Help with Hearing Loss… and Romance

Help with Hearing Loss… and Romance

Hearing loss may not seem like a big deal, especially when you can just turn up the TV volume or read lips like a pro, but avoiding getting help with hearing loss could actually be ruining your relationship.

Do you find yourself raising your voice as a result of your spouse’s hearing loss—or yours? Are you increasingly bothered by their inability to hear you—or you them? Have you found yourselves bickering with over details that were misunderstood or missed altogether?

Communication is Key

Hearing, and the ability to communicate with your significant other, is the foundation of a strong, successful relationship. Both parties need to be heard in order to express feelings and needs, solve conflicts, and build trust. Those who struggle with hearing loss may see an impact on this very personal relationship.

Spending quality time together helps keeps your relationship vital and healthy. Imagine date night—dinner and a movie, dancing to live music, or a stroll through a museum—and how challenging these activities can be when you or your spouse can’t hear clearly.

Dining Out

A romantic dinner may turn into a source of frustration if you can’t understand what your special someone is saying. Lower light levels make lip reading difficult, and background noise from other tables and music playing can all make conversation next to impossible.

If these obstacles are deterring you from enjoying a meal at a new restaurant, it may be time to get some help with hearing loss. Hearing aids are specially designed to help filter out unwanted background noise, allowing you to focus and enjoy your night out together.

Movie Time

We love a good date night or afternoon matinee at the local movie theater. But seeing the latest flick can pose a number of hearing challenges—action movies filled with explosions that drown out dialog, romantic dramas with whispered conversation, noisy patrons seated behind you—for those with hearing loss.

If you find yourself avoiding the theater because it’s too hard to hear the actual movie, then it’s time to see the difference hearing aids can make. In addition to background noise reduction technology, some hearing aids—like the MDHearingAid AIR—are equipped with a telecoil, which can link up to a theater’s sound system and deliver the sound directly to your ear, without amplifying all the ambient sound or background noise along with it.

New Opportunities and Social Gatherings

Hearing loss can isolate you and your spouse, causing you to miss out on social opportunities. Trying something new, such as joining a club or taking a class, can be extremely intimidating if you’re worried about not being able to hear the instructor or new friends. Noisy parties and loud concerts can seem impossible to attend.

As a result of being trapped in a rut, romance can fly out the window. But by taking a hearing test and getting hearing aids, you’ll be able to participate once again in these new and exciting activities.

Intimate Conversations

Intimate moments are equally as important as the social aspects of a relationship, and they can come in the smallest expressions of love—a quiet whisper, a sweet compliment, an inside joke. Think about the little things you share that create that special bond, and how they can be affected by hearing loss.

The inability to hear can cause your connection to diminish, and lead to feelings of loneliness and isolation. Don’t let hearing loss rob you of time spent enjoying each other’s company. Getting help with hearing loss may just be what your relationship needs to feel the spark again.

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