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MDHearingAid® AIR

The AIR is a virtually invisible, mini Behind-The-Ear (BTE) all-digital hearing aid that incorporates features and technology found on aids costing thousands of dollars.
Soft sounds become audible and loud sounds are made comfortable thanks to the use of wide-dynamic-range compression technology. Even though there is a lot to brag about, its tiny size makes it easy to keep a secret.

You can try it RISK-FREE with our 100% Money Back Guarantee.

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2 AIRs

2 AIRs

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FREE Shipping in the USA

Additional Information

Special Offer: Get 2 MDHearingAid®AIRs for only $599 and get FREE shipping in the USA!

Additional Information

The AIR PLUS package includes everything that comes with a pair of AIR hearing aids plus:

  • 2 open-fit ComfortTIPs, 1 Right, 1 Left
  • 2 closed ComfortTIPs, 1 Right, 1 Left
  • 2 exclusive 13PLUS Tubes
  • 2 AIR Tubes, 1 Right, 1 Left
  • MDHearingTM AIR Product Protection Plan
    for both aids
  • an additional 1 Year Supply of Batteries
  • FREE Shipping in the USA

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- Product Protection Plan

Add Protection Plan

- Product Protection Plan for 2 Hearing Aids

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Product Protection Plan Included!

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Posted by Art G. on July 20, 2015

My nephew is 64 years old and was either a policeman or sheriff’s deputy for a lot of years. He had to look at the person speaking to him to understand what was being said.
I just bought him two of the top MD Aids and his comment to me last night was. “I went to a wedding, next morning went to Sunday School and Church and heard and understood every word that was spoken.
I use mine for outside use.
Got great praises from my nephew’s wife. She said thet they actually had a conversation in the car.
Thanks MD Hearing Aids

Great Aids & Customer Service 10

Posted by Robert C on July 14, 2015

I’ve used the Air for several years now, Had a problem with aids and Customer service helped me get aids repaired and now I’m back in business with good sounding aids. I’ve been using aids for over 30 years and MD aids are the best yet.

This is an end to high note deafness for me. 10

Posted by James H on July 09, 2015

My wife and I have spent thousand on hearing aids. None worked. We both took a chance and ordered MD Air aids and as God is my witness, it was night and day. High notes, like the microwave makes in the house, wind chimes in our patio are suddenly something we hear. I used to watch the chimes bang together but heard NOTHING. Now, I hear it all. These people offer a guarantee, but you won’t need it, Just read the instructions and select the right size dome to fit your ear and you’ll be, as we are, back in the game. Thanks MD.

my wife is happy

Posted by Fred T. on July 07, 2015

Thank you so much. I will be sure to let all my friends know how great the hearing aid is and how your customer

service is exemplary (my wife is happy again!). Thank you again.

I appreciate great service

Posted by Sylvia S. on July 07, 2015

Thank-you for your quick response.

I do appreciate the great service that I’ve been receiving and will not hesitate to refer anyone to try your product, even though it was not suitable for my mother.

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