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MDHearingAid® AIR

The AIR is a virtually invisible, mini behind-the-ear (BTE) all-digital hearing aid that incorporates features and technology found on aids costing thousands of dollars.
Soft sounds become audible and loud sounds are made comfortable thanks to the use of wide-dynamic-range compression technology. Even though there is a lot to brag about, its tiny size makes it easy to keep a secret.

You can try it RISK-FREE with our 100% Money Back Guarantee.

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2 AIRs

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AIR 2 Plus

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Special Offer: Get 2 MDHearingAid®AIRs for only $599 and get FREE shipping (Save over $100)!

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AIR 2 Plus Package Includes:

  • 2 MDHearingAid®AIR aids
  • 2 Additional AIR Tubing & Dome kits (right and left)
  • 2 Product Protection Plans
  • 2 Traditional Tubing Kits
  • 1 Year Supply of Batteries
  • FREE Shipping
  • An $880 value!

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- Product Protection Plan

Add Protection Plan

- Product Protection Plan for 2 Hearing Aids

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I bought both AIR and PRO. 10

Posted by Jim Borger on March 26, 2015

I bought the PRO analog set first, my first ever hearing aids, and took a few weeks to figure out the combination of domes and volume to fit my needs. I was very happy with the product so I decided to step up to the digital AIR and give them a try. I can recommend either.

The PRO uses a separate on/off switch, selects two settings also, so you don’t have to adjust the volume every time you put them on. For me I found that on either style I can turn the volume up until I sound as if I’m talking into a barrel and then back down slightly. I place my hand over my ear when I think I have it set properly and if I hear a squeal then I have it too high. The AIR has three programs and the one you want has to be selected every time it is turned on. The on/off and volume control is one control and must be adjusted by pushing a button every time it is turned off. There is a delay of several seconds when the AIR is first turned on and the volume can easily be turned up too much resulting in a loud squeal. It takes a surprisingly small, to me, amount of ear wax to block the tube. The first time I just thought that the battery had died but a new one didn’t help. The enclosed cleaning tool easily fixes that problem. When the battery dies in the PRO it just quits but in the AIR you get three beeps when the battery is getting weak. It will last for several more hours so you have plenty of warning. I alternate the two pairs as the battery needs replacement, about every three weeks for me. Why two pairs? I am on the road a lot and I like my aids so much I want a backup in case something happens to one.

Happy customer 10

Posted by Cheryl on March 23, 2015

I was skeptical when I ordered these hearing aids as I had been looking at hearing aids that cost over three times the price. These are wonderful. I did not realize how much I was actually missing until I started wearing these. They will whistle if they are not inserted correctly. They are relatively comfortable. I only wish they were waterproof. Thank you. I am so glad I found these!

awesome devise 10

Posted by Cherry H. on March 21, 2015

I spent $3,000.00 on digital hearing aids. Every time I put them on, the background noise was too high. Even though everything was louder I couldn’t understand the words they were saying on TV. After using them a couple of hours I would take them out because I felt like I was in a loud tunnel and needed relief from the noise. That pattern continued for about 5 years. Then I had a happy accident. I lost them. At first I was devastated to have lost something that cost me 3,000 dollars. I knew I could never replace them now that I am retired I couldn’t afford them again. I thought I would try the MD aids. They had good reviews. They were still pricey but only a fraction of the cost of the ones I got before. The first time I put in the first one I was literally shocked. I could hear the tv and understand what was being said instantly. So I put the other one in and the balance was perfect. Before you go spend thousands of dollars give these a try. You will be glad you did

been loving my aids

Posted by Dr. Kathleen C on March 18, 2015

Been loving my aids. Jumped right into them and wear them all day. Really amazing. Have tried 3 different sized domes, like Little Red Riding Hood, found the one just right. So far so good.

overwhelmed with wonderful aid

Posted by Jo P. on March 15, 2015

I am overwhelmed with this wonderful hearing aid. I adjusted within 2 days. It is the most wonderful thing to be able to watch and hear TV and listen to music. I was at a place that watching TV was a chore. I had CC but could not watch the picture and keep up with the reading, so I mostly gave up. The same with music. I love music, but all I was hearing was bass and rumble. I had a hearing test done and was offered a sale price of $3000, or two for $3200. That was way beyond my means. I was at the place that I was uncomfortable with friends, especially a group. If they laughed, I laughed. If they frowned, I frowned, and so on when actually most of the time I had no idea what they were talking about, and being ashamed of asking “what” and “who” all the time.

I had wanted to buy your aids for over a year, and one day I decided to do it. I want to tell you I am one happy camper. I will be ordering another as soon as possible. I thank you so much for making this hearing aid affordable. I will pass the word along to others.

Bless you for such a great change in my life.

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