isn’t it time to bring a considerate, responsive and caring perspective back into your life? The simple addition of a hearing aid can help us move back into a world of patience, compassion, laughter and joy.
  • There is a larger demographic than just “the hearing impaired elderly.” With the explosion of electronic devices that require in-ear headphones or ear buds, hearing loss is becoming more prevalent among teens and young adults. Hearing protection is also important, and your ENT or audiologist can help with info to protect your ears now rather than later. However, if you already have a hearing aid, it should be adjustable according to you needs based on your own, daily environment.

The knowledgeable audiologists on our support team members who design and fit the devices at MDHearingAid can help bring peace and healing back into your life, all while helping maintain your “cool factor.”

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