Time To Discuss Hearing AidsHoliday gatherings are a great time to check on your older family members and their hearing. When folks are in large family gatherings, hearing issues are more likely to be noticeable.

While you are together, pay attention to your parent’s behavior:

  • Do they join in conversations?
  • What is the conversation like during dinner?
  • Are you having to ask Dad to pass the potatoes several times?
  • Do you have to raise your voice to talk to Mom even though she is seated near you?

When you are watching the football game, does Dad keep asking, “What’s the score?

Does Mom fall asleep in her chair or is unable to understand your speech amongst all the noise?

This is a good time to point out what you have observed in a caring way while the frustrating situations are fresh in your parents’ minds.

Offer some helpful solutions to your family members such as having their hearing tested to see if hearing aids might help. ENT Surgeon Dr Sreek Cherukuri encourages his patients who are considering hearing aids to try them risk free over the holiday. Buy an MDHearingAid risk free using their 45 day return policy.

And you can assure those age and fashion-conscious family members that the newest hearing aids are now not only stylish but mostly invisible.

And after all, who wants to miss that all-important question, “Could you please pass the pumpkin pie?”

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!