Douglas Chooses MDHearingAid Over Custom Made

older man with hearing lossThe frustration of losing hearing is often compounded by the frustration about the lack of affordable treatment. People are losing their hearing earlier and earlier these days, and this doesn’t just hurt those with the condition. It hurts the ones around them.

People suffering from hearing loss are more likely to be isolated from their family and friends. The side effects of this isolation can result in depression, anxiety and symptoms consistent with dementia and despite this grim outlook, most people, as much as 77% of those afflicted, don’t get the treatment they need. Generally, they can’t because of the price tag.

Douglas Smith was one of these people. Like most individuals who suffer from hearing loss, Douglas lost his hearing gradually, having to ask friends and family to repeat themselves several times. After his wife got frustrated, Douglas decided to get tested. Douglas reported “I finally went in for a hearing test which showed that I was having difficulty, particularly in hearing the higher sound frequencies.”

Douglas was suffering from one of the more common types of hearing loss and one of the more common problems associated with it; lack of funds for treatment. His insurance at the time did not cover hearing expenses and he was forced to pay several thousand dollars out of pocket for a pair of custom made hearing aids. Then, like most people, his hearing got worse and he was forced to get a new pair. Luckily, the second time around, he was able to qualify for some state aid. However, he still had to pay several hundred dollars in maintenance costs.

Unfortunately, when he retired, Douglas was no longer eligible for state aid and he knew he couldn’t afford the expense. He tried out several lower cost, one size fits most options, but found them all lacking. He then went on the internet to find the more highly reviewed products and he found MDHearingAid. This hearing aid changed things for him. Even with the higher cost hearing aids, Douglas stated “I did not understand what people were saying to me nearly as well as I thought I would, and background noises were interfering”.

He decided to try the hearing aids from MDHearingAid, based on the many positive reviews of clients. When he tried out the aids, he realized he liked their quality even better than the higher cost ones. A set of hearing aids that had cost him less than $400 were better than the ones that had cost him ten times as much. Douglas stated of his hearing aids, “I believe that MDHearingAid hearing aids that I found are better than my expensive pair because they are simple to use and they are tuned to improve human speech frequencies.”

Dr. Cherukuri developed the MDHearingAid line with the goal of providing affordable hearing aids to those who otherwise would not be able to get them. Not only are the hearing aids much cheaper than the standard ones available on the market, they also provide great amplified sound with no background noise. Many satisfied customers, Douglas Smith included, would even choose the MDHearingAid line over custom hearing aids.